Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1111 I promise that no one else can hurt you again.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1111 I promise that no one else can hurt you again.

"Pei Ge, stop crying."

Feeling the burning tears drenching the skin on shoulder through the fabric of his shirt, Egger felt terrible.

He only realized how much this woman truly mattered to him at this moment.

Cold-blooded as he was, his heart tightened when he saw her break down.

It bothered him.

"Don't cry. Even if you've lost a child, you still have two others. If you ruin your body like this, then who's going to take care of them?" he persuaded, gently looking at the woman crying in his arms.

His voice was unspeakably soft.

If those who knew how unfeeling this man was were to see this, they would be very shocked to discover that he had a soft side in him.

Immediately after he spoke, the hysterically crying woman stopped at once.

Seeing that she had taken his advice, the man heaved a sigh of relief.

"Let's go back and rest. You must let your body recover properly so that you can take care of the kids." He patted the woman gently on the back as he spoke to her softly.

The nurse, who did not know the real relationship between the two, was envious of Pei Ge upon seeing how gentle Egger was to her.


The man's gentle words did not elicit any response from the woman, though.

"Pei Ge?"

He became worried again when he saw that she had gone silent.

After a while, she slowly opened her mouth and choked out, "…E-Egger, I want to… see…

"I want to see… my baby one last time."

Even though she had accepted that her baby was dead, she still could not utter the word.


Although he wanted to turn her down, he could not bear to do so upon seeing how fragile she looked.


Seeing that the man had agreed, she wiped away her tears and tried to calm herself down.

How would that be done in the face of something like this, though?

Therefore, with her face full of tears and accompanied by the man, Pei Ge walked toward the child she had not had the chance to meet.

Because of his instructions, the child had been placed in a small coffin, which was nailed shut.

He was afraid that she would do something out of line in a moment of agitation when she saw the dead child, but even though she did see the body itself, she still lost control of her emotions at the sight of the squarish, plain-looking coffin.

She broke free from his arms and ran toward the small coffin, throwing herself over it.

"My child…"

Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably again.

Her heart was in pain. She did not understand why fate had been so cruel to her.

Why could they not have given her a little bit of good luck?

Why did the heavens have to take her child from her?

"Mommy's baby…"

Egger quickly walked over to provide support for the woman who was feeling heartbroken.

"Stop crying. You're going to hurt your eyes from all the crying."

"Why… Why did the heavens treat me like this?"

Perhaps because of his comforting words, her crying got even harder.

"There are so many people in this world. Why… Why me? Why?! Is it because I'm too bad? Is it because I did something wrong?! Why am I being punished like this?!" she cried out, as if venting. "The people I love always betray me! The people who love me always get hurt! I can't even keep my baby! Tell me: Why am I being treated like this?! Why?!"

Hearing the woman's cries and seeing her despairing expression, the man reached out and hugged her tightly without a care for anything else.

He wrapped the woman in his embrace, trying to warm her up.

"Don't be like this! Don't put all the blame on yourself!

"Everything will get better. Pei Ge, everything will get better. Your mother will wake up, and you'll find another person who truly loves you."

He hugged her tightly, his voice indescribably sincere.

"Even if you've lost a child, you're a lot luckier than others because… you have two adorable babies. They're still waiting for you to take care of them…"

Perhaps she was exhausted from the crying or his words had finally reached her, but the woman gradually stopped crying and calmed down.

"Right… I still have my two children… They're waiting for me to take care of them…" she mumbled repeatedly as if in a trance.

The man did not have any intention of interrupting her, however, and just looked on quietly.

This was because he knew that the only thing keeping the woman sane was the thought of her other children.

Just like that, he held her quietly but firmly as he patted her back comfortingly.

He was extremely patient, just like a parent consoling a child.

He only moved to take her in his arms after she passed out from exhaustion.

"Everything will get better… You still have me by your side. I promise never to let you face sadness like this again. I won't ever let anyone hurt you…"


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