Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1119 Wake up fast and see your grandchildren.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1119 Wake up fast and see your grandchildren.

Pei Ge slowly walked into her mother's ward with a kid in her arms.

Egger had honestly put a lot of effort into her mother's care.

The apparatus, as well as the room itself, cost a lot and the doctors were the best in the world.

While her mother was still in a coma inside the ward, it was clear that she was well taken care of.

Although she was in deep sleep, her face looked radiant. She did not appear to be in a coma but seemed to be merely sleeping.

To her surprise, despite being in a coma, her mother's body was in an excellent state—better than when she was awake, in fact.

Her skin was pinkish and looked nothing like a woman who had been through many things.

She, again, felt very grateful to the man.

She and her best friend walked to Zhang Manhua's side with a child each.

"Mom, I'm here to see you."

Seeing her mother's rosy cheeks, a light smile appeared on her face.

"Please forgive me for only visiting now. Anyway, I gave birth to the eldest grandson you were looking so much forward for. I even gave birth to twins!"

As she said that, tears pooled in her smiling eyes.

"He he! Now you have these grandchildren, you have a complete pair of boy and girl!"

She became misty-eyed as she continued speaking to her mother gently.

Her voice was filled with happiness and regret.

"That's why, mom, wake up soon. I can't handle these two rascals on my own. Wake up soon so you can help me look after my children. Didn't you say before that you want to take care of your grandchildren…"

Tang Xiaoyu's nose wrinkled while she watched her best friend talk to her mother.

There were many things about her best friend that she was envious about, but she must admit that the latter's life was too tough.

"Wake up soon, alright…"

She was about to comfort the woman when she saw the latter smiled suddenly.

"Mom, look; this is your granddaughter, Little Ran Ran!"

Pei Ge bent down and placed the child beside her mother.

Although the older woman's eyes remained close as she was in a coma, she still placed the child by her mother's side.

Her best friend quickly copied her action by placing the boy in her arms on Zhang Manhua's other side.

"Auntie, this is your grandson, Little An An. This pair of siblings is truly beautiful—even more beautiful than Ge Ge when she was young! Please wake up quickly to see your grandchildren."

Standing on the older woman's flanks, they each placed a child beside her.

Probably due to blood ties, the two rascals did not protest when lain beside their grandmother. Instead, they looked at her with interest and made squeaky noises at her.

"Mom, I'm doing great. Do you know that I've achieved my dream when I was young? I've become a Harvard student…"

She began telling her mother about everything that had happened all this time.

Naturally, she only mentioned the good things and remained mum about the bad things.

From the way she talked, those listening would mistake her for someone living a blissful life at the moment.

"…Don't worry; I will work hard to earn a lot of money and repay those who've helped me…"

She only left the ward with the children and her best friend after speaking to her mother for quite some time.

The moment she left the ward, this woman, who had painted a happy life in the presence of her mother, burst into tears.

"Are you okay? Don't scare me!" Tang Xiaoyu was flustered at once when she saw her cry all of a sudden.

"Do you think that my mom will ever wake up…"

A long time had passed, and in fact, it had been almost a year… but her mother was still in a coma…

"Auntie will definitely wake up. I heard that comatose patients can sense their surroundings. Since auntie has just sensed the grandchildren that she was looking forward to the most, she'll definitely wake up."

She nodded with certainty.

Although she too was unsure whether the older woman could wake up or not, that was all she could say at the moment.

Hearing her comforting words, the other woman slowly calmed down.

She took a deep breath and the corners of her lips curled into a light smile.

"Mhm. My mom will surely wake up; I have faith in her…"

She looked at her daughter in her arms thereafter.

Looking at the baby girl's tender face, which lacked rosiness, she pursed her lips.

The most important thing right now was still her daughter's operation.

"I pray for Ran Ran's operation today to be successful…"

If the girl's operation failed… she really did not know what she would become… She might lose her mind then.

"It will! Our baby girl isn't called Dorothy for nothing! She's definitely godsent! Have faith that her operation will be a success!"


She nodded her head lightly and planted a kiss on the little girl's forehead as gentleness filled her eyes.

"Mom loves you, so you must… persevere, alright?"

Your brother has left us; don't leave me, too. Mom really can't handle it…

She was thrown into panic mode as she sent her daughter into the operating room.

Seeing such a small kid enter the operation room, her heart ached.

She was starting to hate that heartless man more and more.

If it were not for him, her children would not be through so much pain…


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