Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1142 Ran Ran really likes that uncle earlier.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1142 Ran Ran really likes that uncle earlier.

"Daddy, I want to eat some ice cream!"

She froze at the sight of the father-son pair, who resembled each other greatly.

She had never thought that they would meet this soon and even under such circumstances.


The icy yet handsome man lightly hummed and walked in her direction.

She subconsciously returned to her seat and faced her back to the man.

One step after another, she heard his footsteps getting closer to her. Correspondingly, her heart pounded faster and faster.

She did not know what was up with her. Clearly, she should loathe this man a lot and should only feel hate when she saw him, yet why was it that, when she did see him again, what she felt more inside was… nervousness?

"Daddy, I want to have the strawberry flavor."

"Du Wen, go buy one for him."

"Yes, sir."

As she heard the voices behind her, her heart was in a complicated mess, and she could not explain it.

That man's child is already so big…

True. Back then, Qiao Jingyun got pregnant at the same time that I did.

They are so in love, so they must've given birth to the child.

He must love this kid a lot, or else with his temper, he wouldn't bring his kid out to an amusement park…

As she thought of this, she could not help but feel a little sour inside.

Her children had never even seen their father before. They had never gotten any paternal love from their biological father.

"Mommy, mommy, what's wrong with you?"

Feeling a little desolate inside, she suddenly heard her precious child's call and immediately regained her senses.

Sucking in a deep breath, she held up the tablet PC and smiled at her two babies affectionately.

"Nothing. Mommy's stomach was feeling a little bad earlier."

She told them in an exceptionally affectionate voice.

She owed them too much. As they did not receive a father's love, she should give them more of her love as a mother…

"An An, Ran Ran, what else do you want to play?"

Afraid that the man would notice her, she put on her earpiece before asking her children that in a hushed voice.

However, no matter how soft she spoke, her affectionate voice still attracted the man's attention.


Ji Ziming frowned a little. For some reason, he found this gentle female voice exceptionally and inexplicably familiar.

He did not know why, but an unexplainable feeling rose in his heart, which made him walk over.

Hence, following his heart, he stood up and turned around…

"Mommy, the uncle opposite you is so handsome."

As she chatted with her two precious babies, her entire person instantly froze the moment she heard that.

Is An An talking about Ji Ziming?!

C-Could it be that he noticed me?

How's that possible?! I look totally different now.

Also, because of that accident, my voice is also slightly different now…

He couldn't have recognized me!

Despite determining this inside, she still felt a little nervous.

"Mommy, that uncle is walking toward us!"

Her daughter's excited voice made her body turn stiffer.

She was feeling very complicated now.

Inside, there was a vague sense of happiness that he recognized her, but the overarching feeling she had was hope that he would fail to identify her.

This was because, if the man were to recognize her, she might end up being embroiled in countless troubles.

Among those, her pair of precious children would be the first.

Now, all she felt was extreme nervousness.

At this moment, she was considering if she should run away from him before he could approach her.

Alas, a familiar voice saved her from her capricious situation.


When she heard this extremely gentle female voice, her heart froze again.

"You and our son are here, huh. You guys made me look all over!"


"Why are you here?"

Her lips curled into a cold smirk as she listened to this family of three's conversation.

Hur hur!

Pei Ge, look at what you were thinking just then.

Hasn't the past taught you anything? Are you still feeling hopeful toward him now?!

Don't forget; it's because of them that you lost a child and your precious daughter has such a weak body now!

Her hands balled tightly into fists as the nervousness and hope she felt transformed into icy coldness.

She stood up and, without a backward glance at the family of three, quickly walked out of this ice-cream shop.

"Mommy, what's wrong? You're making Ran Ran worry…"

The girl's innocent voice called her thoughts back.

"Baby… don't worry. Mo-Mommy probably just has a stomachache…"

She quickly consoled her precious daughter, feeling remorseful for not controlling her emotions, which ended up scaring her two babies.

"Mommy, it's all my fault for making you eat ice cream…"

"It's not. Mommy's stomach is hurting because I ate a lot. It's not because of the ice cream."

She smiled gently to the camera. Her expression was so gentle that it seemed capable of solidifying water.

After numerous consolations, her daughter finally let out a smile again.

"That uncle earlier is so handsome! I don't know why, but Ran Ran really likes him!"

After getting in the car, she was about to return home to rest and reorganize her thoughts and feelings when she heard her daughter say that.

That remark about liking the man caused her heart to tremble.

Could this be… their blood ties talking?

Her babies clearly did not know that the man was their biological father, yet they were still inexplicably drawn to him…

"Also, also! That little brother the uncle brought along is very cute! I like him a lot, too!"


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