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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1166 Who is this woman? Why is he...

"Who are you?!"

Qiao Jingyun frowned at Pei Ge in displeasure when she was stopped from getting to her son.

She thought this woman an eye-sore the moment she saw her earlier.

It was not because Ji Ziming had carefully applied medicine on this woman's wounds but because just the sight of her produced a natural dislike from her.

From the moment she saw her, she felt an unknown sense of disgust for her.

"Move aside!"

She narrowed her eyes coldly at this beautiful woman.

"Miss, can't you see that the boy doesn't want you to carry him?" Pei Ge raised a brow at the other as she calmly said this.

"What nonsense are you talking about?! He's my child. From what I see, you're the one preventing us from getting close!"

Qiao Jingyun's displeasure rose when she heard that and did not bother with formalities further.

"Although I'm unsure whether what you've said earlier is true or false, as a mother, I don't see any love for the boy in your eyes. Also, he seems to be terrified of you."

Pei Ge gently patted the little rascal's head.

"What nonsense are you talking about? Do you think you're—"

Before the other could finish speaking, Ji Ziming, who was sitting next to Pei Ge, interjected.

"That's enough!"

Putting down the cotton swab in his hand, the man gently bandaged the woman's wound without looking at Qiao Jingyun.


Hearing his blunt reprimand, the other felt even more aggrieved.

She had already sacrificed so much for this man, yet after so many years, his heart had remained as hard as steel. His attitude toward her had even deteriorated.

He now treated her as non-existent and ignored her most of the time.

She gave birth to his child but was nothing compared to Qu Jingwan—a woman who had appeared out of nowhere.

"Get out; don't appear before me. Also, you're not allowed to appear in front of Ji Chi ever again."

Despite his actions toward Pei Ge being really gentle, the words he had said to the other woman were really chilly.

"Even you're misunderstanding me?" Qiao Jingyun seemed to have suffered a huge blow as she looked at him with tears in her eyes and spoke in a voice full of grievances. "Even if everyone misunderstands me, only you cannot! Not only am I the mother of your son, even your life you owe to me! You have no right to say that to me!"

Her bellow sounded bitter, angry, and exceptionally complicated because of all the feelings attached to it.

Alas, her words did not have any effect on the man.

His actions continued to be so gentle as he focused on Pei Ge, seemingly only having eyes for this woman.

Seeing him being so attentive toward this woman, for some reason, her heart was consumed by a sense of helplessness… as well as hatred.

"Since you're despising me so much, fine; I won't appear in front of you again! I'll take care of our son on my own since you don't like this child whom I've given birth to, anyway; am I right?"

As she said that, she avoided the other woman and moved to carry the child in her arms.

"That's my grandson! You're not allowed to bring him away!"

"Miss Qiao, he is Ji family's child; don't act rashly."

Everyone was surprised to see her preparing to leave with the child in her arms.

Madam Ji, who regarded the child as a precious treasure, was especially nervous.

However, among everyone, the father of the child remained calm and seemingly unaffected by the fact that his son would be brought away by Qiao Jingyun.

Seeing his inaction, Pei Ge's brows knitted tightly. Her hand then moved, but almost instantly, a hand wrapped around it tightly.

"Don't move." I'm not done dressing your wound yet.

The man's brows twitched as he looked at her.

"…" She became speechless at his words.

How could he still be concerned about her under such circumstances?!

Was she an important relative of his or was that child not his?!

Just as she was preparing to say something yet not knowing what to say as an outsider, the child screamed, "Mommy! Mommy! Mom—"

The child, who was being taken away by his mother, struggled as he called out to her.

That 'mom' sounded as though she were his mother and not Qiao Jingyun.


Hearing the child calling 'mom' with all his might, she could not be bothered by the fact that she was an outsider and quickly swung away the man's hands before getting up.

Lifting her hands, she snatched the child from the other woman arrogantly.

"Baby, don't be scared; I'm right here."

After carrying the child, she gently patted his back consolingly.

"Mommy… Mommy, don't abandon me…"

The child pursed his pink, tender lips as his big eyes stared straight at her, appearing as though he were nursing a grievance.

"I won't; mommy won't abandon you…"

Qiao Jingyun was so infuriated to the point of almost exploding when she saw Pei Ge hugging the child and him calling her 'mommy'.

"Ji Chi!" She bellowed at him but did not expect her child to embarrass her through and through. "Who are you calling 'mommy'? You—"

Madam Ji quickly interrupted before she could finish scolding her son.

"You yourself know what you've done to him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so terrified of you. If you're thinking of bringing him away, there's no chance of doing so!"


"Alright! Stop standing here and leave soon. Our Ji family doesn't welcome you." She scoffed dismissively.

Qiao Jingyun did not leave despite her dismissal, though. Her eyes, instead, continued to focus on the man as she looked at his expression, but to her disappointment, he seemed not to notice her. His eyes, which were filled with profound emotions, had always been on that unknown woman.

This was how he used to look at Pei Ge.

The moment she thought of this, she was stunned and turned to look at the woman.

This beautiful yet unfamiliar face made her brows knit together.

Who exactly is she?

Why is this man and the boy treating her so differently?!


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