Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1164 Little boy, his doting mother, and his stern wife-slave father
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1164 Little boy, his doting mother, and his stern wife-slave father

"Give it to me; I'll do it."

As he spoke, Ji Ziming snatched the cotton ball from the doctor's hand with a cold expression.

"…" Noting the cold expression on the man's face, which could probably freeze someone, Doctor Qi quietly stepped aside and became his assistant, instead.

The others in the room looked at the man with shock.

Strange. Very strange. Very, very strange!

That was what everyone thought of him.

He behaved nothing like his usual self.

After meeting Regina today, he turned into a different person altogether.

"…Ziming, your fiancée is still watching at the side. I'll help Regina with her wounds."

Mu Heng pursed his lips over his friend's strange behavior.

Immediately after he spoke, the man glanced at him coldly.

"She's not my fiancée," he said coldly and resolutely, as if explaining to Pei Ge.

Seeing his friend's serious manner, his expression became serious as well.

Pei Ge, for her part, got more shocked and confused but did not link his strange behavior to herself.

She thought that the man was still in love with Qiao Jingyun, but his parents disagreed, so he spoke that way to get his present fiancée to back off.

"How could you say that?"

Madam Ji chastised her son when she saw Qu Jingwan's face turning pale and looking miserable.

"Don't mind my son, dear. He's always spoken this way."

She began comforting the woman after chastising her son.

"Auntie, I-I…"

The other pursed her lips tightly. There seemed to be a layer of tears in her eyes, which made one's heart ache to look at her.

The older woman was soft-hearted, so when she saw the sadness and forced smile on this young lady's face, she felt terrible inside.

In the last four years, she and her husband bore witness to how sincere this young lady had been treating them. For a woman to wait this long for a man who did not make her any promises, to them, that was a sign of how much she loved their son.

This was especially since this woman was willing to accept his child from another woman…

Sigh… Even if their son did not like this young lady before him, the Ji family still had to compensate the Qu family.

After all, they owed this young lady a lot…

"Don't worry; in my eyes, you're the only daughter-in-law of the Ji family. I will not recognize another woman."

She patted the back of the latter's hand comfortingly.

The man's eyes darkened when he heard his mother's words, but he did not say anything out of respect for her.

Instead, he gently dealt with Pei Ge's wounds.

"Does it hurt?"

He asked the woman gently as he dabbed her cuts. Given his careful actions, one would mistake her for his most beloved wife.

Looking at the serious expression on his face, the woman frowned slightly in confusion.

What was this man up to? Why was he treating her so well…

This was the first time they had met, no?

"Mommy, is it painful?"

Just as she was in a daze, the little guy, which had been tossed aside by his father, crawled back to her side. He used his tiny body to squeeze between Mu Heng and Pei Ge, separating the two.

"Hey! Little guy, this auntie isn't your mom!"

The Casanova rolled his eyes exasperatedly as he regarded the child who looked similar to his father.

This father and son were really annoying!

"Uncle, you go away; mommy's my mommy."

As he spoke, the little guy grabbed Pei Ge's arm tightly in a perfect display of his possessiveness.

In the end, his actions had upset his father, who was applying first aid on the woman.

"Ji Chi!"

The little guy cowered when he heard his father's rebuke and hid behind the woman.

"Let go; don't create trouble here."

Listening to his father's cold words, the little guy pursed his lips tightly. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he appeared to be about to cry, which made Pei Ge's heart hurt.

"Daddy, sorry…" said the little guy timidly, letting go of her arm as he lowered his head.

For some reason, she could not stand to see him sad.

She raised her other arm to pat the little fella on the head.

"Ah, so you're Ji Chi; that's a nice name," she said gently, patting the little guy.

"Mommy, you're so good…"

The child raised his head when he heard her speak his name, feeling re-invigorated.

The short chubby hands wrapped themselves around her arm again, and he leaned his body on her.

Seeing how reliant the child was on her, her heart was happy and aching.

She was happy to see the child rely on her, but her heart ached for the little guy who grew up in a place lacking a sense of security.

"Ji Chi—"

The man, who was carefully applying medication on the woman, knitted his brows tightly upon seeing his son being a nuisance again.

However, this time around, someone interjected.

"He's still small; why are you always chastising him?!"

Pei Ge glared at Ji Ziming unhappily.

The high-and-mighty king actually backed down before her.

"You're forbidden from raising your voice at him in the future."


Looking at the scene before them, everyone in the room was flabbergasted.

For some reason, the three of them appeared to be one family.

The loving mother, the adorable child, and…. the stern, wife-slave father. A perfect family of three.


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