Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1132 Sister, if only you were my mommy!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1132 Sister, if only you were my mommy!

"Mommy, I really miss you…"

Pei Ge was stunned by the voice coming from the walkie-talkie.

For some reason, her heart palpitated at the sound of this childish and pure voice.

"Mommy, I'll be very obedient. When will you come and visit me?"

Hearing no reply, the child on the other end began talking to himself again.

"Bad uncle lied again…"

Sensing the immense disappointment in the child's voice, her heart hurt inexplicably.

She picked up the walkie-talkie and gave the unknown child a reply.

"Cough. Hello."

She felt slightly awkward to talk to this child whom she did not know.

Although she had two children, she was not very good with them.

If she were her usual self, given her personality, she would probably not reply, but without knowing why, she could not bear to ignore the child, especially when she detected the disappointment in his voice.


The child clearly cheered up at her reply.

"W-Who are you? Are you my mommy? Could it be that the bad uncle didn't lie to me?"

The child was getting excited, the disappointment in his voice disappearing.

"Cough. No, I'm not your mother."

When the child sounded brighter, her lips upturned a little.

"Oh, so you're not mommy…" The child was again disappointed when he heard that, but before she could console him, the tender voice asked inquisitively, "Then, who are you?"

Her heart nearly melted into a puddle of water at his question.

"Who is your mommy? Is she not by your side?"

"Yes… She isn't."

Pei Ge felt her heart being squeezed by an invisible hand when she perceived the child's despondency.

"Why isn't your mommy by your side?"

"…Baby's grandparents don't like my mommy, so they don't let her visit me."

Hearing the child's answer, she immediately thought of problems between in-laws of wealthy families.

"I miss mommy slightly, though. My grandparents and daddy may be nice to me, but I still miss her terribly…"

The childish voice seemed to be filled with endless grievances when that was said.

Just by listening to him, she could imagine a fair, tender little bun pouting his lips and looking at her with watery eyes and an aggrieved face.

"Be good, Baby. You can tell your grandparents about your idea; as long as you tell them that you miss your mom, they will definitely let you see her." She comforted the little child, sympathizing with him.

Although she did not know the child's family's matter, how could a child not have his mother?

At this thought, she was reminded of her two babies.

She just left them so suddenly to come here in China. Were her two babies like this little child, who was feeling so anxious?

"My mommy told me to be obedient when I come to my grandparents' house, though; if not, my daddy won't want me…"

For some reason, Pei Ge felt unhappy after hearing that.

She frowned instantly.

At that moment, she was really upset.

How could a mother say such a thing to her child?

What did she mean by his father not wanting him?

Did that woman not know how much hurt that kind of words would bring to her child?

"No. You're so obedient; why won't your father want you?"

She gently comforted him as though she were speaking to her children.

"All parents in the world love their children. Your father won't dislike you if you say that you wanna see your mother."

These gentle words of hers seemed to have touched the little child's heart.

He paused for a moment before replying, "…Sister, you're so good. If only you were my mommy, that would be wonderful."

She was stunned to hear the little child say that.


Was this little child not missing his mommy? Why did he suddenly say something like that to her?

"Can I still talk to you next time?"

Perceiving the little child's enthusiasm, she instinctively nodded in agreement. "Of course."

"He he! Then, this shall be our secret channel!"

The little baby chuckled on the other end of the walkie-talkie.


Just as she finished speaking, she heard an elderly voice come from the other end.

"Granny's precious, who are you talking to? It's so late; sleep soon!"

Hearing the voice, she could not help but frown.

The voice sounded a bit familiar…

"Sister, let's continue tomorrow! I'll go to sleep now!"

Before she could reply to the child, the green light on the walkie-talkie darkened and turned red again.

"Good night…"

Pei Ge rubbed the side of the walkie-talkie.

At this moment, she was feeling disappointed and excited.

She could not understand exactly where these feelings came from, but she was clear about something, and that was that she was fond of the child called Baby.

Also, she was looking forward to the walkie-talkie's light turning green tomorrow so she could talk to that child again.

"Is this because I'm missing my children too much?"

She mumbled and thought of her two children.

"It must be that I'm missing An An and Ran Ran a lot…"

She had only left her two children for less than a week, yet she was already missing them this much…

Her children must be missing her, too…

It seemed that she needed to hurry up!

Those people were not worthy of her precious time. She did not want to waste too much time on them!


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