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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1146 Plans Change

In a flash, another week had passed.

In a week, Pei Ge's plan had taken another step forward.

They had just started on the previous project that they had snatched from Pei Family Real Estate, yet they had already managed to take another project that that company had set their eyes on.

Those who thought that it was a coincidence the Minghao Group had taken a project from Pei Family Real Estate last time were beginning to realize that they were wrong.

"Useless! Didn't you say that this project would surely belong to us? Why did it end up in the hands of others again!"

Even though the CEO's office had excellent soundproofing, the sound of Pei Zhenghui breaking things and yelling could still be heard from outside.


As she watched her father hurl all things onto the floor, Pei Shishi was dazed and remained unresponsive.

She did not know why and how the competitor had managed to snatch the project from her so easily.

She had clearly done that and had put so much effort in it…

After his outburst, the man looked at his daughter, only to find her spacing out.

He then got even more upset.

Grabbing the only thing left, he threw it at her.

"Argh!" She screamed in pain as the ashtray hit her.

A bruise appeared on her shoulder, which stood out on her fair skin.

"What did you tell me? You said that you'd get this project and make up for our losses last time, but what about this time?! How did someone else take another project from us?!" He yelled at his daughter with a stormy expression and sans a consideration for his relationship with her. Neither did he consider the business deals she had sealed for him.

"You're a big disappointment! Indeed, you're useless just as your stepmom said. We should marry you off earlier!"

Pei Shishi, who was keeping her silence as her father yelled at her, suddenly raised her head and looked at him upon hearing that.

Looking at the slightly aged face, which was twisted in anger, she laughed coldly.

This was her good father.

What a great father.

She put in so much effort in this company, but how did he treat her in the end?

He betrayed her and her mother. Not only did he have an illegitimate son, who was already in elementary school, he even married the boy's sl*t of a mother!

Now, he wanted to kick her out of the company and marry her off without giving her a cent!

He he! No way!

You can keep dreaming!

This company belongs to me, father!

At this thought, her palm pressed on her injured shoulder gently, and a dark light flashed across her eyes.

Perhaps, that plan, it's time to begin it…

My dearest father, you forced me to do this…

"Wu Wei, pass the message down: From here on, maintain a tight hold of the company funds."

In her office, Pei Ge sat before her creamy table with a serious expression on her face.


Hearing such an order from her the moment she came to work, the assistant paused in slight confusion.

As far as he was concerned, the company was in its developing stage. A lot of places and projects needed funding.

"Soon… we'll begin our first acquisition…"

The woman rose from her chair and walked toward the window. Perhaps because of the sun outside, her eyes shimmered.


He was even more confused upon hearing that. Even though Minghao Group was doing rather well, it was not to the point that it would be capable of acquiring other companies yet.

"Pass my message down! I also want to have another meeting."

"Yes, boss."

As he spoke, he left her office.

Looking at the traffic on the road below, she curled her lips into a sardonic smile.

Uncle, cousin… you all must follow the script I've written for you.

After all, that's something I've prepared especially for you guys…


She narrowed her eyes coldly and said, "The game starts now."

I hope your performance is to my expectations.

After all, I've been planning this for a year now.

From the moment she decided to return here, she had started planning her revenge.

Everything that those relatives of hers were going through now were what she had set. Those two were her targets.

Targets of her revenge.

"Let's all… have fun."

However, something outside her estimation, as well as not within her well-crafted plan, cropped up.

That was…

"What did you say?! The Ji Group has issued an invitation for me to attend their commercial gathering?"

In the middle of reading some documents, Pei Ge lost her composure when she received her secretary's report.

"Yes, boss; they've sent an invitation for you."

Seeing the strong reaction of his superior, Wu Wei nodded confusedly.

What's up with her majesty today? Isn't she usually cold and aloof?

Why did she react so strongly when she heard about that conglomerate?

"Return it; I'm not going," she rejected without thinking.

He paused when he heard her willful words.

"Boss, I don't think that's a good idea…"

She knitted her brows tightly when she heard that and spat coldly, "Let the manager of the PR department go then."

"Practically all the attendees are bigwigs from well-known companies and large corporations, though. For a small-scale company like ours to just send our PR manager, that's…"

She knew herself that her assistant's concern was valid as it was indeed inappropriate for a small company like theirs to send only a PR manager to such a prestigious event.

After all, only the bigshots in the commercial world would be attending the conference hosted by the Ji Group.

The Ji Group was giving her a lot of face by sending her an invitation.

"…I understand; I'll be there."


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