Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1143 Could this be the nature of blood connections?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1143 Could this be the nature of blood connections?

"Also, also! That little brother the uncle brought along is very cute! I like him a lot, too!"

Little Ran Ran's words made her burst into laughter.

"Why isn't it older brother but little brother, instead?"

"Because I want a little brother!"

Her daughter pouted at her hopefully.

Pei Ge shook her head in amusement at the girl's adorable look, feeling despondent inside.

Actually, if she counted, there was the possibility of that little boy being her daughter's little brother.

After all, she had given birth to them prematurely…

At this point, she could not help recalling the scene she had coincidentally witnessed earlier.

As she was too flustered, she did not see the child's looks very clearly.

Still, one look was enough for her to feel that the little boy resembled Ji Ziming…

Despite it being just a quick glimpse, she did not feel any aversion toward the child.

In fact… thinking about it now, she seemed to quite like the child.


She fell silent at this point.

Perhaps… this was because he was still a child and was the same age as her pair of children.


Just as she was thinking of this, she heard Little Ran Ran's cute yawning.

"Are you feeling sleepy?"

She quickly returned to herself and noted that it was already past 11 PM.

According to their usual schedule, her two babies should already be deeply asleep in Lalaland at 10 PM.

"My babies, hurry and go sleep. It's mommy's fault for not noticing that it's already this late."

She frowned lightly and urged her two children to go to sleep.

"But brother and I still want to talk to you a little."

The girl pouted and looked at her with a pitiful look.

Beside the girl, although Little An An behaved like a young adult, his dark and bright eyes were also filled with longing.

She felt her heart squeeze at the sight of her two precious children being reluctant to part with her.

In comparison to Ji Ziming's blissful family of three, she was filled with self-reproach.

Her two precious babies already did not have a father by their side, yet, as their only kin, she was also not by their side…

"You two, quickly go to sleep. Mommy will tell you a bedtime story."

She tugged her lips into a smile.

I must act faster now.

There's only so much time in a lifetime; I can't waste all my precious time on those people.

After silently making this decision, she proceeded to give all her affections and warmth on her two children as she gently told them a bedtime story.

"…In the end, the prince…"

Seeing that both children were sound asleep, she quickly stopped speaking and smiled.

On the screen, the bedroom lights had already been dimmed.

Through the dim lighting, she watched her two kids sleep with their heads touching and felt her heart nearly melt at their cuteness.

Right now, she truly wanted to return to their side.

"Babies… mommy loves you two."

With glistening eyes, she gently lowered her head and planted a kiss on the PC screen. It was as if, by doing so, she could transmit her kiss to the children.

That's why mommy will quickly settle the enemies who hurt your grandparents. Once I snatch back what is ours, I will go back…

Curbing the gentleness on her face, she ended the video call. Her gentle features then morphed into a sharp and cold expression.

"What's going on with the Pei Family Real Estate now?"


Wu Wei was unable to react to the cold voice in time.

The contrast between her being so gentle to the point of melting one's heart and her being icy was too stark.

"Any moves on the Peis' side."

Her cold gaze was fixed onto him.


Her gaze jolted him out of his thoughts.

"While the Peis aren't making any moves on the surface, their PR department's Manager Pei is actually preparing for a new project…"

Pei Ge narrowed her eyes at this as a cold glint flashed in them.

"Pei Shishi…"

The assistant could not help but shiver in fear when he heard this light murmur.

Our CFO and the Pei family's manager have the same surname; are they related?

Also, I don't know if I'm getting a wrong vibe, but I feel that our CFO is purposely targeting that real-estate company…

"Continue monitoring the Pei Family Real Estate. Don't relax your surveillance."

With that, the woman closed her eyes and lay her back against the seat to rest.

He did not dare to disrupt her rest and only tried to make the car steadier.

On the surface, she seemed to have gone to sleep.

However, in fact, she did not feel the least bit sleepy.

All she could think of was the Pei family.

She did not take note of anything related to Ji Ziming in these five years.

She had always been monitoring her relatives' situation.

In fact, before she returned to the country, she had her uncle's family investigated thoroughly.

In these five years, the Pei family did not crumble totally, but it was no longer a rising star like it used to be.

Moreover, her cousin's life had completely fallen apart.

Following her and her mother's departure, her uncle's family did not end up well.

She did not know whether it was Egger or Gu Zhengrong who had handled it, but Liu Yan, who had run over her mother with a car, could not escape a life in prison.

In fact, her sentence had become much more severe. Even if the Pei family was willing to bribe the judges, her aunt still had to serve a few years of prison sentence.

As for her cousin, she ended up without her unruly and unreasonable mother. Pei Shishi's father divorced her mother, who was still in prison, and married a scheming young lover about her age.

When she returned home, other than having to face her stepmother who was not that much older than her, she even… had a younger brother from a different mother.

The poor woman only knew then that her father had long ago betrayed their family.

The most pitiful thing was that, after all her scheming against others, she ended up losing to her stepmother.

Her life at the Pei family became more arduous. From being the company heir, she could only end up being a poor PR manager who had to drink with clients to clinch deals…


Thinking about this, Pei Ge smirked.

That's retribution! This is why people shouldn't do evil deeds.

Her lips curled into a sardonic smile. When she opened her bright eyes again, they glinted darkly.

Still, that isn't enough.

My father and mother were harmed so badly by them.

How could this much retribution be enough?

I'll make them end up with nothing!

I'll make them regret ever treating dad and mom like that!


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