Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1145 You fell in love at first sight to a woman you don“t know?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1145 You fell in love at first sight to a woman you don“t know?!

"Ziming, I heard from Du Wen that while you were at the amusement park with your son, Qiao Jingyun showed up; is it true?"

In a private room at Bar Vista.

Mu Heng raised his glass and looked at the man sympathetically.

He knew this childhood friend of his best. If there was one he hated the most, that would be that woman.

Back then, that woman clearly promised to abort the child, yet outside their expectations, she actually disregarded the Qiao family and went against her words. She escaped overseas to give birth to her child in secret!

This was something his best friend, the Ji family, and even the Qiao family did not expect.

However, the most astounding thing was that the child's body had been weak since young.

Upon seeing such a weak child, her best friend's parents could not bear to disregard the poor child.

In a moment of softheartedness, they brought the child back to raise and could not bear to let him go again.

They treated this surprise of a child as a pearl and doted on him.

No matter how disgusted they were toward his mother, they still liked the little fella a lot.

Moreover, that boy won with a crushing victory in the looks department.

He looked very similar to the young Ji Ziming; hence, the man's parents liked him even more.

The love for the house extended even to the crows perching on its roof. The parents still did not like the scheming woman called Qiao Jingyun, but to the Qiao Family, they decided to let them off on account of their precious grandson.

The Qiaos were smug because of this Ji grandson. In the capital, everyone did not dare to offend them because of the boy.

Everyone was clear about one thing inside; even if that woman could not marry into the Ji family, the child she had given birth to still held his father's surname.

"I don't intend to reprimand you, but don't get angry. After all, that woman is our precious baby's mother. Also, he's still so young, so how can he understand the filth of adults?"

Mu Heng sighed lightly while peering at his friend, who had a dark face and was sipping his coffee.

My childhood friend truly has a difficult life!

Why is his life so tough? He clearly has power, influence, and looks, yet why is his love life this arduous?!

Indeed, humans mustn't end up getting caught in troubled love, or else, even a would-be bride will fly away!

"Actually, what I think is that she—"

Before he could finish speaking, the man placed down his cup with a loud thud and turned to look at him with a dark expression.


This dark and dangerous look made him shut his mouth immediately, not daring to mutter a word.

He only dared to speak again upon seeing that his best friend had returned to sipping his coffee and ignoring him.

"Cough, cough, cough! Actually, I understand what you feel now. I know the only reason you haven't made a move against Qiao Jingyun is because you care about your son's feelings, but I must say that he's still so young. Even without his mother, he'll only feel sad and heartbroken for a few days. When he grows up, he'll forget…"

While he chattered incessantly, Ji Ziming's thoughts were actually far from it. In fact, he was not listening to his friend's speech at all.

He had a frown and a complicated look of pondering on his face.

He was not only frustrated because of that woman's sudden appearance today. More than that… it was because of a woman's voice and figure…

Even if the woman's voice and figure seemed very foreign, he still felt an inexplicable agitation inside.

His heart pumped because of it. A long-forgotten heart-thumping assaulted him.

He had only ever felt this way toward Pei Ge… yet it resurfaced today toward a woman whom he did not know, so… it caused him to be exceptionally restless and anxious.

"Ziming? Ziming?"

His friend's voice brought him back from his restless reverie.

"What are you thinking about? Your expression is so serious." Mu Heng asked the man out of curiosity the moment he saw him come out of his thoughts.

Actually, he only asked this casually and did not expect to get a response, but just as he took a sip from his glass, the man spoke.

"Will you feel your heart shake for a foreign voice and figure…"

"Cough—cough, cough, cough!"

He was so frightened that he had a coughing fit the moment he heard this.

A short while later, he recovered himself.

He stared at the man with shock and asked, "Ziming, did you fall for a woman you don't know at first sight?!"

He could not believe what he had just heard. He never expected that this cold best friend of his would actually have such an encounter!

The man's eyebrows furrowed together lightly as he revealed a doubtful look.

Despite not receiving a reply, Mu Heng already guessed his thoughts and feelings just from the doubtful expression on his face.

"That's great! You've finally let go of Pei Ge. That's actually a good thing, too. We should all look forward to it. You can't always linger in your memories."

He was truly feeling very happy for him. After all, he did not want to see him unhappy for the rest of his life because of that woman.

"…I only feel that that woman resembles Pei Ge."

It was the first time he had said that woman's name again after a long time.

That lady's figure and voice were very different from his beloved woman, but the moment he heard her, he immediately recalled Pei Ge's bright smile and expression…

"Why haven't you let go of her yet? She's been gone for five years—a full five years! If she truly loved you, she would come back long ago…"

Seeing how much his best friend had been hurt by love, it was inevitable for him to be biased toward him.

"…No, I've already let her go."

He did let go of waiting for her, but he did not let go of his longing for her.

A thought could make a buddha as easily as it made a demon.

They would meet again one day…


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