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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1160 She is strange.

"Ziming, you're really strange today… Don't tell me that you have your eyes on her, too?"

Mu Heng could feel that his childhood friend's attitude toward Pei Ge was different.

His behavior toward her today was really strange.

In the past, this man regarded other women as air; today, he actually paid so much attention to one woman…

Alas, his words did not receive any reply from the man.

"It can't be, right? You—" I can't be right, can I?

The man cut him off.

"She's that Regina from New York?"

Ji Ziming only turned to face him after he saw Pei Ge disappear into the villa with his son.

"Yes, that's her; I mentioned her to you before; she's the one I—"

He cut the other off again.

"Do you think she looks rather familiar…"

There was hesitation and confusion on his face.

The woman was clearly a stranger, yet there was a sense of familiarity when he looked at her, and this was a feeling that he had felt only when he was around that woman whom he cared about the most…

Looking at the slight confusion on his face, Mu Heng's lips moved slightly.

He, too, felt a sense of familiarity toward the woman and only developed feelings for her because of it.

Instinctively, though, he chose to lie when replying to his childhood friend.

"No. I've just met her, though maybe you find her familiar because you've seen her in New York. She used to live there, after all," he reasoned softly, blinking and curling his lips into a smile.

"…No. Something still feels strange."

Ji Ziming knitted his brows at his friend's reply, a dark light flashing across his eyes.

"Ah? What's weird?"

"Everything. Everything's weird."

This was especially the fact that he could find Pei Ge's shadow in a woman whom he had never seen before…

"Ah? What are you talking about? What weird?"

The other was confused upon seeing him deep in thought.


As he spoke, he headed to the villa where the woman and his mother had just entered.

"Hey, wait for me!"

After the two entered the villa, they saw Madam Ji chatting with the woman with a smile on her face.

The homely atmosphere made it seem as the two women were a pair of mother and daughter.

"We really must thank you this time; if not for you being here, who knows what would happen to my grandson today…"

As she spoke, tears streamed down the older woman's face.

"You're giving me too much credit."

Pei Ge tugged at her lips as she looked at her tear-stricken face of relief.

She was actually rather afraid of dealing with old acquaintances, especially those who had treated her well.

"Auntie, stop crying; haven't the doctor said that our precious boy is fortunate enough not to get hurt?" Qu Jingwan comforted the older woman gently as she watched the latter wipe her tears while holding Pei Ge's arm.

"Yes. Thankfully, my precious grandson didn't get hurt."

The older woman's attention was quickly drawn to her.

"Still, auntie, the boy is still so young; how could he say something like that? Plus, he's standing on the windowsill. Thankfully, Miss Regina happened to be standing below the ledge.

"If not for that, then… our precious baby would've fallen to the ground. I also noticed that there's a piece of rock on the spot where he fell."

She spoke without a pause to articulate her thoughts, but even though they were framed as questions, she drew a conclusion.

Without needing to think deeply, she knew that Qiao Jingyun was behind it.

That woman was too much!

She ruined her engagement banquet like this!

Not only did she use the Mu siblings to divert her attention, she also used this ungrateful brat to ruin her engagement banquet with Ji Ziming.

Everything the brat had done was not something a mere child could accomplish by himself.

That woman had made use of this boy to ruin that impromptu surprised engagement party entirely.

At this thought, she knitted her brows tightly together.

How did that woman learn about her getting engaged to him today fast?

Thinking about it now, that woman indeed was well-informed of everything happening in the Ji family household…

Her words had attracted the attention of the older couple. Setting their concern for their grandson aside, they realized, too, that things were a little off.

"Yes. The boy is so obedient; why would he suddenly say something like that…"

Looking at the pensive manner of the entire family, Pei Ge decided to bid them goodbye. This family had in fact exhausted her. While she was slightly worried about the child, she had stayed long enough.

Unfortunately, just as she opened her mouth, and before she could speak a word, she was cut off by the child's cries.

"Mom! Mom! Mom…"

The child's voice made her pause at once.

"Miss Regina, our child really has fondness for you; could we trouble you… to comfort him again? He's really had a bad scare today."



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