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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1095 He found her!

The woman had a beautiful dream tonight.

However, a certain man, who was also in New York, could not fall asleep.

The moment he closed his eyes, his mind would be filled with images of that… woman who had dumped him heartlessly.

"Pei Ge…"

Ji Ziming sat on the real leather sofa as he rubbed a slightly old-looking photo.

It was almost half a year since the woman left him.

In these past six months, he could not forget the woman who had embarrassed him thoroughly and successfully made a joke of him in his social circle.

He also could not explain why he kept looking for her during this period, but he knew that he could clarify things once he found her…

Even if things were not clarified, he could at least fall asleep.

Ever since she left, he had been suffering from insomnia.

He could not sleep at night.

"Where on earth are you? Are you here… in New York?"

If… she was not here, where should he find her?

Currently, the man himself did not know the worry and fear that appeared on his face.

This vulnerable look was not seen by anybody before on him.

Even Pei Ge had not seen such a vulnerable Ji Ziming.

He was clearly such a mighty man, but right now, the fragility he had was heartbreaking.

However, this look did not last for long.

When the wooden door was knocked at, the man became his usual cold and sharp self.

Knock, knock, knock!

Come in."

He stood in front of the window and looked out, not turning around to face the little assistant who had entered.

The little assistant was of course relieved when he did not turn around to look at him.

Although facing his back view was also nerve-wracking and pressuring, it was a lot less fearsome than seeing his cold, sharp eyes.

"Sir, we're done investigating what you wanted us to check."

The man frowned slightly upon hearing that.


This short word was enough to make the little assistant shudder.

"The woman you saw in the footage is indeed called Tang Xiaoyu; her boyfriend was in that hotel at the time.

"Also, the place was booked by her earlier tonight, but for whatever reason, she failed to show up for the dinner date, so her boyfriend left thereafter."

At that moment, Ji Ziming, who did not deign to turn his head around at first, did so suddenly.

"What did you say? Her boyfriend was here earlier tonight? She made a reservation at this hotel?"

Although it was a question asked, there was no doubt in his mind.

"T-That's right."

The little assistant unconsciously lowered his head when his boss scanned him with those cold, black eyes of his.

"Miss Tang indeed made a reservation and was planning to have a dinner date with her boyfriend here. I asked carefully during my investigation…"

Ji Ziming frowned deeply but there was happiness in his eyes.

He found her!

Indeed, he did not hear wrongly at that time! Somebody… really called Pei Ge's name!

He found her!

Although he had not seen Tang Xiaoyu clearly earlier tonight, he still knew how she looked since she was his woman's friend.

Earlier, the one he saw in the monitoring room was indeed his woman's best friend.

Her boyfriend was in the hotel, waiting to have dinner with her…

Pei Ge, she must be nearby earlier tonight, and I just didn't see her!

The man could hardly wait as he thought of this.

"Prepare a car for me! I'm heading out!"

At this time, all he could think of was the woman! He wanted to meet her immediately!

"Oh—ah?! Sir, it's almost 2 AM; where are you going? There's an important meeting tomorrow; you should—"

The little assistant was silenced by his boss's cold stare.

"Get out now."

"Yes, yes! Sir, I'll do it now."

The little assistant quickly fled the scene to prepare the car for his big boss after being shocked by the latter's aura.

However, before he could leave the door, he was stopped by the man again.


The little assistant shuddered at his words.

"S-Sir, is there anything else?"

He tremblingly turned around and looked respectfully at the man.

"You know where Tang Xiaoyu lives, right?"

The man seemed not to see the little assistant's shaking as he asked this coldly without any expression.


The little assistant was confused by his question, but with those cold, eerie eyes trained on him, he quickly responded.

"Yes! Yes, I know where she lives here—"

The man cut him off again mid-speech.

"Shut up! Go prepare the car!"

He could not be bothered to listen to his nonsense!

Seeing his boss's darkening face, the little assistant quickly disappeared and went to prepare the car.

Of course, as he was preparing the car, he contacted his direct superior, Du Wen.

After reporting the man's deviation from his usual self, the little assistant finished preparing the car.

"Sir, where are you going?"

After opening the car door for him, the little assistant sat in the passenger seat.

"Tang Xiaoyu's apartment."

The man narrowed his eyes as he responded coldly to his subordinate.

"Alright…" The subordinate nodded out of habit but quickly reacted in the next instant. "Ah? Head to Miss Tang's apartment? B-But…" It's already two in the morning!

Who isn't sleeping right?!

Is it really good to knock on someone's door at this time!

However, he was again interrupted by Ji Ziming.


Pei Ge, I am here. This time around, you can't think of running away from me.

Be it hatred or love, I won't let you go!


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