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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1157 You are my mother.

The night was beautiful.

However, in that instant, Ji Ziming felt as though he could only see this woman's existence.

One look was all it took for his heart to beat… erratically.

This feeling was one he had only ever felt with Pei Ge.

The woman before him was also staring at him in surprise. He pressed his lips slightly together at that.

He then reached out and held the woman's fair and soft hands.

The moment he made contact with her, he felt electricity coursing from his hands to his entire body.

Similarly, the woman experienced that electrifying feeling.

Pound, pound!

She felt as though her hands were being burned by fire—it was so scorching hot that her heart seemed to have been set ablaze.

Unbeknown to the man, his actions were very gentle as he helped the woman up.

The unfamiliar face made him feel an inexplicable sense of familiarity. His brows furrowed slightly.

The feeling this woman gave him was overly familiar.

It was, however, a face he had never seen before.

However, for some reason, the feeling she gave him was so familiar.

It felt as though he had known her before.

This déjà vu feeling was exceptionally akin to what… the person, whom he had been looking for, gave him.

"You—" Look a little familiar.

Before he could say this, though, a loud wailing interrupted him.


The child who had just fallen from the window suddenly started wailing.

While crying, he struggled out of his grandmother's embrace.

It appeared that he had received a major scare.

"Good boy, good boy! You're fine now. You're okay! Don't be scared; don't be scared!"

His grandparents, who had doted on the boy since he was just a babe, hurried to console him.

"Good boy; don't be scared. Grandpa is here."

However, no matter how they consoled him, the child in Madam Ji's arms did not stop wailing.


His wailing made one feel heartache but also annoyance.

Still, the child's loud wail drew the attention of the man, who had been staring at Pei Ge blankly.

She looked at the man before her, whose attention had turned to the wailing child. Subconsciously, she retreated a step to keep a safe distance from him.

D*mn it! Why, even now, do I still feel flustered and nervous when I see him?!

Pei Ge, where did your pride go?!

This man is already engaged!

Still… Why is the person he's getting engaged to not Qiao Jingyun?

Then, whose child is this?

She was currently filled with so many questions as she found the Ji family's situation to be queer.

The child was clearly already this big, yet the man remained unmarried.

Moreover, this ugly situation even occurred during the engagement banquet…


Just as she thought of the child, she heard him continue to wail loudly.

For some reason, when she heard his wail, she felt extremely terrible inside.

This feeling was similar to when she watched her precious daughter undergo an operation as an infant.

Why… do I have this feeling?

She lightly placed her hand on her chest and turned to look at the child who had been crying nonstop.

"Son, quickly take a look; what's wrong with our Baby?"

Madam Ji was panicking a lot that she shouted at him in reflex.

Her precious grandson minded his father the most. If he came to console him, he should feel a greater sense of safety and stop crying like this, right?

The man shifted his eyes away from the unfamiliar woman before him and quickly strode to his son's side.

Standing before his mother, he found his son to be crying so badly that he was panting. His cheeks were so red that they were a little frightening to look at.

"Come, son. Carry your boy and console him. He must've received a great fright from just then."

With that, his mother moved to pass the struggling child to him.

"…He's brave enough to jump by himself, yet he's feeling frightened now."

Although he felt heartache for his son, he was still very dissatisfied with the latter's actions.

"Son, watch what you say to your child. Baby is already frightened enough…"

His mother immediately shot him a glare.

Indeed, the moment he said this, the wailing got even louder.

This situation caused his parents to shoot him an even fiercer glare.

"You shouldn't say that about your child. Mom, come let me console him. Ziming doesn't know how to do it."

Out of nowhere, the neglected Qu Jingwan spoke.

She had a gentle expression on her face.

Her tender-looking eyes were gazing at the child, who was nestled in his grandmother's embrace, with such love and affection.

This look made her seem as though she were the child's biological mother.

"Alright. Come and carry him. I'll give Doctor Qi a call. This child, for some reason—"

As she spoke, Madam Ji moved to pass the child in her arms to her.

However, just as the two were about to do so, the child slapped away Qu Jingwan's hand.

With stumbling footsteps, he wrestled out of his grandmother's arms.

The moment the little fella touched the ground, he ran to Pei Ge's side.

Before anyone could react, he reached out his hands and tightly hugged her legs. Just like that, he said something no one expected.



The call totally stunned everyone. It was as if a bomb had exploded in everyone's mind.

Among them, the one who was the most dumbfounded was Pei Ge.


She lowered her head to look at the child hugging her legs in disbelief, yet this precious little child astutely called at her again.



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