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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1133 The game starts now.

Minghao's employees never expected for a simple walkie-talkie issue to make them fall from heaven to hell.

Several employees chose to work at this company because the superiors here were known for treating their subordinates well.

Unfortunately, their new CFO seemed to bring about a great reversal to how things were done here!

For the first time, they had a taste of working overtime due to the influx of projects.

These employees, who had never been troubled by any major task, were now all… baffled.

Although they did not know what was the catalyst for this reversal, all the employees felt… motivated!

Despite sporting dark circles under their eyes, they looked very spirited.

It was not because they were masochists but because, after their new CFO took to office, she gave them hope like never before.

This hope caused them to overflow with motivation.

Although several older employees were unused to the work process and even made a fuss about it, they were silently settled by Pei Ge.

This caused the remaining employees to trust her capabilities.

Those who initially judged their new CFO were now respectful to her.

After introducing the massive reforms, she became Minghao's idol.

"Doesn't our queen seem to be getting more and more beautiful?"

"True, true! Especially yesterday when she closed that deal regarding the construction of a commercial building, she looked really cool! I've never seen a woman cooler than her!"

"What to do? I feel that our company's Boss Yu can't hold a candle to the queen!"

"Pfft! Honestly, I share your thoughts. I think our big boss's position should be swapped with the queen's. He feels more like our queen's assistant!"

"Regina, you rule! You've just assumed office a few days ago, yet you've already snatched such juicy meat from Pei Family Real Estate."

At this moment, the person those employees were disparaging as a loser and Pei Ge's assistant was sitting on the sofa in Pei Ge's office while marveling over her capabilities.

Frankly speaking, just based on Yu Youli's appearance, he truly looked like a loser and nothing like this woman's superior. HInstead, he was just like what the others were saying about him, the new CFO's sidekick.

Despite wearing a fitting black suit and a Rolex watch worth millions, he could not pull off everything he was wearing with his charisma.

His face too could easily be passed off as one that belonged to a loser.

Neither his looks nor charms were outstanding.

Sitting before her desk, the woman looked up and raised a brow at the man.

"Weren't you planning to travel overseas?"

The man finally smiled once she responded to him.

"Seeing that you're about to act, I decided not to leave in the meantime. After all, I'm your boss."

Hearing this man's words, she raised a brow and put down her pen.

"But you not leaving is of no use to me."

"Pfff! Regina, your mouth is really… Who is whose boss?"

Her words did not infuriate him; instead, he started bantering with her.

"Alright, boss. Nothing really concerns you here; you should just go anywhere that you like."

"Don't mind me! I'm only here to watch the fun! He he!"

The man felt slightly awkward when the woman shooed him away.

"What you had done this time caused quite a stir, though. Everyone knows that the Pei family has been eyeing that commercial building project long ago, so it's basically been treated as theirs for the taking…"

Having said this, he got curious.

This project was already written with half of that family's name.

How did she manage to snatch it from that family?

"How did you do it? This time, the Peis are going to be angered to death by you! Ha ha! This project was supposed to be theirs for the taking!"

Pei Ge curled her lips as a cold glint flashed past her eyes.

"This is just the beginning."

Pei Zhenghui and Liu Yan, all that they owed to her parents, she would get them back one by one!

Taking her father's company and harming her parents, she would let them know that they could receive retribution for that!

She would definitely make them regret doing such things in the first place!

While the atmosphere on her side was quite jovial, it was the opposite on the Pei Family Real Estate.

Just as what Yu Youli had said, the Pei family was almost angered to death by her.

"Shishi, what's going on here? Didn't you say that the project is ours? Why was it snatched by that upstart company, then?!"

There was not much difference between the Pei Zhenghui from five years ago and five years later.

It seemed that he appeared even more well-spirited five years later.

On the other hand, Pei Shishi appeared time-beaten compared to five years ago.

Back then, she was beautiful and youthful—brimming with arrogance; now, she no longer had that youthfulness and her eyes were not as bright as before.

Those eyes, which used to teem with liveliness and arrogance, were only full of dullness and vicissitudes.

It was clear that her life had not been great these past few years.

"Dad, I… I have no idea as well. Mr. He clearly told me that the project belongs to us—"

Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by a teacup being thrown at her by her father.

"Useless! Don't give me so many excuses!"


The teacup smashed onto her.

Other than a soft moan, she did not show any expression, and there was only numbness in her eyes.


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