Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1129 Daddies and Mommies in the Toy Store
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1129 Daddies and Mommies in the Toy Store

In the end, Pei Ge still bought three walkie-talkies.

One blue, one pink, and the last one was green.

After placing the three walkie-talkies in her shopping cart, she reckoned that she had everything she needed and headed to the payment counter.

"Welcome! Mr. Ji, the new toys have arrived today. I'll bring you there to take a look."

Walking past rows upon rows of toys and on her way to the counter, she heard the voice coming from the entrance.

Her footsteps paused when she heard the voice.

Mr. Ji… could it be him?

She instinctively thought of the man whom she had been hating for so many years.

Every time her daughter fell sick and every night that she thought of her dead child, she would think of the man who had caused her children to be in so much pain.

Therefore, even though she did not ask about this man and did not see any news related to him, his face was still etched deeply in her memory…


What on earth are you thinking now?

How could that man appear here in a toy store?

Why would there be such a coincidence?

As she thought of this, she let down her guard and continued pushing the shopping cart toward the payment counter.

What she did not expect, though, was that she was not imagining it.

The man was indeed the person in her heart all these years.


Ji Ziming lightly hummed and followed the store assistant into the toy store.

The two seemed to be in a maze. Even though they were so close to each other, they did not notice each other.

There was a shelf separating the two and blocking them from seeing each other so they did not notice each other's presence.

Tak, tak, tak!


Just like this, they brushed past each other without knowing as a toy shelf separated them.

"Sir, these are the newest arrivals."

By the time the man reached the shelf for the newest toys, the woman had already reached the counter.

"Miss, do you require home delivery since you've bought so many toys?"

Seeing her shopping cart filled with so many toys, the cashier became respectful immediately.

After all, for a person to buy so many toys in their store, she was probably not an ordinary wealthy person!

These toys in the shopping cart cost about sixty to seventy thousand yuan.

Although this was nothing to the rich, one must realize that this amount was spent on mere toys for children.

This should be… considered as an exorbitant amount!

After all, these were just some toys.

"Yes. Can you help me ship them to New York?"

Pei Ge removed her sunglasses and replied in the affirmative as she paid the amount.

Both cashiers were stunned to see her with her sunglasses off.

These respectful and polite cashiers gawked at her.

"Cough!" Seeing that the two were gaping at her, she lightly coughed.

This light cough brought the two back to their senses.

"S-Sorry! We c-can. Our company has stores worldwide… Even if you order the items here, we can ship them to the US.

The two cashiers were blushing from embarrassment.

"In that case, okay."

She nodded and picked up the green walkie-talkie.

"Except for this item, please register all other stuff for me."

"Alright, miss. Will you be paying by card or cash?"

"Card." She proceeded to remove a debit card from her bag and, after signing her name, received a receipt. She then left the store.

Little did she know that, the moment she left the store, a man came chasing after her.

"Pei Ge!"

Ji Ziming, who had been picking up the toys, was stunned to overhear a familiar voice.

By the time he reacted and chased after her, he could already not see a shadow of her among the people who came and went…

"S-Sir? Are you all right?"

The store assistant followed the man and gulped when she saw him acting odd.


He remained silent for a moment before lowering his face and heading back to the toy store.

With quick steps, he walked to the payment counter.

"How does that woman from earlier look like?" he asked out of the blue.

Although the two cashiers thought that the question was absurd, they obediently described the woman to him. After all, the person who was asking was not just anyone.

"That lady looks very beautiful. She has a skinny frame and a beautiful face, just like a celebrity!"

"That's right! In fact, she's prettier than most celebrities!"

The cashiers spoke about the woman with smitten eyes. From their expression alone, one would know how beautiful that lady who had just left.

Hearing their description of the woman, the light in his eyes dimmed.

It's not her… It's not my… Pei Ge.

"Oh, right! That lady's name is nice as well!"

"Right! Her name is…"

For some reason, his heart was again in his mouth.

"Regina—a queen!"

"She seems to be of mixed race!"

When he heard the name, his heart sank deeper.

This time around, he was very certain that it was his illusion earlier.

She was not the one he had been looking for.

After experiencing hope and disappointment all together, he despondently headed back to the shelf filled with toys.

It could either be a coincidence or fate, but he happened to stand before the self Pei Ge had taken the walkie-talkies earlier.

"Sir, our newest toys, these walkie-talkies, are pretty convenient! Why don't you buy one for you child? The lady earlier bought three of them!"

For reasons unknown, Ji Ziming's hand instinctively reached out for a pair of walkie-talkies after hearing the store assistant's words.

It was a walkie-talkie with a light-green shade.


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