Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1112 You will be happy in the future.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1112 You will be happy in the future.

"Everything will get better… You still have me by your side. I promise never to let you face sadness like this again. I won't ever let anyone hurt you…"

A blue light flashed across Egger's eyes as he regarded the woman in his arms.

The light was unspeakably complex, making it difficult for anyone to decipher what the man was thinking.

Carrying her gently, he walked extremely slowly and steadily on the way back.

He dared not even breathe loudly as if in fear of disturbing the rest of the woman in his arms.

Eventually, he arrived at Pei Ge's ward with his extremely gentle steps.

Once he put the woman down, the man gently covered her with a blanket and regarded her quietly for a moment before leaving the ward.

HBut his aura changed the instant he walked out the ward.

His gentle expression toward the woman became extremely dark and volatile the instant he left the ward.

The aura emanating from him struck terror in anyone who looked at him.

Just like that, he arrived at Dr. Wyer's office with a murderous aura.


The office door was opened from the outside with great force.

The doctor shivered at the loud noise.

His fear increased further when he saw the man walking in with a dark expression.

"Sir, I already said that it's a mishap brought by Miss Pei's body not being in good shape and the premature delivery of the triplets… You can't blame us for that!" explained the doctor frantically as his teeth chattered.

"Tell me about her condition, as well as the remaining children," he coldly spat, his lips curling into a mocking smile at how terrified the doctor was of him.

Once he knew that the man was not there because he had found out about their lie, Dr. Wyer calmed down.

"The mother and her two remaining children aren't in very good shape."

Taking a deep breath, he tried to make himself seem less fearful of this man.

"Her body was already rather weak, but after earlier, it got even worse. As for the children…"

He pursed his lips tightly at this point.

Even though nothing happened to the two children yet, oftentimes, premature babies would carry a sort of health condition or defect. Thus, they needed much more attention and care.

"The older boy's body appears to be doing rather well, but the girl… Her body is just too weak. It's even weaker than the average premature baby, so…" Something can happen to her at any time.

He dared not continue speaking, intimidated by the man's sharp gaze.

He was afraid that the man would kill him if he continued speaking.

"Listen up; I don't care what methods you use or what you do, but if anything happens to Pei Ge and her two children, I'll let you know what it's like to live in hell!"

With that, Egger walked out of the office sans a regard for the doctor's reaction and looking murderous.

The doctor, who had been completely scared by the man, was left alone in his office.

He only recovered from his fright after a while.

He then hurriedly picked up the phone and gave instructions to the nurses in charge of the twins and their mother to take good care of them.

The man was unaware of his actions, nor did he care to find out.

After leaving the doctor's office, he took out his phone and dialed a number he had not called since he came to Cambridge.

"Hello. Pei Ge had an accident over here. Get Tang Xiaoyu to prepare and I'll send someone to pick her up."

His phone call was to none other than Gu Zhengrong.

Since Ji Ziming had gotten suspicious of the couple, he had cut off all communications between the woman and them.

The man was just part of the reason, though; more of it was because he wanted all of the woman's time to himself.

If she did not have such a situation, he would certainly not Gu Zhengrong.

"What?! What accident? What happened to her?!"

The man on the other end panicked at once, and his usual calmness and composure could not be found.

"What happened to her?!"

Although it was a little frustrating, Egger knew that the man would not give up if he did not receive a reply, so he could only tell him.

"She went into labor prematurely. She needs her best friend by her side," he stated, his objective clear.

In the end, the person's strong reaction was under his expectation.

"What?! She did?! Didn't you say that you'd take good care of her? How could you let this happen?!"

Egger grew increasingly frustrated as he listened to the man's accusation.

"I already told you everything. Just let Tang Xiaoyu know that I'll send someone to pick her up later."

With that, he moved to hang up the phone, but before he could do, he heard the man's anxious voice say, "Wait! I'll go with Xiaoyu!"

"…No. Ji Ziming's men should still be watching your every movement. You can't come."

He shot down his suggestion.

"If you really want the best for Pei Ge, then don't do this."

Hearing his words, Gu Zhengrong went silent for a while before he accepted it peacefully.

"I understand; I'll get Xiaoyu to prepare."

-An apartment in New York-

"Boss, there's nothing suspicious on Gu Zhengrong's side. Should we head back?"


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