Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1123 The Iron Lady of New York“s Wall Stree
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1123 The Iron Lady of New York“s Wall Stree

"You're the new assistant the company arranged for me? You seem rather unqualified…"

Pei Ge removed her sunglasses and frowned at the young man before her.

Not only was this man late, he also failed to recognize her.

An assistant like this was really unqualified.

If this were in New York's Wall Street, he would probably lose his job many times over.

Her gaze was probably too telling or her voice likely sounded disappointed as the assistant, who had been staring at her face, quickly returned to his senses.

"Ah! A-Are you my boss, Ms. Pei?"

The assistant could not believe his eyes. He had imagined what his new superior would look like, but he had never expected her to be a young and pretty woman!

This was nothing like what he had imagined!

Even though he asked aloud for confirmation, he still could not believe that… this beautiful woman before him was his new superior!

"Wu Wei, if you want to be my assistant, two things; first, can you not be so stupid? Second, can you not be so stupid?" asked the woman rhetorically, pinning the assistant, who was about to lose it, with her cold and sharp eyes.

Bang! He only returned to his senses from his superior's shocking words when he heard the door close.

"M-Man! Re-Really…"

His superior!

His new superior was so young and pretty! God!

"Get in!"

"Ahh! Yes, boss!"

Not letting his thoughts wander again, he quickly opened the door and got in the driver's seat.

"T-Then, boss, wh-where are we heading? Is it to the place Boss Yu has arranged for you or—" The cold female voice cut him off mid-question.

"The company."

He nodded and then stepped on the gas, heading straight for the company.

Seeing that the beauty had left the airport, the onlookers recovered from their dazedness and went about their businesses.

The airport returned to its normal state as if the beautiful woman had never appeared there at all.

This was just on the surface, though. In reality, her outstanding appearance had left a deep impression on them.

Looking at the passing scenery, Pei Ge began to space out.

Five years later, the capital still looked the same as it did when she left…

Gazing at the familiar view outside, the woman felt that these five years were mere five days.

"B-Boss, ar-are you sure that you won't have me bring your luggage to your arranged residence?" At a red light, Wu Wei mustered up his courage and asked this question.

He realized that he had said the wrong thing again fast enough, though.

"…How Wu Wei, how did you get into the company?"

The woman frowned a little and glanced coldly at the back of her assistant's head when she heard his intrusive inquiry.

Hearing his superior's question, the man did not hold himself back from telling her the truth.

"My uncle is part of the company management. H-He appointed me as your assistant."


She finally saw how dumb her assistant could be.

He even told her about how he had gotten in through the back door!

Great! This person was really so ignorant that it emboldened him!

After he spoke, he realized that he had said something he should not have.

"T-That! Boss, lis-listen to me; I-I'm actually not that dumb usually. I-It's not that I got in through the back door, I-I…"

He struggled to find the right words to salvage the situation. Pei Ge took a deep breath.

Seeing that she had received such an assistant the moment she got home, at that very moment, she felt that her future was a little… bleak.

"Boss, because of all the things I've heard about you, I've admired you for the longest time! I think that for you to have such achievements on Wall Street, despite your nationality and being a woman, is simply amazing! That's why I broke away from my uncle and became your assistant! I just wanted to learn from you!"

He closed his eyes in fear when he saw the increasing disappointment in his superior's eyes.

He truly did not expect the iron lady whom he admired to be this beautiful young woman.

Thus, he panicked.

"…Fine. The light turned green. Quickly drive."

Looking at her slightly muddle-headed assistant, she could not help but think of a friend she once had.

That friend admired her as well, much like this man did.


He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the woman did not appear to be mad.

"And the luggage?"

"What luggage? I didn't bring any. Your observation…"

"Ah! Sorry, boss!"


She was beginning to doubt her decision to keep this assistant.

Just like that, the car headed for the Minghao Group where she would work.

What she did not know was that the staff of Minghao Group was all gossiping about her.

"Have you heard the news? We have a new CFO starting today!"

"Yes, I have! I also heard that she's a Harvard-Business-School graduate and dubbed as the queen of Wall Street!"

"D*mn! That good? It couldn't be! Since she's that good, why would she come to work for our company…"

"Who knows? Maybe it's exaggerated…"

"I think so, too!"

"But don't you think that it's a little amazing that our CFO is a woman?"

"Do you think… that she's involved with our Boss Yu?"


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