Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1152 Sugar daddy? This queen is that sugar daddy!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1152 Sugar daddy? This queen is that sugar daddy!

"You! This woman here, why are you so evil? What has my brother done to you to incur your wrath? Why are you doing this to him?! You're such a vicious woman!"

Seeing the woman's cheeks getting puffy from anger, Pei Ge felt a headache coming on.

She really regretted coming to this business gathering now.

"This lady here, please be more respectful when you speak," she coldly said, looking at the woman preventing her from leaving.

The fury in Mu Jiaqian's heart raged when the other regarded her coldly.

She was already feeling displeased at this woman and Mu Heng to begin with, and after hearing what the others said about this woman's evil deeds, she lost any sense of cordiality toward her.

Now, she was piqued when she saw her brother being kicked by this woman.

Her brother was the best in every way to her; therefore, the person in the wrong must be this woman who was devoid of any merit except for her beauty!

"Hmph! Respect! This lady here, you do know such a word as respect? Then, you should know that, in order for others to respect you, you must become someone worthy of others' respect first!"

Pei Ge was instantly angered yet amused by the lady's words.

"To become someone worthy of others' respect?"

She scoffed and looked at the man standing up and this lady.

Looking at this pair of slit-eyed siblings, she was so infuriated that she laughed.

"That's right! A gold digger who betrays her body for money isn't worthy of anyone's respect!"

Seeing the smile of her face, Mu Jiaqian felt that this woman did not have a bit of shame.

"What's your name?"

Pei Ge kept her smile as she stared at the lady coldly.

It had been a really long time since she was last insulted.

"Hmph! What now? Are you going to complain to your sugar daddy? Let me tell you: I'm not scared! Whether I travel or stay at home, I don't change my name, and that is Mu Jiaqian!"

The lady lifted her chin in extreme arrogance.

She pouted her lips as she shot the lady and her brother a disdainful glance.

"It turns out to be Fangxin Food's Mu family."

"Are you scared now?"

The lady was pleased when she saw that the woman knew about her family.

However, before she knew it, her face felt as though it had been slapped in the next second.

"Afraid?" Pei Ge scoffed and looked at her mockingly.

"I, Regina, have long forgotten how to write the word 'afraid'."

Other than her children, nobody else had the right to make her feel afraid!

The moment she mentioned her name, it caught the attention of several business elites who were well-informed.

"Regina? This name sounds familiar."

"Aye. Isn't it the name of the CFO who was recently hired by the Minghao Group?"

"Aye, it indeed is!"

"It can't be! That small-time company can even receive the Ji family's invitation? Stop joking!"

Everyone's hushed conversations drifting to their ears made the siblings frown.

"Really funny. Your family is just a nouveau riche, and now you have the guts to threaten me; don't know if I should say that you're silly or dumb."

Mu Jiaqian, who was contemplating if she had made a mistake, instantly raged when she heard her mockery.

Logic escaped her this instant.

"What 'nouveau riche'?! Who are you talking about?! You're just a gold digger who sleeps around; how dare you speak to me like this?!"

"My heart really aches for your grandfather. After painstakingly making a name for himself for two generations, the youngsters from his family's third generation turns out to be so… stupid."

Her heart was filled with fury at Pei Ge's insulting words.


Nevertheless, the latter did not give her any chance to speak. Instead, she walked to her.

Since she was taller than the lady and was in her high heels, her presence was much more imposing when she stood before the lady.

She bent down slightly and looked at the lady coldly.

"Open your eyes and see who I am."

As she said this, she stood upright. Her fingers then flicked her hair and casually showed the bracelet on her wrist.

The luster of it immediately caught the eyes of many.

Since everyone was attracted to her face, they only noticed what she was wearing now.

This time around, many people finally understood brands sought catwalk models who were not that good-looking for apparels as the models' beauty would overshadow their creations.

With the light shining on it, Pei Ge's diamond bracelet shimmered even brighter. Those with keen eyes soon noticed that the item on her wrist was not just a bracelet.

It was a watch, too.

"Eh? Isn't that Graff Diamonds' The Hallucination?"

"It couldn't be that! How could it be? How could a mere gold digger wear something so expensive?"

Seeing that there were people who had guessed where her watch had come from, she calmly kept her hand.

"Miss Mu, let me tell you; the value of Graff Diamonds' watch on my left hand is enough for me to buy three to four private islands in the Caribbean Sea."

She curled the corners of her lips. Although Pei Ge seldom showed off her wealth and found it meaningless to do so, she knew that if she did it more often in China, it was beneficial to her.

At least, when she showed off something like this, nasty comments about her would become fewer.

"So what? Jewelries like that must've been bought for you by your sugar daddy!" Mu Jiaqian pursed her lips tightly.

She was confident that this woman merely relied on men to be where she was today.

Seeing how stupid the woman was being, Pei Ge raised a brow in impatience.

"Which sugar daddy do you think will give a woman an accessory worth more than three hundred million?"


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