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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1150 Her beauty surpasses all.

Under the moonlight, that figure in red was so beautiful she seemed to be not mortal.

Her beauty took people's breath away and made them marvel.

The red gown wrapped around her tightly and exposed her alluring figure, giving others endless temptation and imagination. The silk's reflection made her fair skin shine even brighter.

The exquisite tailoring and embroidery matched her figure seamlessly. Coupled with her elegance, she looked just like a queen who was sexy yet elegant as she exuded a deterring aura.

The peach makeup and elegantly styled hair, along with the Chanel couture jewelry, made the woman exude a young girl's pure aura.

It was precisely this contrasting aura of hers that made all the guests consider her a beauty beyond words.

"Gosh! That lady, which family does she belong to? She's so beautiful!"

"She shouldn't be from any rich family in the capital, but since she's so pretty, even if she came from overseas, it can't be that nobody knows who she is."

"From her beauty, she must be a celebrity."

Although numerous eyes were on her, as she became the center of attention, the woman did not seem to feel uncomfortable.

The aloofness and calmness on her face made her resemble a queen of ice and snow as she exuded a deterring vibe.

Her appearance surpassed the beauty of all of those present.


Just as everyone was wondering who she was, an excited male voice rang about.

The woman was none other than Pei Ge, and the person calling her was none other than Mu Heng.

In the end, she decided to attend the Ji family's business gathering.

However, since she was contemplating on whether to attend or not, she arrived slightly later.

"You're really beautiful today…"

The man stared at her with bright eyes as though he could not get enough of her.


Seeing his eyes shining brightly as he stared openly at her, she could only exasperatedly roll her eyes inwardly. She then snorted outwardly and walked past him.

He was not bothered by her reaction at all and, instead, followed her like a dog following its owner.

Those who were trying to guess her identity finally did when they saw the man chasing after her.

"Like I said, that woman can't be a socialite. It's clear that she's Young Master Mu's lover whom he brought here."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk! That playboy's taste is getting better. Where did he find such a lady with that figure and face…"

"She's seriously a nonesuch—what a stunner…"

"I don't know when he'll get sick of her…"

"He he! What are you scared of? If you really like her, just go after her. Anyway, that kind of woman only has money in her eyes!"

Pei Ge, of course, saw and heard none of their lewd stares and crude remarks, but the three women clearly did.

The tense atmosphere between them was interrupted by her appearance.

"Wanwan, that woman earlier is so beautiful!"

As someone who went for looks, Mu Jiaqian blinked and sighed to her friend.

Hearing her words, Qu Jingwan nodded lightly but said nothing.

"Also, that man earlier is dashing as well!"

It was not the woman's fault for saying that, for Mu Heng really outdid himself today!

The man in an all-black Burberry tuxedo with a wrinkle-collared white shirt looked just like a noble prince as he exuded an unspeakable sense of elegance.

The well-fitting cut perfectly showcased the man's tall build and the wrinkle-collared white shirt made him appear more romantic and gentlemanly.

Coupled with his charming smile and electrifying eyes, he looked dashing to say the least.

As someone who strictly went for the looks, the woman did not recognize the dashing man as the well-known player in the capital.

Seeing her friend suddenly showing interest in that playboy, Qu Jingwan frowned.

Although she did not know the guy well, she was clear about how much that young master liked fooling around, especially so with girls.

However, before she could remind her tactfully, the woman standing next to them laughed.

"I think that Miss Mu won't be able to handle that man."

Qiao Jingyun laughed, and though she did not wear a mocking expression, her gentle and soft way of speaking made Mu Jiaqian feel that she was being… belittled.

"What has this got to do with you, a shameless b*tch?!"

She was again infuriated. Even if she was average in terms of looks, this woman was in no position to mock her!

"I'm just giving you advice out of good will. After all, that man is our capital's well-known Young Master Mu. Just look at how pretty his partner is!"

Hearing that, Mu Jiaqian was slightly stunned.

"Y-Young Master Mu?!"

She did not expect that the man, who had made her heart skip a beat, was that notorious playboy whom she looked down on the most!

"How could it be him?! D*mn it! His face is wasted on him!"

Seeing her getting so agitated, a glint flashed across Qiao Jingyun's eyes as she thought of a plan…


Mu Heng sneezed as he followed Pei Ge to make sure that other houseflies would not pester his goddess.

He had thought about it carefully over these past few days. As long as he could see his goddess every day, he would be satisfied.

After all, people who are can definitely not get together!

Just look at my friend, Ji Ziming, and one will know!

What he did not know was that his act of guarding this woman would cause her to be plunged into a bloody fight.


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