Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1159 You are not interested in her, too, are you?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1159 You are not interested in her, too, are you?!

"Did you just say that she's called Regina?"

There seemed to be indescribable movement in the man's otherwise still dark eyes, but his deep, masculine voice carried discernible emotion.

At least, Qu Jingwan, who was standing next to him, felt that her fiancé's reaction towards this woman was a little strange.

"Yes, Ziming. Don't you know that she's the woman who's presently famous in our city?"

She smiled at him, her face gentle.

Alas, the man did not pay attention to her as his gaze never left Pei Ge.

He looked at her carefully and intently, as if searching for something.

The latter shifted uncomfortably under his heated gaze.

Right then, she was extremely nervous, wondering if the man had recognized her, but she quickly shot down this thought.

Even the Casanova failed to recognize her; how would this man recognize her?

At this thought, her nervousness dissipated.


Just as she was about to speak to break the tensed silence, Mu Heng's voice cut in.

"Aiya! Uncle's precious baby, you can't call this auntie mommy, or else your dad may become my rival."

As he spoke teasingly, he pinched the boy in the woman's arms gently.

For some reason, Ji Ziming felt unhappy when he heard his childhood friend's words.

"What are you saying…"

Hearing the playboy's words, Pei Ge knitted her brows coldly, but this did not deter him at all; instead, he slung his arm around her shoulders and smiled slyly.

"I've been thinking about it, and it's quite rare to find a woman like you, so I don't intend to—" Give up on you.

The other man cut him off.

"Don't get all touchy-feely."

Staring coldly at him, the other man removed his arm from the woman's shoulders unhappily.


He froze when his arm was removed.

He had no idea what his best friend was up to!

"You're Regina, huh."

Ji Ziming looked at the woman with meaningful eyes, and the sense of familiarity in him grew.

The feeling that she gave him was too similar to that woman he had been loving and remembering for many years.

"Yes. I've heard a lot about you."

The playboy's appearance calmed her nerves enough to behave naturally before this man and treat him like one of her clients.

She subconsciously reached out her arm to him for a handshake but realized that she was still holding the child.

The man, too, realized it. He raised one of his eyebrows a little. "You are quite good at handling children."

"Yes. That's because I have two children of my own."

She raised one of her eyebrows and looked coldly at him.

"…Children? You already have a husband?"

This reply stomped the man, and his brows knitted without his knowledge.

There was an indescribable sense of unhappiness and anger with a hint of jealousy in him.

The woman was surprised to see him appearing a little bothered but still nodded as she pretended not to have noticed it.

"Yes. I'm married with two kids. My husband and my children are in New York," she answered gently, her face full of bliss.

Her words struck the man in the heart like bolts of lightning.

He could not understand why he felt upset and angry to hear that, so for a moment, he was at a loss on how to respond to her revelation.

It was as if… he had been betrayed by the woman he loved.

"…Is that so?"

He nodded, seemingly out of it.

Why did he see Pei Ge's shadow in this woman?

Why did he link her with the one he loved…

His mind was full of questions.

He was confused that he found Pei Ge's shadow in a woman whom he had not seen before.

"Aiya. That's enough. Son, let's invite Miss Regina inside to take a seat. Dr. Qi is here now too, so we must have him check the boy."

After dealing with the guests, Madam Ji saw her son standing before Pei Ge in a daze.

His out-of-character behavior shocked her a little, but her thoughts were quickly cast aside when her eyes spotted the child in the woman's arms.

Her focus should be on her grandson at this moment.

Pei Ge smiled politely when she saw Madam Ji walking toward her quickly, and she prepared to return the child.

Even though she could not bear to do so, the boy was still not her child in the end.

Alas, as the older woman reached out to the kid, the latter began crying.


Hearing him start wailing again, the older woman retracted her hands in shock.

"Aiya, my previous baby, don't cry; don't cry. Grandma won't carry you anymore! I won't carry you! Your crying is breaking my heart!"

Immediately after she spoke, she saw the child stop crying in the woman's arms.

Still, he gripped the woman's collar tightly as if afraid that he would be taken away from her.

A warm and gentle smile spread on Pei Ge's face as she looked down at the child in her arms.

"Ziming, you're really strange today… Don't tell me that you have your eyes on her, too?"


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