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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1107 The Mother of Triplets

Because she was Chinese, even more because she was a Chinese woman who had given birth to rare triplets, the news spread quickly in the hospital, which was neither big nor small.

Pei Ge became an instant celebrity in the hospital.

"Did you hear? A woman from China delivered triplets tonight!"

"Of course, I've heard about it. That woman has amazing luck! Triplets!"

"Right? It's lucky enough to have twins, but it's actually triplets."

"It seems that the children aren't very healthy, though, because of their premature birth."

"That's true. They're triplets, and they're born prematurely. How could their health not be affected?"


The news of her difficult delivery of triplets spread in the hospital.

No matter if one was dining or just standing in the hallways, a person would know of her delivering triplets as long as he or she was in this hospital.

Of course, that instant celebrity, the mother of the triplets, Pei Ge, was currently dreaming in her slumber…

In a warm ward, Egger regarded the woman lying in bed, tenderly from the bedside.

Even though her face was still rather pale, she looked serene and peaceful in her sleep.

The man knew that it was because she was reassured.

After all, her three children had been delivered safely.

"Ge Ge, don't worry; the children are safe and sound. We'll go see them once you wake up," he muttered gently to the woman with a tired and pale face.

Perhaps because she was having a sweet dream or because of his words, her lips, which were pressed firmly, curled into a bright smile.

Looking at the smile on the woman's face, his lips curled at the corner as well.

As one person lay in bed and slept peacefully, the other sat by the bed and gazed at the sleeping woman smilingly.

The two of them were like a couple as they radiated intimacy.

Gradually, the night deepened.

Egger, who was gazing at the woman with much longing, yawned, slowly put his head on the bedside, and slipped into slumber.

It was a dark and windy night.

In the dark night, everyone was sleeping peacefully.

This dark night had become someone's cover and chance, however…

In the dark and quiet night, everyone was back in their backs, except for the staff on duty in the hospital.

Even though the eyes of those on duty were still open, they were clearly not as alert as they were in the day, especially those in the pediatrics and gynecology department.

After a day's work, they were even more exhausted than the staff on duty in the other departments.

Because of their exhaustion, a number of the staff on duty let their guards down.


Suddenly, a sharp cry reverberated in the infant incubation room.

"What's wrong? What's wrong?!"

All the nurses were startled awake by the cry.

The nurses, who had been dozing off earlier, ran to the origin of the cry.

"The baby… baby…"

When they entered the incubation room, they saw a fellow nurse pointing at the incubation box with her eyes wide open.

"What's wrong?"

"The baby is missing! Someone took it!"

It was only after they heard the nurse's words that the other nurses found that the incubation box housing a baby earlier empty now. It was as if there had never been a baby in it at all.

"Ahhh! How did the baby go missing?!"

All the nurses began to panic.

"W-When I came, I saw a black shadow run out from there."

All the nurses froze when they heard this.

"Are you saying that someone stole the baby?"

"Gosh! How could something like that happen in our hospital?"

"Now's not the time for all this! We need to inform Dr. Wyer right away!"

"Right, right, right!"

"You all stay here and look after the remaining babies; we'll go get the doctor!"

The nurses began to perform their duties after being delegated their respective responsibilities.

Because of the urgency of the situation, the doctor arrived shortly after the nurses went to get him.

However, his arrival did not have any effect.

Looking at the empty incubation box before him, he felt a cold chill all over his body.

This was despite standing in the warm incubation room.

The reason was simple.

That was because… the missing baby was the one he had helped deliver today! Moreover, that woman had a rather scary boyfriend.

"Doc, what do we do?!"

All the nurses stared intently at him, their faces full of self-reproach and helplessness.

They truly felt regretful and reproachful for not taking their duties seriously.

Otherwise, the baby would not have been stolen!

Seeing how the nurses looked at him expectantly, as if in hopes of him coming up with a brilliant idea, the doctor smiled bitterly.

What ideas could he have? Could he come up with another baby?

"Get security to lockdown the hospital and check the surveillance cameras at every exit!"

"Doc, we've already done all that. We brought you here because… you seem to know the parents of the baby…"

"We were hoping that you could tell them about the baby…"

The nurses' conflicting emotions were reflected in the doctor's eyes, but he was even more conflicted than them.

The reason was clear; Egger had threatened him earlier.

The man's words to him echoed in his head.

'I'm telling you; if there's any mistake on the hospital's part, don't blame me for using tactics to tell you guys what kind of mistakes can and can't be made.'

He shuddered just by recalling the man's threat.

The man must not find out about this, or else, he would be dead meat!

"Don't make a fuss! Don't let anyone else know that the baby is missing!"


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