Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1147 His interest has been piqued by her.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1147 His interest has been piqued by her.

Late at night.

Pei Ge poured herself a glass of red wine. She sat on the sofa at the patio and sipped her wine quietly.

She raised her head and looked at the dark sky above. There never were stars to look at in the night sky of the capital; all one could see was a city full of neon lights.


She placed her glass gently on the table and picked up the invitation that she had casually left on the couch.


She pursed her lips as she eyed the black and gold embossed invitation, which looked simple yet elegant.

Even though she did not want to meet those people from her past, the capital was really not that big for the rich. Besides, they were in the same field, so it was only a matter of time before they met.

At this thought, her eyes dimmed.

She rubbed her fingers against the invitation in her hand. Feeling friction between her fingers, her heart calmed down.


She smiled, the curves of her lips looking rather mocking.

"What's there to be afraid of? What of them recognizing me?"

She sneered, narrowing her eyes at the invitation between her fingers.

Raising her hand, she picked up the unfinished glass of wine. She shook it gently and finished the last bit of it.

"I'm no longer who I used to be…" she murmured softly, sounding a bit lost.

However, more in her voice was determination.

Just as her best friend said; even if her mother woke up from her coma now, she might not even recognize her, not to mention Ji Ziming and the others.

Besides, even Mu Heng failed to recognize her.

There was nothing to be troubled about, really.

Rather than speculating, she should focus on why a small real-estate company like the Minghao Group would get invited by a big company like the Ji Group.

The Ji Group did not often have business gatherings.

Even if they did, their guest list was restricted to the elites in the nation.

Even though the company she was in now was doing rather well, they still were still far from deserving an invitation.

Why exactly did they get invited…

Mu Heng did not expect the casual favor he had asked of his best friend would lead to her speculation.

Even now, he was still thanking Ji Ziming.

"Have you already had someone send an invitation to Minghao? I should be able to see my goddess tomorrow, right?"

He blinked at his best friend expectantly.

He had not seen Pei Ge since she rejected him last time.

Thus, when he found out that the Ji Group was hosting a business gathering, he made a rather selfish request to his friend.


The man looked away from the documents and glanced at his friend upon perceiving his excitement.


The latter almost whooped in joy when he received the former's confirmation.

It was the first time the man had seen him like this.

"That's great!"

Thinking that he could see his goddess tomorrow, Mu Heng felt warm and happy inside.

Even though he knew that his goddess was married with kids, he still could not stop thinking about her.

"My friend, you're forbidden from stealing my limelight tomorrow."

He threatened the other suddenly as if reminded of something.

Of course, his threat did not have any effect on the other.

"Hey, I'm being serious here. You have enough on your hands already when it comes to romance. You should just try to make yourself look as ugly as possible."

When his friend ignored him, he continued insisting with a smile.

"Also, tomorrow…"

Ji Ziming looked up from his work again when he judged that his friend would keep talking.

"Are you done?"


The latter shrugged with a smile despite knowing that he was a little annoyed.

"Okay! I won't talk to you further! I gotta prepare myself for tomorrow. If I do that, maybe her majesty will see me finally."

"Hurry up and leave, then," he said coolly, tugging at the corner of his lips.

"Tsk. I'll leave even without you chasing me out."

Mu Heng glared at his friend one last time before leaving the office excitedly.

Hearing the door close gently, Ji Ziming paused and looked up.

Because of his best friend, he was beginning to get a little curious about Minghao's newest board member from New York's Wall Street.

"Regina…" he uttered coldly, "has some capabilities, it seems…"

He raised a brow at this thought.

Even if his best friend did not request for him to invite that woman, he might invite her as well.

After all, capable people deserved attention; did they not?

Knock, knock, knock!

He rapped his knuckles on the surface of the study table pensively.

Still, that woman was strange.

Even though he had spent quite some time in New York's Wall Street, he had never interacted with her, nor had he seen her before.

While he had heard about her, he had never seen her in person.

At this thought, the man frowned subconsciously.

He felt like something was off deep down, but he did not pay much attention to her, given that the name was rather unfamiliar to him.

It was just a stranger.

He scoffed lightly, not taking her existence to heart.

He only thought of that woman because he rather admired talented and capable people.

That must be it. He smiled and buried himself in work again.

Little did he expect that he would regret not meeting the woman, whom he had scoffed at, sooner when they finally met…


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