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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1090 It is him. He has appeared...

"I'm telling you; by then…"

Tang Xiaoyu only realized that her best friend was missing after a while.

She paused when she saw that her best friend had suddenly disappeared from her side.

"Ge Ge?"

She looked around confusedly, only to find that the other had returned to the taxi.

"What are you doing?!" She called out to her best friend before rolling her eyes to the latter who had gone back in the taxi.

Alas, the other put her finger to her lips when she called her name.

"Huh?" Looking at her reaction and gesture of silence, she got even more confused. "What are you doing? Why are you being so secretive…"

She walked back toward the taxi. Because it was rather near, she quickly reached the spot where she had alighted earlier.

Opening the door, she bent over and stuck her torso in the car.

"What game are you playing? Why are you seated—"

Before she could finish, Pei Ge pulled her in the car and quickly shut the door.


"Sir? Sir, what's wrong?"

The assistant in front paused confusedly when she saw the man stop in his tracks.

Under the moonlight, the man's face was dashing and charming.

The silver light accentuated his features, giving him a god-like appearance. His dark eyes contained indescribable coldness and mysteriousness in the dark night.

However, it was precisely this coldness and aloofness that made him attractive.


The assistant got a little nervous when this elegant man remained standing on one spot.

He then began to grumble to himself, Our boss's temperament has been getting colder and colder lately. He's like an icicle—cold and sharp.

Given his cold temperament, one can't blame his ex-fiancée for abandoning him for another man before the wedding.

Still, his ex-fiancée really doesn't know how blessed she is! Even though boss's temperament can be a little cold, he's practically a god—

A cold voice rang near the assistant's ear just as she was engrossed in her inner thoughts.

"Did you hear someone call…"

"Ah? Sir, what did you say?"

Seeing that her boss had spoken, the assistant returned to her senses and looked at the man with a serious gaze.

"Someone was calling Pei Ge earlier? Did you hear it?"

"P-Pei Ge?"

The assistant's face paled when she heard her boss mention that name.

That name was a taboo in the Ji Group!

Once the name was mentioned, their devil-like CEO would lose his temper and be in a bad mood the whole day, yet the boss had actually brought up that taboo name himself today.

The assistant instinctively swallowed. With her eyes widening, she shook her head quickly in denial. "N-No, I didn't hear anything."

After she gave that reply, the man's spirits dampened a little; his brows then knitted tightly together.

"Didn't hear, huh…" he mumbled softly, his cold filled with disappointment.

"Yes, yes! I didn't hear anything."

Looking at the assistant who was nodding her head with all her might, the man was filled with disappointment.

Could it be… that I missed her so much I started seeing things…

The man turned to look at the crowd one last time. He did not see the woman he wished so much to see and he had kept hidden in his heart. In the end, he turned and walked away.

"Hey, Pei Ge! What are you doing? Why did you pull me into the car and cover my mouth?!"

Inside the taxi, Tang Xiaoyu, who had been 'held hostage' by her best friend, was finally released.

She grumbled non-stop once she regained her freedom.

"What were you doing?!"

She understood that the woman had run into something when she saw the complicated expression on her face.

"Are you okay? Why does your expression look so terrible?"

She was shocked to see her friend's face very pale. She gripped her hand tightly and realized then that the latter's palm was freezing cold.

"I saw him…"

Pei Ge only replied to her after a long pause. Even though she was talking to her friend, her gaze remained focused outside the window.

"Ah? Who did you see? Why were you so scared?"

Having failed to catch on fast, her best friend widened her eyes immediately at her abnormal reaction.

"Don't tell me…"

"Yes, I saw Ji Ziming."

As she spoke, she turned to face her best friend.

What she saw was the latter's shocked expression.

"How… How did we run into him? T-That's too much of a coincidence!" stammered the latter in shock.

"How is that impossible? After all, the Ji family has business overseas. He's been to New York quite a number of times before."

It appeared that she should really leave this city for Cambridge as soon as possible.

The man would never go there.

"T-Then, did he see you earlier?" asked Tang Xiaoyu nervously after recovering her emotions.

"I don't think so." She shook her head gently. "When he looked over earlier, I already succeeded in pulling you in the car."


The other heaved a sigh of relief when she heard her reply.

"Thankfully, he didn't see you as you reacted fast, or else he'd have discovered you! Ge Ge, your eyesight is great."

Hearing the praise from her friend, she curled her lips into a bitter smile.

She must admit that she had not forgotten the man, so she could… He was clearly so far away, but she recognized his back instantly…

Alas… it was just his back…

"That's not right! Why are we hiding from him?"


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