Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1167 Mommy, daddy is being fierce with me baby again!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1167 Mommy, daddy is being fierce with me baby again!

Regardless of how confused she was, Qiao Jingyun was ultimately chased out of Ji family household.

"Auntie, Miss Qiao is the boy's mother, after all. I should go see her off and talk to her about it."

Seeing the woman's distancing back, Qu Jingwan suggested this to Madam Ji before exiting the room.

Seeing the young lady being gentle and virtuous, the older woman could not help but praise her inside.

Good thing that she had picked a reliable, good future wife for her son this time!

Unbeknown to her, the 'good wife' for her son had a different aura the moment she exited the room.

"Miss Qiao, you're being too anxious this time around. This doesn't seem like your style."

After catching up to the woman, Qu Jingwan walked slowly by her side and said softly.

"He he! Sorry to trouble you for catching up with me just to say something like this!"

Hearing her words, the other only raised a brow and scoffed.

This time around, she had been too anxious indeed. However, what she was merely forced by Ji family and that man into doing so…

"I'm just concerned about you; after all, you're the boy's biological mother."

Qu Jingwan smiled slightly, appearing especially sincere.

"Concerned about me? Heh!" She let out a cold smile. "That's amusing. Big Missy Qu is concerned about me? I thought that you couldn't wait to skin and eat me alive."

"Why would I do that? I've always admired you! After all, despite knowing that Ziming dislikes and detests you, you still gave birth to a grandson for his family while risking your life."

At the other's ridicule, her hands balled up into tight fists.

The biggest miscalculation that she had ever done was give birth to that man's child.

However, what she was most pleased with was also the fact that she had given birth to his child!

Despite not marrying into his family, she could prevent them from having an easy life!

"He he! Rather than worrying about me here, why don't you worry about yourself? After all, I still have a child with him, but what about you? Let alone a child, you don't even have an official title in his family."

After thinking it through, she let out a laugh suddenly.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at Qu Jingwan mockingly.

"Is your position as secure as you think it is? Do you really think that, after waiting for him for five years, you'll be able to marry into his family? He he! Let me tell you: Stop dreaming! Back then, even that woman didn't get to marry into his family."

As she said this, she lightly patted the other woman's shoulder.

"Today, he's been fixated on that woman, while my son has been calling her 'mommy'. He he! My son has never addressed you as 'mommy', has he?"

The moment she asked this, Qu Jingwan's face turned ugly.


She could also see that Ji Ziming was treating Regina so differently, which made alarm bells ring in her mind.

"He he! That's why, instead of mocking me here, you should go deal with that woman. After all, your daughter-in-law's position in that family isn't only decided by his mother!"

Qiao Jingyun patted her arm and smiled before leaving.

The latter was left standing there thinking of something.

The people in the villa were unaware of what went on outside.

At the moment, the room was filled with warmth.

"You little rascal, how could Miss Regina be your mother? You really shouldn't address people arbitrarily!"

The moment Qiao Jingyun left, Madam Ji's mood turned for the better. She walked to Pei Ge's side and teased her grandson smilingly.

"She's my mom!"

Regardless, the child did not heed his grandmother's advice at all as he buried his head in the crook of Pei Ge's arm.

"Ha ha!" Amused by her grandson's reaction, the older woman laughed for a while before apologizing to the woman. "Children are just children; please don't take it to heart."

"Don't worry; I understand," replied the other with a smile.

Seeing her graceful and courteous manner, she shook her head slightly inside. They were after all not fated. If not, it would be perfect for this woman to be her precious grandson's mother!

After all, it was rare for her precious grandson to love somebody so much.

"Since it's so late, I'll let our chauffeur send you back home." Seeing that the sky had turned darker, she smiled and offered this to her.

"Alright." Pei Ge smiled and nodded but let out a bitter smile next when she looked at the child in her arms.

Seeing her expression, Madam Ji quickly understood what she was worrying about.

"Baby, your auntie is leaving; let go of her now, alright?"

She helplessly coaxed the child, who was still tightly hugging the woman while leaning on her.

"I don't want! Mommy's home is right here! Mommy can only be with me and not go anywhere else! I don't want her to leave!"

The child began throwing a tantrum, his two little arms wrapping around Pei Ge's neck tightly.

"Behave, grandson. Good children can't misbehave. This auntie isn't your mother; plus, it's so late already. She needs to be back home and sleep. Be good!"

Seeing him having separation anxiety, his grandmother continued persuading him.

Alas, her soft and gentle persuasion was met with rejection.

"Don't want!"

When the grandmother and grandson got stuck in an impasse, Pei Ge coughed lightly and said helplessly, "Baby, be good; auntie will be back to play with you tomorrow."

"Don't want! Don't want! Mommy, you're lying! You said that you'll accompany me! You liar…"

The child broke down when he heard her words. Feeling aggrieved, he started bawling his eyes out.

"Mommy, you liar; you lied to me! You said that you won't leave me…"

Sensing the warm beads of tears on her neck, her heart seemed to be burned by them as it ached.

She was about to give in when the man's cold voice rang in her ears.

"…Ji Chi, stop crying."

Just these four simple words, and the child stopped crying.


"Get off!"

His next words, though, made the child start bawling again.

"Waaaaa!" As the little child bawled, he began blaming his cold-faced father loudly while in her arms.

"Mommy, look! Daddy's being fierce with me again! Waaaa! Baby is so scared!"

Pei Ge: "…"

Ji Ziming: "…"

Mother Ji: "…" This little rascal is truly naughty!


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