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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1089 Meeting an Unexpected Man

"I believe that you know it if I am speaking nonsense."

Taking a few steps closer to the dangerous man opposite him, Gu Zhengrong had a sharp and cold gaze.

"I know it! Heh! What a strange thing. Why am I unclear about how I have a girlfriend from out of nowhere?"

Egger narrowed his eyes as a dark-blue light flashed across them. Although he was still smiling, the air around him made one feel inexplicable fear.

"Although I don't know where this supposed girlfriend popped out from, what I know is that your girlfriend truly exists."

His lips curled up into a cold and unruly smirk.

"Moreover, our CEO's girlfriend is even Pei Ge's best friend. I'm truly very envious of you for having such a good girlfriend."

He reached out and lightly patted his shoulder.

Pat, pat!

It may be a light pat, but Gu Zhengrong felt as though there were a thousand kilograms of weight on his shoulders, making it hard for him to breathe.

"Since we have settled our business, I think it's time that we part ways."

Before he could swat his hand away, Egger already removed it and flashed him a gentlemanly smile.


This smile made him feel even more worried and uneasy.

However, the guy, who had successfully executed his rebuttal, did not care what he was thinking.

Despite noticing that he liked the woman, too, his title of 'Tang Xiaoyu's boyfriend' was sufficient to beat him into hell.

Hence, the man did not place him in his eyes.

Gu Zhengrong watched as the guy's figure turned smaller. Returning to himself, he paused for a moment and finally spoke again.

"Shen Rui."

He called his name in Chinese.

The man, who had already moved to leave, slowly halted his footsteps when he heard his call.

"Please don't hurt her. She has already suffered so much. She can't survive being hurt another time…"

As though he had finally thought things through and relented, he softly said this with a listless tone.


However, the reply he got was a cold snort.

"Who told you that my name is that?"

He received a shock when he heard this.

"Isn't that your name? You—"

Before he finished speaking, he seemed to have thought of something and stopped himself.

"Heh… Indeed, Shen Rui isn't your Chinese name." With a look of mockery, he laughed.

Now, he was even more unsure of what kind of things would happen if Pei Ge got involved with this man.

That was because even this man's name was fake.

It could be seen that when he attended the same school as her many years back, everything was fake…

Was it really a good choice to let them be when this dangerous man was filled with unknowns?

It did not matter what Gu Zhengrong thought or how much he did not want her to interact with this dangerous man, though.

The final ending was not one he could control.

"I think all you should do is manage your life. As for her end, that's an issue between us. It has nothing to do with you…"

He once made an oath. If he met the girl in his heart another time, he would definitely cherish the relationship with all his might and would never let himself be forced to leave her again!

He would protect her forever and give her all that she wanted…

For this goal, he had worked hard! No one else, thus, could ruin his wish!

Unknowingly, Pei Ge and Tang Xiaoyu had sat in the coffee house for a tea break and dessert before they proceeded to shop.

Although the former did not like to shop, she could not sit all day long since she was pregnant. Hence, it was a rare chance for her to visit the mall with the latter.

Still, the pair's shopping was not for nothing.

Along the way, they had bought a collection of items for infants.

Especially her best friend, the woman did not care about the size of the clothes and would buy them as long as they looked good.

She could do nothing about this spendthrift and could only leave her to her shopping.

The pair finally stopped their shopping spree at around 6:30 PM.

"Alright. Let's take a cab down to the place you're supposed to meet Shen Rui."

After passing the numerous shopping bags to the chauffeur to be sent back home, both ladies got in a taxi and made their way to the hotel one of them had arranged to meet with Egger.

Pei Ge blinked in surprise at the friend sitting beside her, asking in confusion, "Aren't you going to spend a couple's time with your boyfriend?"

"Pfft! Oh, right!"

The latter burst out laughing at her confused look.

"Why are you following me, then?" she asked with a look of bewilderment.

"I arranged to have a candlelit dinner with Zhengrong at that hotel, too!"

The happiness and sweetness on the other's expression made her reveal an envious look.

Inside, she even felt a little dejected.

Perhaps it was because of her pregnancy, but she realized that she had become more emotional.

During the silent night, she would occasionally recall the man who had hurt her so deeply—Ji Ziming.

Hence, every time she saw how sweet the couple was, she would always feel very envious.

Sometimes, she would even think of how good it would be if that man loved her like Gu Zhengrong loved her best friend.

However, everything was just her wistful thinking.

Amid their occasional chatter, the car reached their destination.

"Alright, Xiaoyu. Let's go! We seem to have arrived—" A little late.

She stopped halfway and stared unblinkingly at a tall figure not far from her with a look of shock.



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