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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1124 The Temper of the New Superior

"Do you think… that this woman is involved in Boss Yu?"


Just as the Minghao Group's employees were gossiping about their new CFO, Pei Ge and Wu Wei arrived at the door of the company.


Before the assistant could open the car door for his boss after the car was parked, the woman already got out of the car by herself.

After alighting from it, she removed her sunglasses and looked at the skyscraper before her.

"Boss, th-the company's on the twentieth floor; let's go."

He felt sheepish when he saw how the woman was looking at the building and thought of how his superior was a famous person on Wall Street.


The woman retracted her gaze and stepped into the building in her stilettos.

Tak, tak, tak!

Because she was wearing stilettos, the sound of her steps drew a lot of attention the moment she entered the building lobby.

Everyone present held their breaths when they saw her enter in her bright red dress.

They only returned to their senses once she disappeared in the elevator.

"Wow! That woman's so pretty!"

"Is she a celebrity?"

"I've never seen her on TV!"

Pei Ge did not hear their discussion, but if she did, this woman would also not care as she… was used to it.


The elevator doors opened slowly after reaching the twentieth floor.


She stepped out of the lift.

Wu Wei only thought then of how he had not informed the others at the company about her arrival.

What if those people…

At this thought, he got a little nervous.

He was so stunned by Pei Ge earlier that all thoughts of sending a message back to the company had escaped his mind!

It… seemed a little late to send that message now.

"Boss, boss, I'll open the door for you!"

As he spoke, the assistant hurried to enter the company before her.

The woman raised her brow a little as she regarded the man's back.

The moment the assistant entered the company, he saw that the workers were lax as usual.

More importantly, he clearly heard the receptionists gossiping about his superior!

"Boss is here!" he announced without thinking.

"Huh?" The receptionists paused when they heard his words, but before they could react, and before the man could get them to inform the other employees, Pei Ge walked in with a cold expression.

A sense of doom rose in his heart when he saw her enter the office.

The moment she entered, she looked at the two receptionists and at her new assistant, who currently had an awful expression on his face.

She walked past the front desk and to her office without saying anything.

"Assistant Wu, who is that woman? She's so haughty."

"Yes, she can't be Boss Yu's lover, can she?"

The man rolled his eyes when he heard their words. "You call me assistant, so who do you think I'll be working for?"

The receptionists paused after they heard his question.

"No way! She can't be that person who is worth billions…"

"Regina?! Our new CFO?!"

"He he! What do you think?"

He laughed coldly and hurried after his boss.

Regina was the English name of their new CFO.

The meaning of her name reflected the woman's personality.


This was also how the woman had received the title of iron lady in New York's Wall Street.

No one knew her real name, so everyone called her Regina.

Her background was rather mysterious despite her fame on Wall Street.

Practically no one knew the background of the Chinese woman.

All they knew was that she was a Harvard graduate and that many Wall Street companies wanted to hire her.

That was because there was no mission this woman could not accomplish, nor was there a company… she could not save.

She had a high and a low profile at the same time.

Even though she was rather renowned in New York's Wall Street, she rarely appeared in public.

She never accepted media interviews, burying herself in her work.

One would not know what she looked like if they did not work with her personally.

He himself only found out about her because he had a classmate working in New York's Wall Street.

It was only due to his uncle being one of this company's top brasses that he knew how capable the woman was.

Thus, he knew how formidable the superior he was attached to was.

However, when he saw the woman's looks, he understood at once why the woman was so low profile despite her fame.

That was because the iron lady was too good-looking!

She was so pretty that everyone would overlook her achievements for it.

He believed that was why his superior did not like appearing in public.

At this thought, Wu Wei admired the woman even more.

A woman getting to where she was today not by her looks—that was simply amazing! Formidable!

Still, his new superior was so pretty…

Would his colleagues…

As he thought of this, he suddenly heard a commotion from the office.

Oh, no! Did something bad happen?


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