Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1156 Pei Ge saved the Ji family“s gem.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1156 Pei Ge saved the Ji family“s gem.

"I don't want daddy to marry Aunt Qu! I don't want it! I don't like her at all! I only want my mommy!"

The night breeze was cold. All the guests of tonight's banquet had not expected to witness such a huge jaw-dropping scene today.

There was the engagement announcement between Ji Ziming and Qu Jingwan; they had not even started celebrating this new couple when the illegitimate child of the Ji family stood on the window sill and used his life to force his father not to get married.

Everyone who witnessed the scene was stunned.

Compared to the others, Qu Jingwan was frightened and in despair.

Her engagement was interrupted by this child, who even used such a method to stop them.

She knew that, from here on, it would be hard for her to enter the Ji family…

"Baby, come down first; d-don't move from there!"

The faces of Ji Ziming's parents turned white at the sight of their precious grandson standing on the window sill.

They were not young anymore and had, in fact, been through many storms, yet this was the only time that they were so frightened that their hearts nearly stopped beating.

"I don't wanna! You all don't love Baby. You want to find a stepmother to bully me…"

Clearly, the voice was tender and cute, yet the words spoken made one feel heartache.

Those present could not help but turn to look at Qu Jingwan.

"Baby, we won't have a stepmother anymore; we won't! Quickly come down. As long as you come down, granny will agree to anything!"

Madam Ji's whole body trembled upon hearing this and her voice shook while she spoke.

"You're lying! You all clearly don't like me anymore and want to abandon—"

The tender voice had not finished grumbling when a pair of hands suddenly reached out from behind him.

The crowd standing below watched the outstretched hands and was about to sigh in relief when—


With another scream, the scrawny frame fell from the window.




Watching the weak and small frame fall from the sky, Ji Ziming's body automatically ran in the direction of the fall with the fastest speed he could muster.

However, no matter how fast he was, he could not catch up to the speed at which the child fell.

He could only watch as the child fell and landed on—




With a grunt, the child fell in the arms of a woman.

However, as the impact was quite strong, when the woman held the child, she could not support the weight and fell to the ground.

Despite her arms aching from catching the child and falling to the ground, she still tightly hugged the child to her chest.

She was hugging the child so tightly it was as though the child she had just saved were hers.

The man paused slightly when he saw the woman.

For some reason, he felt his heart start pounding like crazy again.

The person was clearly a stranger, but…

"Are you all right?"

It was only until the woman asked nervously that he returned to himself.

He cast aside the abnormal emotions he just felt and chalked them up being scared by his son falling from the window.

He quickly strode over toward his son.

At this moment, his parents who almost had heart attacks from the frightening scene and also hurried over with tears of joy.

"Who's the woman who caught the boy?"

"Is it Qiao Jingyun?"

"No way."

"Anyway, no matter who it is, the Ji family still owes her a huge favor! That woman just struck the lottery!"

Just as the guests were wondering about the woman's identity, only Mu Heng, who had just rushed over, recognized the woman who had saved his best friend's son!

"Regina?!" he exclaimed in disbelief, eyeing the woman who had stood up while hugging the child.

Indeed, the person who had saved the Ji family's gem was none other than Pei Ge.

She was about to leave shortly after she heard the engagement announcement, but just as she reached the ground floor of this villa, this happened.

As she was too afraid that the child would really fall, she stood here and did not leave.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?"

She felt her heart rise to her mouth when the child in her arms did not move or respond to her in any way.

She stared at the child and felt a great sense of uneasiness.

Don't tell me that he's been frightened to the point of turning dumb? Maybe he hurt himself?

She tenderly rubbed the child's head.

The child's dark and round eyes stared directly at her unblinkingly. There was not an ounce of expression on his face.

Her brows furrowed at this sight.

"Are you al—"

Before she could finish speaking, the child in her arms was brought away from her by a big pair of hands.

She did not know why, but the moment the child was taken from her, she felt emptiness, as well as reluctance, in her chest.

It felt as though a gem she had once lost and finally retrieved were being taken from her by others again.

"Ziming, is Baby all right?!"

"You almost scared granny to death!"


Seeing how the child was being surrounded and cared for, her lips turned upward slightly as she moved to stand up.

It was then that a pair of hands reached out to her.

She paused slightly at the sight of the well-defined hands. Following them to their owner, she looked upward and saw… the perfect and flawless face she had never forgotten.

At this moment, both pairs of eyes met each other.


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