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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1120 The children grew up well.

Although her baby girl's surgery was nothing major, it was not simple either, and since the doctors performing the operation had been under Egger's threat, the surgery was done with much care.

As a result, the duration of the surgery lasted longer than on average.

Pei Ge and the rest did not leave and, instead, waited anxiously outside the operating room.

Just as the surgery was halfway done, Little An An, who had been well-behaved thus far, suddenly wailed in his mother's arms.

No matter how much she tried to pacify him, she could not make him stop crying.

Seeing the boy's face turning red fast and his breathing becoming shorter by the second, her heart became full of concern and pain.

"What's wrong, baby? Are you feeling uncomfortable in any way?"

She was close to tears when her son wailed louder.

At this point, the man standing next to her spoke. "Ge Ge, don't they say that twins have telepathy? Could it be that… this boy is crying because his little sister is undergoing surgery inside?"

Hearing that, the woman was stunned for a moment before her eyes flowed with tears.

"His sister must be in so much pain… Otherwise, he won't be crying like this," she cried out, her heart in pain.

If possible, she wished she could bear all the pain her daughter was going through right now.

"Ge Ge…"

Everyone around did not know how to console her heartbroken look.

Just like this, an adult and a child cried outside the operating room, and the scene brought unspeakable sense of grief to those looking.

Everybody prayed fervently for the success of the little girl's surgery.

Unbeknown to these people, in a dark room, a weak baby resembling a newborn kitten was crying aloud, too.

Unfortunately, his health was way too weak so his cries were like a kitten's calls and could not catch the attention of anyone, but despite the voice being very soft, it still triggered the scolding of someone.

"Jinx, why are you crying? If you cry more, I'll throw you out!"

He was merely a newborn baby, though, so how could he understand what the adult was talking about?

He continued to cry, and because of this, his already pale face turned purplish.

"So noisy!"

The person seemed to be annoyed and covered the baby's face with a hand to muffle his cries.

It appeared that the baby was about to suffocate.

After a while, the baby gradually stopped making any noise.

The person retracted the hand satisfactorily when the baby stopped crying.

"What a jinx. If not for you having some use, I will truly throw you away right this instant…"

The voice had an evil quality to it.

Even though he was just a tiny, pitiful baby, the person harbored ill-will against him.

If others were to see this scene, they would be too shocked to say anything.

After a long, anxious wait, Pei Ge finally saw her daughter.

The boy in her arms stopped crying the moment the door to the operating room opened.

By then, his black, grape-like eyes were swollen like a pair of walnuts.

He was probably too tired from crying that he even burped.

He appeared pitiful yet adorable.

She would usually lower her head to kiss him, but this time around, her entire focus was on her daughter.

As such, she did not pay much attention to the little boy and quickly approached the doctor.

"Doc, how's my daughter? Is she okay? Was the surgery successful?"

Faced with her string of questions, the doctor removed his mask to reveal a relaxed smile.

"Yes. The surgery was very successful. Your daughter's operation has been very smooth."

The doctor's words made the woman's heart settle finally.

"Really? Does that mean that my daughter can grow up normally just like any other kids?" she asked hurriedly. Alas, this caused the doctor's smile to disappear.

Seeing the doctor acting like this, her heart was in her mouth once more.

"Miss, I'm really sorry. You're probably unclear regarding this, but this type of disease can't be cured fully. I can only guarantee that your daughter's heart defect won't act up easily from here on. She'll be like a normal person, except that she can't participate in any strenuous sports. After all, her heart isn't as healthy as that of a normal person."

Pei Ge felt pain inside when she heard the doctor's words and saw his solemn expression, but she knew that this was the best outcome that she could hope for.

What's important is that the surgery was a success, wasn't it?

"Thank you, doc. Thank you for saving my daughter's life!"

After thanking him, she quickened her steps to her daughter's side. The little girl was currently inside a sterile incubator.

Seeing the little girl's pale face, her eyes dripped with tears.

The boy in her arms squeaked and flailed his hands at his sister as though he wanted to be with her.

"Ge Ge, with Little Ran Ran's surgery a success, we should be happy only so stop crying now."

"I-I'm crying tears of joy. As long as my baby grows up well, I'll be content…"

Although her baby could not be like any other normal kids, who could jump and play around, it was good enough that she survived…

"What do you plan to do in the future?"

"I'll continue studying hard as I earn a living to provide for my children…"

Right now, she did not know the impact her simple wish would have in the future and the influence it would have on New York's Wall Street.

Nobody knew that a business queen's initial wish was merely to provide for her children…

Five years later.

Beijing's airport was as crowded as ever regardless of whether it was during weekdays or weekends and holidays.

Looking at the airport full of Chinese people, a certain woman could not help but curl the corner of her lips.

"It's just like when I left. Nothing has really changed…"


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