Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1154 Luckily, the children do not look like him.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1154 Luckily, the children do not look like him.

"Because today is the day that the Ji family is going to announce my engagement with Ji Ziming."

The pair of siblings was totally stunned by this news.

They had not expected this. Qu Jingwan had waited for a full four years, yet she was still unable to marry into the Ji family. There was even no sign of any engagement.

Even if everyone knew that she was someone the man's parents acknowledged as their future daughter-in-law, it was merely that. She had not received any acknowledgment for the past four years.

Now, out of nowhere, she was about to be publicly recognized as the Ji family's daughter-in-law!

"Is this for real?!"

Mu Jiaqian looked at her in disbelief, feeling as though she were dreaming.

Standing beside her, her brother's eyes dimmed slightly upon hearing this.

"Of course, it's true, or else why do you think that woman, who usually stayed put, would do such a thing?"

Her lips curled up. Although she had a gentle smile on her face, her voice was ice-cold.

"Huh? So why does that woman want to plot against me and brother, and who exactly is that Regine? Why were you so polite with her? Aren't you already the Ji family's young madam?"

Her friend blinked. When she mentioned those women, her face was filled with fury.

She used to hate only Qiao Jingyun; now, adding to that list was that Regina.

"You even dared to mention it. You guys almost did me in."

She shook her head helplessly, feeling slightly relieved. "That woman isn't simple. My… brother went to New York for an extended period before and met her. According to him, she's truly a formidable character. When he heard that she had assumed the position of Minghao Group's CFO, he told me to take note of my actions and never to offend her."

As she spoke, she looked at the dumbfounded siblings and repressed the impatience she felt.

"Now, she's Mu Heng's apple of the eye. Think about it; if you guys offended that woman and made the whole situation blow up, it's not just your family that would meet a terrible end. Even for me, there might be changes to today's banquet."

It was lucky that she had appeared just in time and her attitude was humble enough.

Otherwise, Qiao Jingyun might have truly succeeded in her plans.

Today's engagement was arranged without notifying Ji Ziming.

If an accident occurred, he would have a reason to reject his parents' arrangement.

"Huh? That woman is that capable?"

"Yes. She's a mere woman. What can she do to our family?"

The Mu siblings clearly did not believe that the woman they had just offended was actually this capable.

She did not want to waste her breath on these two who clearly refused to believe her.

"Anyway, just take note of it. Next time, definitely never ruffle that woman's feathers."

She had already said all she had. It was no longer her business whether these two listened to her or not.

"Fine, fine! We get it!"

She frowned slightly upon seeing that the two did not take her words to heart.

Just as she moved to speak again, someone knocked at the door.

Knock, knock, knock!

"Who?" she asked loudly.

"Miss Qu, young master, old master, and madam are together now. Madam has asked me to call you over."

Her eyes lit up immediately upon hearing the housekeeper's words through the door.

It's here. The day I've been waiting for is finally here.

Now, the Qu family, my… can all rest easy!

After repressing the leap of joy in her heart, she slowly and gracefully walked toward the door and opened it.

"Let's go."

Dazzling lights were cast against the backdrop of a dark-blue night sky.

Pei Ge, who was just about to leave the banquet in advance, suddenly spotted the man out of nowhere.

Despite the numerous guests and waiters in the open-air banquet hall, she was still able to spot the man within the crowd with one look.

He appeared in the banquet wearing a velvet suit with a white shirt inside.

The black velvet suit jacket accentuated his gentlemanliness, and the form-fitting cut thoroughly showcased his long and model-like gait. Although the white high-collared shirt was simple, it gave off an inexplicable fashionable sense when matched with the black suit jacket, making him look more graceful and nobler.

Seeing the familiar yet foreign features again, her palms subconsciously balled up into tight fists.

Ji Ziming…

Her eyes closely followed the features which were close to perfection.

How long have I not seen his face?

It must have already been a… very, very time…

Her lips curled into a cold smirk.

Indeed, I can likely relax now.

This man doesn't resemble my little babies at all. If one doesn't look closely, it's almost impossible to find traces of likeness between my children and this man.

She could not help but recall the little boy she had seen in the amusement park that day.

That child… truly resembles Ji Ziming a lot; he's an exact copy of his father…

Thinking up to this point, she suddenly felt heartache.

If Ping An were still alive, he would likely look like that boy who was a carbon copy of his father…

She sucked in a deep breath and turned around, her urge to leave getting stronger.

She made her move to leave the banquet furtively.

Suddenly, all the lights in the venue dimmed.

Following which was a piece of romantic music.

Amid the gentle and romantic music, a round spotlight suddenly lit up.

Beneath the spotlight was a woman who seemed to be as good-natured as jade. She wore a dazzling gown as she slowly walked to the front of the crowd.

"I thank everyone for attending the banquet that our Ji Group has organized today. Here, I'd like to announce a piece of good news to everyone, and that is—"


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