Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1138 A Happy and Sweet Four-person Family
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1138 A Happy and Sweet Four-person Family

"Hey, listen! Whether you have children or are married, I still like you!"

His words echoed in her ears. From the sincerity and seriousness in it, she could tell that the man was speaking the truth.

However, the more he acted like this, the stronger her displeasure became.

In her eyes, this Casanova was a slipshod.

After all, he did not recognize that she was that Little Chili from before.

To him, she was merely a stranger he had just met, yet he was already confessing to her in such a high-key manner.

Moreover, his morals while confessing were non-existent!

No matter how serious he was with his words, this sincerity was unable to touch her heart.

Rather, it made her feel speechless and disgusted with him.

The two of them were fortunately in a remote place under a tree instead of a visible place like the door entrance.

Pei Ge was used to waiting here for her assistant to drive over and back home.

Hence, as there were not many people nearby, she unhesitatingly displayed her anger.

"Hur hur. Whether I am married or have children, you will still like me, huh?"

She coldly smirked at him.

The man was wearing an English suit today, and this made him look very suave.

His elaborate hairstyle, coupled with his uniquely fluttering eyes, accentuated his suaveness and was more appealing than the male idols seen on TV.

This was also why numerous women still fought to jump into his arms despite knowing that he was a womanizer.

"That's right; my love for you is real."

Her words made his eyes lit up at once, mistakenly believing that he had a chance with her.

Unfortunately, her next words totally crushed that bit of hope inside him.

"Real? Hur!" Her lips curled up into a sardonic smile as she regarded him icily.

"Pardon me for asking, Mr. Mu, but why do you like me?"

"From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew that you're the one I've always been waiting for."

Without thinking, these words came from his mouth.

This was not his first time speaking such mushy words, but it was truly his first time saying such words with sincerity.

Still, it was clearly ineffective when used to this woman.

"The moment you laid your eyes on me? Don't you know that the supposed 'love at first sight' is merely a very superficial phenomenon of one person liking the other because of their outward appearance? How laughable. What kind of sincerity is this?"

She had always thought this regarding his profession of love.

This man liked only her appearance and not her per se.

Unfortunately for this man, she hated those who judged people by their looks.

"It's not like that; it's not like that at all. I definitely don't like you for your looks alone."

He quickly waved his hands and tried to explain himself.

"It's not because of your looks; I… have actually seen many pretty women, but none of them gave me the feeling you do."

Perhaps, the supposed 'love at first sight' was indeed a mere liking of another's features, but he knew deep down that his was not merely restricted to her looks.

He could not explain this feeling, but it was definitely not the woman's looks.

"Whether you believe me or not, I still want to tell you that I like you not for your looks."

He stared at her with utmost sincerity.

Who was he? As the famous Young Master Mu, what kind of beauties had he not seen? How could he be that superficial…

"You might not believe me, but from the moment I saw you, I found you to be very familiar. We've clearly never met before, yet I feel as though we should know each other. Maybe… we knew each other in our past lives."

Hearing this, Pei Ge finally understood which wire inside this Casanova's brain did not connect in the right way.

She could not help but roll her eyes inwardly there and then. Of course, she was still apathetic outwardly.

Fine! Turns out this Casanova didn't recognize me but still found me familiar, and that's why he mistakenly took this feeling for love.

The corner of her lips involuntarily twitched at the thought.

She had truly never met someone as dumb as this guy.

"Mr. Mu, the feelings you have for me are merely your imagination."

Upon saying her piece, she already did not want to continue entangling with him, but it could not be helped that Wu Wei had not arrived yet.

"It isn't. How could these feelings be merely my imagination?"

She suddenly felt a little frustrated seeing that he was about to keep arguing with her on the topic.

She had intended to avoid anyone related to Ji Ziming during this trip back.

The deeper the person's relation to that man, the more she did not want to get into contact, yet she was actually this unlucky.

She had only been back for a few days, yet she had already met with that man's childhood best friend. Moreover, she was even getting pestered by him.


She frowned and raised her hand to shut him up.

It might be a product of the air she had culminated over the years, but the moment she did this, the man actually obediently stopped talking, swallowing the rest of his words.

"I am uninterested in your feelings at all, and I truly don't care what you feel for me, so excuse me, but I definitely won't reciprocate them in any way."

She unilaterally declared once she saw him stop talking.

"If you truly like me, then please stay far away from me. Your worldview is skewed, but mine isn't.

"I have a family and children. I don't want my family to end up in unhappiness because of you."

With that, she fished out her phone from her bag and pulled out a photo from inside.

The photo showed a happy and sweet family of four.


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