Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1086 Companionship is the best confession.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1086 Companionship is the best confession.

"Since you said that he was a middle-school classmate of ours, I think I could guess his identity."

She blinked at her best friend playfully before shifting her yes onto Egger with a smile.

Her eyes looked like crescent moons when she smiled. To the guy, their brightness took his breath away.

"Ah? You could? That's impossible!"

Even when Tang Xiaoyu learned that this guy was their middle-school classmate back then, she could still not get it right! How did the other manage to identify him then?

At that instant, the person himself was hoping that the woman in his heart could guess his identity.

Egger had no idea how 'adorable' he looked right now.

That was right. Adorable. His stoic expression, coupled with his expectant eyes, reminded Pei Ge of a similarly adorable fellow in the past.

Even if he looked different now, the expression remained the same.

"You're… Shen Rui, aren't you?" she asked gently, smiling at him.

"Wow! How Ge Ge! How did you guess it?! That's unbelievable!"

Her best friend was shocked when she actually got it right. She looked at her with wide eyes as she truly did not expect her to make the connection that Egger was Fatty Shen.

Now, she felt confident that this guy was her best friend's destined match!

"Was that really tough?"

Pei Ge smiled at the other woman, her gaze landing on the man gently.

She shook her head wryly upon seeing him gazing at her dazedly.

"You're surprisingly this good-looking now."

Who would have expected that the once chubby boy would turn into a guy with well-defined features when he grew up?

If her best friend had let it slip that they were once middle-school classmates and his mannerism had not remained somewhat the same, she really would have been unable to recognize him!

"Y-You still remember me…"

Actually, what he wanted to ask was how she had recognized him, but that was all he could utter in the end.

"Of course, we were once tablemates, and besides, I did something so memorable for you," she jokingly said, blinking her eyes thereafter.

"How did you manage to guess his identity? That's really amazing!"

Even though he did not ask, Tang Xiaoyu asked the question he had been wondering about.

"Simple. It's just a process of elimination."

She smiled. "You already said that we're middle-school classmates in the past, and after eliminating all the boys from our class, I was left with one result."

"Process of elimination?" The other woman was stunned.

When the man heard the method she had used to identify him, he paused slightly as he felt a little disappointed.

Still, he felt revived when he heard her next words. His eyes brightened as though they were filled with stars.

"Yes, process of elimination, but another thing is that, despite his different appearance, Shen Rui's eyes remain the same as before."

She looked at the man standing across her and was filled with emotions at once.

"Unexpectedly, the tables have turned between us after so many years. I used to be pretty; now, you're the one 'good-looking'."

At the wry smile on her face, his lips upturned.

"You haven't changed in my eyes. You're still the same as before… just as beautiful," he said softly.

Others might think that he was lying, but only he knew that everything he was saying was the truth.

In his eyes, she was still as beautiful as before. He still felt that same way he did about her.

No. Maybe, it was even stronger!

"Ha ha! Shen Rui, you're unexpectedly not just good-looking but also a smooth-talker."

The woman did not take it seriously, thinking that the guy was just being kind.

"I'm serious." He smiled, his eyes looking sincere.

"Aiya! Fine, fine! We shouldn't just stand here! Since we ran into a classmate of ours in the past in this foreign country, we should sit down and catch up."

The sincerity on his face prompted Tang Xiaoyu to suggest this.

HAnd her reason for doing so was simple! She did not want him to scare her best friend for coming on too strong!

Having been around the other woman this long, she knew her personality rather well.

After going through that fiasco with Ji Ziming, her best friend did not have any intention to get in a relationship at the moment.

An elaborate courtship would not produce the desired result with her.

She might even avoid and be wary of him if he revealed his feelings for her.

Thus, now was not a good time for him to confess.

Their present tactic was… companionship. It was, after all, the best confession.

At this thought, she signaled the man silently. She opened and closed her mouth to give him a hint.

Thankfully, the guy was not dense, so he understood what she was trying to say at once.

"Yes, let's find a place to sit down and talk."

He narrowed his eyes and told Pei Ge with a smile.

After the uncertainty from earlier, he clearly felt a lot more relaxed now that she had recognized him.

"Okay! I'm a little tired, anyway."

The woman acquiesced at the two's suggestion.

"Wait. You two ladies, go ahead; Egger and I have some work to get done."


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