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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1109 Where is my other child?!

"Ge Ge, what are you doing?"

Hearing his call, Pei Ge immediately raised her head and looked at him urgently.

"You're just in time! Bring me to see my babies. This nurse refuses to let me get out of bed…"

The terrible feeling in Egger's heart grew as he saw how much she trusted him and how she looked at him for help.

"Ge Ge…"

In that instant, he wanted to tell her the entire truth.

He did not want to lie to her one bit, but he knew that she had just used a lot of energy while giving birth.

She would be unable to take it if she knew the truth.

"En? What's wrong? You look terrible."

She caught the abnormality in his facial expression because of how obvious it was.


He opened his mouth but did not manage to tell her truth in the end.

No one expected that one of the children she had risked her life to give birth to die.

He did not want to think of what would happen if she found out.

Even though he said that there was nothing wrong, the woman felt that he was hiding something from her.

However, she did not dwell on it because her thoughts were focused on her children. She, thus, looked at him anxiously for help once more.

"Tell the nurse to let me see my children, please."

Her eyes reddened. Who knew how badly she wanted to see her children then?

Besides, her children were weak.

"Your body isn't well, and neither are your children's. We can talk after you are all… better."

He looked at this woman, his expression very gentle.

Alas, a sense of panic rose in the woman's heart in the face of this tenderness.

She connected the dots amid her confusion upon hearing his concerned words and knew then and there that something was wrong.

"Did… something happen to my children?"

She stared intently at him; her face had turned pale then.

"That's… not it. You're overthinking it. The children are fine—nothing happened…"

His heart trembled when he saw her burning eyes, but he kept the truth from her in consideration of her body.

"If I'm overthinking it, then bring me to see my children! I want to see them!"

As she spoke, she completely left the bed, disregarding the nurse's attempts to stop her.

Perhaps it was because of her anxiety over her children, but she managed to break free from the nurse with her weak body. She stepped firmly on the floor and moved to head out of her ward.

"Miss, you can't—"


Seeing how stubborn this woman was, the man knew that he could no longer keep her in the dark.

"Calm down!" said the man hastily. He then hurried over to her side and gripped her shoulders tightly.

"Let go of me!"

How would this woman, whose entire focus was on her children, be willing to listen to him, though?

At that moment, she only wanted to see her children as soon as possible.

"Calm down; I'll bring you to see them!"

Egger did not have a choice and could only relent.

Even though he did not know what kind of impact it would have on this woman's body when she found out the truth, he understood that it was not possible to keep it from her anymore.

To no one's surprise, her struggling ceased following his promise.

"Really? Quickly bring me over, then!"

As she spoke, she grabbed onto his sleeve and dragged him to the outside of the ward.

"Put on your shoes first."

The man stretched his hand to hold her. He then pushed her to sit on the bed and bent down to help her put on her shoes.

She paused when she saw him squatting in front of her and putting on the shoes for her.

That was… because this scene was all too familiar.

Looking at this person before her, her thoughts wandered to another man…

There was once a man who had squatted before her to put on crystal shoes for her…

Back then, she mistakenly thought that the man was her one true love, but… reality was often cruel. How could there be so many fairy tales?

She shook her head and tossed her memories of that man aside.

"Alright. Let's go."

After Egger put on her shoes for her, he stood up and headed outside while holding her hand.

Because her mind was on her children's wellbeing, she did not realize that the man was holding her hand.

All her thoughts were on seeing her children as soon as possible.

Amid her anxiety, she quickly arrived at the incubation room with him.

Because the room was especially prepared for premature babies, it was filled with incubation boxes, and because there were few babies born, there were only hers in the room.

"My little ones!"

She spotted her children from the other side of the window without having to search.

Looking at the two babies sleeping sweetly like kittens, she felt her nose crinkle. Her heart was filled with joy and guilt.

If she had not been so agitated and if she had been more careful, then, her children would not have been born prematurely…

Just as she was feeling self-reproach, she noticed something wrong here!

"That's not right! Why are there only two babies here? Where's my other child?"


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