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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1114 Pull yourself together!

It was the beginning of a new day.

Even though the sun was very bright, Pei Ge, who was bathed in it, felt cold all over.

The coldness made her unwilling to wake up from her dream.

Because in the dream, her child was not dead, she was happy, and they were all filled with joy.

"You can't just keep lying there! I know that you're sad, but you can't keep doing this! You still have your two children to take care of."

Looking at how the woman was clearly awake but was refusing to open her eyes, Tang Xiaoyu felt heartbroken and upset.

"You can't just give up on life because one of your children died!"

Immediately after she said that, the woman in bed opened her eyes.

"My child's not dead! I won't let you say that!"

Her eyes flared up in anger.

She did not want, nor was she willing, to admit that her child was dead.

"Wake up! Your child is dead! Stop lying to yourself! Haven't you seen it for yourself?"

Seeing that she had finally reacted, her best friend's words got increasingly harsh.

"Stop talking!"

Her hands clenched into tight fists when she heard her keep speaking.

"Can you take some responsibility? You can't mistreat your body like this; did you forget that you have two other children to take care of?"

Tang Xiaoyu actually did not want to talk to her best friend this way, but she knew that something bad would happen if the latter continued to be like this.

Thus, she spoke harshly to her.

Sometimes, it was better to fight fire with fire, was it not?

"I understand your feelings, but please don't forget your two children."

Even though she was right, it did not reduce the hurt in Pei Ge's heart.

Everyone knew what the logical thing to do right now was, it was still tough to do.

She knew that she was out of line, but she could not help herself.

There was a deep sense of guilt and blame in her for failing to protect her child properly.

Why did she give birth prematurely? Why did she hesitate because of Ji Ziming?

She constantly thought of how she was the one who had harmed her child.

If she had gotten over her feelings for the man earlier, she would not have… when she saw the news about him…

At this thought, her eyes turned red again.

If she had gotten over him fast and had not kept some lingering emotions for him, then she would not have given birth prematurely, nor would she have lost her child…

It was all her fault. It was her fault… She caused her baby to die… It was her.

Looking at her red eyes and face full of pain, Tang Xiaoyu knew at once what she was thinking.

"You're not to be blamed for this. No one expected this to happen…" she consoled, proceeding to hold the latter's hand.

Alas, her words were useless on the woman and just increased the latter's self-reproach further.

"No! It's all my fault—mine. If I just let go of my feelings for that man earlier… If I wasn't so affected by the news about him, my baby… My baby…"

Pei Ge could not continue speaking.

She was drowning in guilt.

Just like what Egger had said before, if the woman could not get past this, she would have severe postpartum depression.

It could be said that the woman was already showing signs of depression.

"Calm down! It's really not your fault! If we had to blame someone, it would be that scum! If not for him, you and the children would be safe and sound! Your mother wouldn't have to seek medical help outside China, too!"

Seeing how deep her best friend's self-blame was, she brought up the man.

If her best friend must find someone to hate and bear the responsibility of her child's death, then she would rather it be Ji Ziming!

If her best friend transferred the hate to that man, then she was bound to feel a lot better.

This would count as the man redeeming himself!

Originally, this was something Tang Xiaoyu had said in a moment of impulse, but it worked rather well!

Immediately after she said that, the other woman let go of her self-reproach and raised her head to look at her blankly. "Ji Ziming…"

Seeing that her words had an effect on her best friend, she pressed on. "Yes! It's all that jerk's fault! Think about it; why would your body be in bad shape? Isn't it all because of him?! If he didn't betray you, your children would still be fine, and your body would be fine, too, then you wouldn't be forced to give birth prematurely, and your child wouldn't leave this world without even meeting you!"

Because she was afraid of triggering her best friend's depression, she refrained from mentioning the word 'death' this time.

"Your body was actually fine, but he just had to appear on TV, causing you to give birth prematurely! That's why, at the end of the day, it's all his fault! If not for him, the child wouldn't die prematurely!"

Her words pierced Pei Ge's heart like bullets.

It cleared her mind. Her eyes brightened as she listened to her words.

The craziness in her expression disappeared as well and was replaced by clarity.

"That's why, Ge Ge, you must pull yourself together. If not for you, then for your remaining children. Live properly. You can't let yourself wallow in misery because of some jerk."

When she saw that her best friend seemed to understand her point, Tang Xiaoyu continued speaking. "You gotta live a better life than him! You should take good care of the kids so that, if you meet him in the future, you can proudly tell him that it's his loss to have betrayed you!"


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