Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1144 Baby“s daddy does not like Baby“s mommy.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1144 Baby“s daddy does not like Baby“s mommy.

Once back home, Pei Ge went through and revised her revenge plan again. In the blink of an eye, it was already night.


Relaxing her body and letting out a big yawn, she got up and made her way to the kitchen.

She opened the double-door fridge, retrieved a bottle of mineral water, and returned to her study.

Just as she opened the bottle cap, the walkie-talkie in her study vibrated.

Zzt… zzt… zzt…

The buzzing and blinking red and green lights were telling her that that mysterious child had contacted her again to talk.

Taking a small sip of water, she placed the bottle aside and strode over to the walkie-talkie.

Shortly after she grabbed it, a cute voice came through.

However, the tender voice today was a little different from usual.

The child's voice was usually happy or excited, but today, his voice was filled with… sadness and dejection.

"Sister Hani… I-I think I did something wrong…"

This dejected and sad voice made her frown on reflex.

"What's wrong, Baby? Did something happen?"

She felt her heart squeeze as she revealed a concerned look.

"I… I am very sad today…"

The little baby from the walkie-talkie started crying piteously after saying that.

She felt her heart crumbling as she listened to the child's crying.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying? Didn't you go to the amusement park with your dad today? Did something happen there?" she quickly asked in a fluster. She could not understand it. This little child was so excited about going to the amusement park today with his father, yet he was this sad now. She did not get what was going on.

"I-I, today, told mommy… where daddy and I were so she also came…" said the boy between tears.

This only made her feel more confused.

Isn't it better if the family of three went to the amusement park together?

Why is this boy crying, then?

"Baby, isn't it good that your daddy and mommy brought you to the amusement park together?" she gently consoled. However, unexpectedly, the gentler she was with him, the more sorrowful the child cried.

"Wu wu… Baby's daddy… doesn't like Baby's mommy…" softly mumbled the child amid his tears.

His voice was filled with so much sorrow that she felt her heart break.

"Good boy, don't cry…"

Her eyebrows furrowed tightly at the kid's explanation.

She started thinking about how abnormal this child's family was like.

Forget about the baby's grandparents not liking his mother, even his father did not like his mother.

If he did not like the woman, why did he impregnate her and give birth to Baby?

That man is so irresponsible!

"Wu wu… B-Baby can't bear it anymore… wu wu… After daddy saw mommy… once we returned from the amusement park… he did not talk to me again…

"Wu wu… Will he… not want Baby anymore?"

The choking sounds coming from the walkie-talkie were filled with fear. Helpless, she sighed and felt even more dislike toward the child's father.

Even if he doesn't like this child's mother, he shouldn't throw his tantrum on a child.

"He won't, Baby. You're so cute, so your daddy won't throw you away," she gently consoled.

"B-But daddy hasn't talked to me all day… P-Plus, he left immediately after sending me back home."

The child continued crying. His cries gave her the urge to rush to his side, hug him, and console him properly.

"Baby, good boy; don't think too much. Your daddy won't throw you away. He loves you a lot. Good boy!"

As she did not know the situation on the child's side, she could only console him like that.

"Lies. Mommy said that, if I don't properly behave in front of daddy, daddy will be snatched away by other bad women. The bad woman will then give birth to other little brothers and chase me out…"

Perhaps because the child had been frightened by today's event, he seemed to be stuck at a dead end.


Her frown deepened at the little child's fierce and resentful tone.

Inside, she was getting even more suspicious of the child's environment.

This child's parents don't sound very reliable…

Also, what kind of environment and family is he growing up in?!


How could a mother say that to her child?

That would be a huge blow to a little kid.

With a light sigh, her voice turned even gentler.

"Baby, that won't happen. You're so obedient and cute, so your dad won't throw you away. Don't think too much about it. Be a good boy! Sleep properly and your dad will visit you tomorrow."

"Wu wu wu… Is it like that, Sister Hani?"

"Yes. Be good and stop thinking about it…" You are merely a child.

After patiently and gently coaxing him, the boy's emotions finally settled.

Amid her gentle reassurance, the little child, who got tired from crying, slowly fell asleep in bed.

Upon hearing the regular breathing from the walkie-talkie, Pei Ge heaved a sigh of relief.

However, her frown did not relax.

Instead, it deepened.

What kind of family does that kid even have? He should be a carefree little baby, yet…

"Sigh! I really want to meet that child…"

"Ziming, I heard from Du Wen that while you were at the amusement park with your son, Qiao Jingyun showed up; is it true?"


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