Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1118 My child is not related to him at all.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1118 My child is not related to him at all.

"Forget it; forget it. Anyway, Egger has arranged everything for you. I'm at ease when it comes to his efficiency!"

Seeing her best friend lost in her thoughts, Tang Xiaoyu's eyeballs darted about as craftiness flashed in them. She then purposely mentioned the man again.

"Aye! Are you really not considering Egger? Let me tell you: Even if you carry a lantern around, you won't be able to find a man as fine as him!"

She again tried pairing her best friend while elbowing her suggestively.

"That man has only ever been nice to you. This is especially so when it comes to your little ones; he treats them better than how a biological father treats his child! If I didn't know that these two are—"

She was about to say Ji Ziming's name but timely stopped herself from doing so.

"I'd really assume that he's their biological father! Even everyone in this hospital sees him as your babies' biological father!"

Knowing that the other woman was trying to pair her and the man again, Pei Ge was forced to voice out her stance.

"I know how nice he is to us, but … I honestly feel nothing for him; plus, I don't want to be in a relationship with him right now."

She looked at the two babies in their cribs upon saying this.

"Having An An and Ran Ran is enough for me. It works just fine with the three of us together. I feel that this is sufficient."

The gentle smile on her face made her best friend roll her eyes.

"The children still need a father at the end of the day. Don't tell me that you're doing this because of—"

She interrupted the latter before she could finish speaking.

"Please don't mention that man to me again. I have nothing to do with him. My children aren't related to him as well."

The gentle smile on her face slipped and was replaced by a glum look almost immediately.

Who would have thought that the couple used to be very loving?

Her expression now was as though she had heard news about her enemy. She appeared awfully indifferent.

"…It's my mistake. Alright. I won't mention him again!"

Tang Xiaoyu noticed her mistake at her best friend's reaction and understood then that the latter no longer saw Ji Ziming in a good light.

"Egger has everything arranged for your visit to auntie tomorrow. I'll go there with you."


"Are you sure that we won't rest and let your daughter have her surgery immediately after visiting auntie?"

She turned to look at her questioningly.

"Why don't we wait till your daughter is slightly older before having her undergo surgery? She's still so young…"

The thought of it made her pity the baby girl.

The girl was still so young, yet she had to undergo such a major surgery…

Hearing her best friend's advice, Pei Ge's brows knitted tightly in pain.

"There's no choice. The doctor said that if Ran Ran undergoes an operation now, she won't be in so much pain as she's still young and her nervous system isn't fully developed yet. It's the best time for her to have it now…"

Although the doctor said that her child would not feel any pain during surgery, she still felt nervous and heartache.

"Aye… This way works, too. The sooner she recovers, the faster her life will get better…"


The two women waited for the next day to arrive with much anticipation and anxiety.

By the time daylight broke, Pei Ge was done with the feeding. She, along with her children, boarded the plane arranged by Egger and headed to the hospital Zhang Manhua was in.

The flight was uneventful and smooth.

The two babies remained mostly quiet during their first flight.

Other than the baby girl's slight whimpering when the plane took off, the two kids were so heart-achingly obedient.

This made Tang Xiaoyu gush about how obedient her best friend's children were.

The plane soon arrived at the destination.

Alighting from it, Pei Ge could not help feeling excited as she carried one of her children.

That was because it had been a long time since she last saw her mother.

Due to health reasons, she did not visit her mother at all when she was pregnant…

"Let's go to where your mother is."

Egger walked up to her and regarded her with gentleness.

"Mhm. Thank you."

She lifted her head and easily saw the gentleness in the man's eyes.

Her heart trembled slightly, and all of a sudden, a sense of self-disgust permeated her heart.

Although she could not return this man's feelings, she still shamelessly accepted all his help.

Sometimes, she really thought that she was wicked.

"I'm greatly indebted to you. I promise to repay everything I owe you now in the future."

Taking a deep breath, she looked at the little girl in her arms and said that softly yet sincerely to him.

The gentleness in the man's eyes disappeared at her words.

"I've said it before; don't be formal with me. I'm your children's godfather. Isn't it only right for me to help them?"

"But I—" Can't return your feelings.

She was interrupted by the man.

"Alright. Let's go visit your mother."

He strode away and did not wait for her to finish speaking.

The woman helplessly pursed her lips as she watched the man's receding back.

Deep down, she promised to repay the man for all his help no matter how difficult it was.

What she did not know now was that, in the future, she would truly have the ability to repay him. Furthermore, it would be based on her capabilities…


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