Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1128 Ping An would probably like this toy.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1128 Ping An would probably like this toy.

Watching the scenery outside the window roll backward, Pei Ge's mind involuntarily drifted to her pair of children.

I wonder how An An and Ran Ran are doing? Do they miss me…

"Ma'am, we've reached the shopping mall."

Wu Wei's voice broke into her thoughts.

She lightly hummed in acknowledgement then opened the door and alighted.

"Ma'am, I can actually purchase what you want for you."

Seeing that she had quickly attracted many people's gazes upon stepping out of the car, the assistant volunteered fawningly.

"No need. I'll shop by myself."

Feeling the gazes of those around her, she raised an eyebrow and took out her sunglasses from her handbag. Putting them on covered half her face.

With that, she made her way to the capital's largest shopping mall in her high heels.

Leaving the assistant behind and entering the shopping mall, she instantly felt a gust of cold air blow toward her.

It had been a while since she last went to a mall to shop.

While overseas, her studies took up most of her free time so she had no time to shop. Afterward, she did not have the time, too, as she was busy with work.

Actually, she felt quite guilty toward her children.

She spent so much of her time working, and this time… she did not even bring them with her to China and came here alone.

"Sigh!" She could not help sighing as she thought of this.

"An An… Ran Ran…"

Mommy misses you guys so much… Once I'm done taking revenge for my parents, I'll definitely quit all my jobs and focus on accompanying you two.


As she was thinking about her two babies, she reached the floor where she could buy kids' stuff.

She stepped out of the elevator once its metallic doors parted open and made her way to the store which had high-end toys.

The brands that could have stores in this shopping mall were all considered high-end goods. The only difference lay in how high-end the shops were.

The particular store she had chosen sold the most expensive children's toys in this entire shopping mall.

One did not have to mention the price, for it was a number the average people could not afford.

For a small and simple Rubik's cube, this brand sold it at a price the average consumers could not think of in their lives.

This brand was nothing to her, though.

When she was overseas, she always ordered toys from this brand for her precious son and daughter.

After thinking about the two today, she could not help but consider buying some toys to send over to them in the US.

"Welcome, ma'am! Is there anything we can assist you with?"

The moment she stepped into this toy store, she was astutely greeted by a lady in pink and blue cartoon uniform.

"No, thanks. I'll take a look myself."

She gave a light smile.

"No problem. Do feel free to ask for assistance anytime." The salesclerk politely smiled at her and then left to gossip with her colleagues.

"Gosh! That customer is so pretty! I saw her up-close and she isn't even wearing any makeup! She looks so beautiful without makeup, and her skin is absolutely flawless, too!"

"Tsk! That woman's face is so flawless; how could she not be wearing makeup? You must've seen it wrongly! Let me tell you; nude makeup these days is so amazing. Having it on will make you look as if you have none at all!"

"It's the truth; it's the truth! She's really not wearing any makeup! How can I not tell if a person has makeup on…"

No matter what these store employees thought about her, the woman in question continued leisurely shopping for toys.

Ran Ran already has this toy doll…

An An doesn't seem to like playing with this…

My baby girl should like this. She loves drawing and loves playing with dolls, so she'll surely like this one as she can put makeup on it…

This… this… My baby boy will definitely like them…

Although both her babies were quite picky, by the time she was nearly done with her shopping, her shopping cart was almost full with toys.


At this point, she spotted a toy resembling a walkie-talkie.

"Miss, this is our company's latest smart toy. It's a cross between a handphone and a walkie-talkie. It can connect to the internet, has a GPS locator, and can let two people within a short distance communicate…"

Hearing the sales staff's introduction of the exquisite-looking toy, she reached out and picked it up.

"It has GPS?"

She was more interested in this function.

"Yes. This works even overseas. As long as your child carries it around, you can enter the official website and use GPS to track the child's location."


She unhesitatingly placed this mini-walkie-talkie into her cart upon hearing that.

After she had placed the second walkie-talkie into her cart, she subconsciously reached out for a third one.

"Ma'am, do you have three kids at home? Are they triplets?"

Three. This number pricked her heart.


She dropped the walkie-talkie in her hand back to its shelf.

Ping An…

My baby…

"M-Ma'am? Are you all right?"

The salesperson questioned with some concern upon seeing her face turning white.

"I-I'm fine."

She tugged at her lip weakly.


The salesclerk found it odd, but as a well-trained employee, she did not pry into the customer's affairs further.

Pei Ge took a deep breath and held the walkie-talkie again.

"Miss, if you have three walkie-talkies, it will be interesting for each of your children to have one while playing games."

"How far is the range of this walkie-talkie? Can one still communicate if it's overseas and the other is here?"

This question stumped the salesperson who had been trying hard to promote the item. "Um… That's probably unlikely."

Despite that, she still bought three walkie-talkies in the end.

She tightly held one walkie-talkie in her hand. This one was of a bright green color, which resembled the color of grass.

Its color perked her mood, making anybody looking think of a life thriving with energy.

Ping An… would definitely like this, wouldn't he?


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