Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1104 Use her life to exchange for the two babies“!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1104 Use her life to exchange for the two babies“!

"Where is the patient's family? Stop wasting my time! She's in critical condition!"

The white corridor exuded an icy chill despite it being the peak of summer.

Egger, who was in that very corridor, felt as if he were surrounded by snow.

"What agreement needs to be signed? I can sign!"

Although he did not know what the nurse meant by the agreement which needed to be signed, he had a strong, ominous feeling in his heart.

"You? What's your relationship with the patient?"

The nurse frowned slightly when she heard his words.

According to their hospital regulations, such an agreement, which concerned the life and death of the patient, had to be signed by a family member.

"I… I'm her boyfriend."

Taking a deep breath, he decided to lie for the sake of helping Pei Ge.

"Nurse, my girlfriend's only family member is her mother, but she's currently seriously ill and in a coma, so she's unable to come over."

He told truths mixed with lies as he anxiously asked, "My girlfriend, how is she?"

"You? Alright. The patient's in critical condition. Do you want to save the adult or the children?"

Although the nurse was suspicious of this man in front of her, the situation was too critical and she could not be bothered with other matters.

"Keep the adult… or children?!"

He did not expect himself to be faced with such a dilemma!

"What is wrong with my girlfriend? Why are you asking me to choose?"

The man had never once felt fear or panic when he was put in life-or-death situations by other heirs of the family plotting against him.

However, right now, he was truly feeling fear and panic.

He feared that the woman he loved and wanted to protect would die like this…

He did not even have the chance to tell that woman how much he loved her.

He had not fulfilled the promise he had made during those torturous times.

How could she die just like this…

"This sir, please make a decision fast! Your girlfriend's life is in jeopardy. There's no more time for you to hesitate. Choose, the children or the adult?"

The nurse's words pulled him back to his senses.

"Adult! Please save my girlfriend!"

He made the decision without any hesitation regardless of how much she would hate him in the future because of it.

"Okay. Please sign here!"

After he signed the agreement, the nurse went back to the delivery room in a hurry.

Egger breathed heavily when he saw the delivery room doors closing again. Despite keeping a straight face, those deep blue eyes of his were filled with worry and nervousness.

The hand he had used to sign the agreement earlier seemed to be trembling right now.

Pei Ge… nothing can happen to you. Nothing can happen…

"Doc, the patient's boyfriend has signed the agreement."

"Alright. Let's begin, then."

After receiving the confirmation from the nurse, the delivery room became busy again.

This time around, they were not doing the operation for the children's sake but for the mother's, instead.

Sensing the different atmosphere in the room, Pei Ge guessed that something had happened.

"Don't! Don't! I want my children! My children…"

She began to struggle, and although she was feeling groggy and her body was weak, for the sake of her children, she expended the last bit of her energy.

"Doc, I beg you; I beg you to save my children…"

She looked at the doctor with watery eyes; her weak and hoarse voice was filled with earnest pleas.

It was also filled with abundant maternal love at the moment.

"…Miss, given your health and the triplets', it's best not to… If you insist on giving birth to them all, not only will they not be saved, even your life will be…"

The doctor sighed softly and helplessly.

The woman, who was slightly unconscious earlier, did not hear the doctor and nurses' conversation about her actually being pregnant with triplets.

Hence, she was stunned when she heard the doctor's words.

"Trip… lets…"

She did not expect Abby's teasing to turn out to be true.

There were really three babies in her stomach…


Can't! If that's the case, even more so, I can't give up on them! Those are two new lives!

"I beg you! I beg you to save my child! Please… I don't want to lose any of them. If I can only use my life to exchange for those of my babies, then I choose… to do so!"

Her hand gripped the doctor's arm tightly. She looked at him fervently and with determination.

"…I beg you…"

Seeing her determined yet vulnerable look, which was brimming with maternal love, the doctor started sympathizing with her.

Despite this, he did not abandon his responsibility as a doctor.

"I can only say that I'll do my best."

He could not promise her anything, but he could guarantee using his profession that he would do his best to save the two unborn children while saving her.

"Thank you…"

Pei Ge heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the doctor nodding his head.

Little ones… mom is working hard so you two must also… work hard…

Although the pain caused her to almost faint, she gritted her teeth and pressed on.

That was because she knew that her child would be in danger if she fainted.

Just as she felt that she could no longer continue, a beautiful sound from the heavens rang.

"It's out! It's out! It's another boy!"

The voice felt like heavenly music to her ears, energizing her.

There's one more baby… Hang in there, Pei Ge! You can do it! Only one baby is left in there…


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