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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1085 I think I know who he is now.

"Were you mistaken? I don't think I know such a person."

No matter how much she looked, Pei Ge could not recognize this guy before her.

Even though he looked as if he knew her, she could not recall who he was.

Even though she spoke softly, Egger still heard her.

He was slightly disappointed to hear her say that she did not know him, but he understood that it was normal for her not to recognize him.

"Ge Ge, think carefully again."

Seeing that she too did not connect the guy to Fatty Shen from back then, Tang Xiaoyu felt a little disappointed as well.

She was thinking that if her best friend managed to recognize him despite his current appearance, it meant that they were made for each other!

"…What are you trying to say?"

Pei Ge got more confused when she saw how anxious her best friend was.

Did this man have a kind of connection to her?

She definitely did not know him, though.

"Enough, Xiaoyu. Your best friend has a lot on her plate already; don't bother her with this nonsense!"

Gu Zhengrong, who was standing at the side, could not take it any longer. He knitted his brows tightly together and gripped the woman's wrist as he looked at her coldly.

Bitterness rose in the woman's heart when she felt his cold and angry stare.

"What do you mean nonsense? He's clearly my and Ge Ge's former classmate in middle school! We're just catching up!"

As she spoke, she flung his hand aside. "We actually bumped into our former classmate here abroad; how is that nonsense?"

The man's frown deepened at her response.

His relationship with her had been getting increasingly tense recently.

Even so, the woman still did not move out of his apartment. Neither did she speak of breaking up.

He really did not know why she wanted to waste her time with him.

Clearly, she knew that his heart was never on her, and… it would not belong to her even in the future…

"Egger? Middle-school classmate?"

At that moment, Pei Ge's attention was drawn to these words.

"You are… called Egger?"

Raising her head, she looked at the person in question.

Seeing that the woman was looking and talking to him, Egger's heart began thumping again.

He was not an inexperienced boy. Besides, everything that he had been through all these years made him lose any feelings of fear or anxiety.

However, when she looked at him and called him softly, he could not help but feel nervous.

"…Mhm." After a long pause, he nodded stiffly like a zombie.

He did not know what else to say.

"You…" When he acknowledged it, she asked gently, "Do you have a professor called William?"


Tang Xiaoyu, who was arguing with her boyfriend, exclaimed in surprise upon hearing her best friend's question.

As for the person in question, the guy was rather surprised.

"Yes, I do have a professor who goes by that name."

How did she know?

This intelligent guy quickly figured it out, though.

"Could you be that junior the professor took in recently…" As he said that, his heart began beating hard again. "Hani?"

Immediately after he spoke, the couple at the side looked at Pei Ge in unison."


"Er… Yes, I am."

Seeing the strong reactions of the couple, she blinked. Her feelings of excitement from meeting the mysterious senior was much lessened.

"So… you're Hani," muttered the man under his breath at her affirmation.

Even though his dashing face was still calm, a variety of emotions flashed past his blue eyes.

Joy, trouble, happiness, self-reproach…

All these emotions had to do with this woman.

"Ha ha! Ha-ni! I didn't know that you have such an English."

Her best friend began laughing at her.

The woman rolled her eyes at her best friend's teasing. "My English name has always been this; it's just that you forgot."

Her English name was given to her by her father…

"Really? I don't recall you having such a sweet English name."

"…" She rolled her eyes again as she took in the other's smile.

"That English name really suits you."

Gu Zhengrong comforted her with a smile when he saw her rolling her eyes time and again.

Pei Ge felt a little embarrassed at his compliment.

"Fine. Since you can't figure out who Egger is, then I'll reveal it to you."

A little unhappy with her boyfriend, Tang Xiaoyu grabbed her best friend's hand to draw the latter's attention back to Egger.

Just as she moved to reveal the guy's identity, she was cut off by her.

"I really didn't expect both of you to have such affinity. Before you were—" Tablemates. Now, you two happened to be classmates in an online group class.

The rest of her words went unsaid with her best friend's interjection.

"Hang on. Don't say anything and let me keep guessing."

She paused when she heard her request.

"Ah? What? Didn't you just say that you couldn't recognize him?"

"Since you said that he was a middle-school classmate of ours, I think I could guess his identity."


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