Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1103 There is another child in your stomach.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1103 There is another child in your stomach.

"Put in more strength!"

"I can see the head!"

No matter how anxious Egger was outside, the situation in the delivery room was a lot tenser.

First, it was a premature delivery of a pair of twins, and now, it was the difficulty in her labor.

Furthermore, this was the woman's first time giving birth and her health had not been rather good.

Therefore, the operation was exceptionally hard.

Even though the city's best gynecologists were in charge, the critical condition of the patient made all the nurses and doctor frown, and they appeared more nervous than normal.

"Doctor, the children's fetal positions are rather problematic."

"How could this be? Hasn't this patient received regular checkups here?"

"Yes, but for some reason, the fetuses' positions have changed today."

In a semi-conscious state, Pei Ge was filled with so much regret when she heard this conversation between the doctor and nurses. She was blaming herself.

"It's all my fault… my fault…"

If her emotions were not so agitated, her babies would not be in such a crisis now.

"It's all me…"

She kept muttering to herself deliriously as tears leaked from her eyes.

At this moment, the doctor noticed that something was wrong with her.

Disregarding other matters, he started giving her encouragement.

"Miss, please pull yourself together. Your children aren't in danger right now, so if you give up, then that's when they'll be in danger. Your birth canal is open so what you must do is cooperate with us. I promise to help you give birth to the children safely."

The doctor's words were like the rays of the sun on a gloomy day as they pierced her heart.

She was akin to a drowning person who found a piece of wood to keep her afloat. At once, she had hope again.

"Doc, I beg you; I beg you to save my children…" she pleaded feebly.

The doctor smiled at her and nodded solemnly.

"Rest assured; I guarantee that your children will be born safely."

The doctor's words probably gave her strength, for despite her exhaustion, she seemed to be in possession of limitless energy.

"Breathe in… breathe out… push…"

She cooperated fully with the doctor.

Despite feeling very uncomfortable and using up all her energy, she did her best to follow the doctor's directions.


Everybody said that giving birth was the most torturous thing in this world.

In the past, she did not believe it, but right now, she could say that it was indeed the world's most torturous thing.

"It's out! It's out! It's a boy!"

Just as she felt close to death, she heard the doctor and nurses' excited exclamations.

The voice was like music from heaven, reviving her.

The child… Her child was born safely!

At this moment, her heart was filled with contentment.

"Miss, please continue to push! Don't breathe out! There's still a child in your stomach! Let's continue!" quickly said the doctor, for fear of the patient breathing out after receiving much stimulation with the birth of her first child.

Keeping the doctor's words in mind, she held the breath in her chest.


The baby's position in her stomach was probably not right, so her supposed relaxed delivery of the second child became more difficult and tortuous than the first.


She could feel a thousand needles poking her stomach. It was so painful that she felt like dying.

"Miss, it'll be out soon! The fetal position is now aligned properly with your birth canal! Hang in there a bit more! I can see the baby's head!"

Hearing her pain-filled moans, the doctor's forehead was filled with beads of perspiration.

God knew that this was the first time he had encountered such a difficult delivery.

Although this woman's babies were healthy during the regular checkups, it became very difficult for them to be birthed at this point.

"Doc, something isn't inside the patient!"

All of a sudden, the nurse saw a shadow from the equipment.

"What's wrong?"

The doctor's brows knitted together when he heard the nurse's words.

"The patient's stomach…" She pursed her lips as horror flashed across her eyes.

"The patient's womb doesn't carry two children! She's pregnant with triplets!"


Everyone did not expect her to be pregnant with triplets!

"How could this be?!"

After hearing the nurse's words and looking at the sonogram on the surgical apparatus, the doctor's face blanched.

The fetal position was not correct to begin with, and now there were two babies with incorrect alignment in the patient's womb.

Furthermore, with her amniotic sac having burst already, the children could not stay in her womb for long.

"What to do now, doctor? Both the children and their mother's condition don't look good! If this drags on…"

The nurse did not dare to continue with the infelicities.

However, everybody understood still.

If they did not act swifter and make a decision fast enough, the mother and children would lose their lives!

"Go and ask the patient's family! Let them sign the agreement!" ordered the doctor quickly with a frown.

Just as the doctor finished speaking, a nurse standing further from the center dashed out.

She ran to the hallway and quickly asked the man, who had been waiting outside anxiously, "Is the patient's family here?!"

With the doors open, one would assume that the woman's delivery was over.

Who knew that only a nurse, looking grim, would come running out following the opening of the doors?

"What's wrong? Did something happen to the patient inside?"

Egger had an ominous feeling.

"The patient is having a difficult labor and requires her family member to sign the agreement."


"Where is the patient's family? Stop wasting my time! She's in critical condition!"

"What agreement needs to be signed? I can sign!"

"You? Alright. The patient's in critical condition. Do you want to save the adult or the children?"


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