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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1108 The baby passed away earlier.

"Don't make a fuss! Don't let anyone else know that the baby is missing!"

Someone raised her objection immediately after he spoke.

"Doc, that can't do. We lost the patient's child; we should be responsible and inform them."

Once someone raised their objections, the others nodded, expressing their disapproval.

"Yes. We should inform the parents about something this big."

"A baby was just lost like that. We've got to find him."

Dr. Wyer knitted his brows tightly together as he listened to the nurses' chatter.

His frustration grew when he heard their words.

"You all shut up!" he shouted in frustration.

His voice scared the nurses.

"Do you know whose baby you've lost?"

Seeing that he had scared them, he took a deep breath and lowered his voice.


The nurses, who had never seen him lose his temper, shook their heads stiffly.

"W-Whose is it?"

"You don't know that man, but if he learns that you've lost his child, you'll all suffer for it. That scary man will definitely make your lives a living hell."

He lowered his voice and stared at the nurses coldly.

All those present, who had disagreed with his decision, were scared stiff after they heard his words.

"T-Then, what do we do…"

They all began panicking and looking nervously at the doctor.

"Calm down; just listen to me, and I guarantee that nothing will happen to you all," he softly advised.

The nurses looked nervously at him still.

"The baby's not in good shape, so… he died just now."

The nurses covered their mouths in shock when they heard that.

"D-Died?! Doc, the baby didn't—"

Even though he was weak, he would not have died.

Besides, the youngest of the triplets, who was the weakest, survived, but the second one, who was in a slightly better shape, died… That was suspicious no matter how one looked at it…

"Shut up! I said that he's dead now, so he's dead," he said coldly, glaring at the nurse who had spoken up.

There was no choice; it was not that he did not have morals as a doctor, but… that man was just not someone to be trifled with!

He dared not let him know that they had lost his baby.

"You all had better not say anything, or else, the consequences won't be something you can handle… Besides, you all were the ones who lost this baby. If things get out of hand, you know what consequences will be…" he said, his voice raspy as he stared at the nurses.

His voice was filled with boundless threat and fear.

He was afraid of the consequences awaiting him if the man found out.

Thus, he wanted to threaten the nurses.

Even though they were the ones who had lost the baby, as the doctor in charge who had received that man's warning, he believed that there was no way the latter would let him off.

"Don't worry; if you cooperate with me, I'll arrange a better future for you all…"

Under the pressure and temptation, these nurses, who were hesitating, made their stance clear.

"Okay! We'll listen to you."

"All of us will listen to you."

"What's our next step…"

Therefore, the missing baby in the incubation room was covered up.

Everyone did not know that a baby was lost that night.

That someone had lost a child…

Thus, no one searched for the stolen child.

The moon descended, replaced by the warm sun rising in the east.

The swapping of the sun and the moon emanated a sense of hope.

The moment Pei Ge woke up, she was in a good mood as she saw that the room was filled with sunlight, but her good mood would soon disappear…

Looking at the empty room, she moved her eyebrows a little. She raised her palm and pressed the bell at the top of her bed.

After the flashing of a red light, a nurse walked in from outside shortly after.

"Miss, can I help you?"

"The children, the children! Where are my children?"

She looked at the nurse expectantly.

Just last night, her children were born into the world.

Starting from last night, she was a mother. A mother of three children!


The expression on the nurse's face froze a little when she heard her request, but in her state of excitement, she did not notice this abnormality.

"I'm so sorry, because of premature birth, your children are really weak, so… we can't bring them over," said the nurse gently to her, setting her feelings of pity aside.

"What? They're weak…"

Pei Ge got anxious at the nurse's words and hurriedly sat up.

"Then, bring me to see them. Where are they now?"

As she spoke, she tried to get down from the bed.

"Ah! You can't get down to walk now!"

The nurse's face paled when she saw her trying to get down from the bed.

After all, she had just been threatened by the patient's boyfriend!

"Let go of me; I want to see my children!"

Pei Ge struggled anxiously when the nurse stopped her.

"Ge Ge, what are you doing?"

At that moment, Egger walked in from outside.

The moment he entered the ward, he saw her struggling to get out of bed as the nurse tried to stop her.

He felt a little exhausted.

Looking at her manner, he knew that the matter that they were trying to keep from her could not be kept further… because this woman cared so much about the children…


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