Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1097 He wants to protect her and her children well.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1097 He wants to protect her and her children well.

"I'm here to bring you to Cambridge."

Pei Ge was stunned to see the serious look on the man's face.


What has my decision to go there got to do with him?

"I don't want to bother you; I can manage on my own."

Despite being former classmates with Egger, they had just recently reunited…

More importantly, she had already caused him too much trouble!

She really did not want to trouble further this man whom she did not know very well.

"It's alright. It's not troublesome at all. Have you forgotten that William is my mentor, too?"

Seeing the polite smile on the woman's face, the man knew at once what she was thinking about. Instantly, he felt disappointed.

However, this disappointment only lasted for a moment and he soon pulled himself together.

"Oh, right!"

It dawned on her that this man was not just a former classmate of hers.

Strictly speaking, he was considered as her senior in study.

"I almost forgot that you're that guy they kept mentioning to me…" said the woman, blinking her eyes teasingly at him.

"The legendary senior."

Her playful look caused a bright smile to break out on his face.

"Legendary senior? What did they say about me?"

All of a sudden, he became curious.

"Of course, they said that you are an oddball!"

His smile quickly froze at that.

Just as he was preparing to punish those juniors who had uttered such nonsense to this woman, he heard her laughter.

"Ha ha! I'm just pulling your leg. Abby and the others said that you're a genius so I've always wanted to meet you. I didn't expect you to be that senior."

She said with some shock, clearly truly not expecting the legendary genius to be that former middle-school classmate of hers.

"Same here. I didn't think that Prof. William's new student and my junior was you…"

He nodded slowly.

"Are you really going to Cambridge with me? To be honest, you don't have to do that. You've been helping me in too many ways already."

She did not like to owe others a lot of favors, but she really owed this old classmate of hers way too much…

"Alright. It's really along the way. Also, Gu Zhengrong and I are pretty close. The couple has something on today and entrusted you to me so I must bring you there safely."

She shook her head in amusement upon hearing that, muttering to herself, Indeed, Xiaoyu is trying to pair me again!Forget it. Just let her trouble herself.I'm pregnant, anyway.

"Alright, then. Let's go."

She did not remain too reserved. Since Egger was her former classmate and present senior, it seemed very normal for him to accompany her to Cambridge to meet William.

Therefore, she did not suspect anything and agreed to it readily.

After packing her luggage and bidding goodbye to her doctor, she sat in the man's Rolls-Royce and they headed to Cambridge.

Along the way, the car drove at a steady pace—neither too quick nor too slow.

If not for being seated inside, she would really think that she was not riding a car at all.

"Shen Rui, I'm actually quite curious on why you left without a word then. Did something happen at home?"

Feeling slightly bored while sitting inside, she started a conversation with the man by her side.

Hearing her question, the man's relaxed smile froze but soon became relaxed again.

"Nothing much. Something minor cropped up at home so I left the capital with my mom overnight."

The woman inexplicably sensed something odd with this and felt that the matter was not as simple as how he had put it across.

Still, this was after all someone else's family matter, so she nodded and did not probe further.

"Oh, yes… Shen Rui—"

She intended to say something else but was interrupted by him before she could.

"My name… isn't actually Shen Rui."

The man stared straight at her with gentle eyes.

"Huh? It isn't? But…"

This past classmate of hers in middle school had always been called by that name, though!

"Actually, I wanted to tell you before leaving that my name isn't Shen Rui."

At that time, his identity, name, and everything else were fake.

He truly wanted to tell this young girl everything about him—to come clean with her and listen to her calling his name in her sweet voice.

However… in just one night, everything was spoiled…

"What's your name then?"

She looked curiously at him. Her voice was full of confusion.

Why did this former classmate of hers conceal his name?

She realized, all of a sudden, that this man was shrouded in mystery from head to toe.

"I…" Just as he was about to reveal his name to her, the car stopped.

"Sir, we've arrived at Harvard."

He was interrupted by the chauffeur before he could do so.

The woman was not very curious about his name, so when the driver announced that they had arrived, she quickly opened the door and alighted.

"Wow! This is Harvard, huh…"

Filled with excitement, she completely forgot the existence of the man by her side.

She finally arrived at her dream place. Furthermore, she would be staying here from now on.

Just the thought of it was really exciting…

Seeing the woman's enraptured look, Egger shook his head helplessly.

Forget it… It's not anything urgent. I can come clean with her next time…

He only needed to be with this woman and her children, protecting them well from the side. That should be sufficient.


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