Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1169 The one surnamed Ji, what have you done to my goddess?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1169 The one surnamed Ji, what have you done to my goddess?!

"Goodnight, little guy…"

Pei Ge was about to leave this bedroom and head to the guest room provided by Ji family when she noticed that the child was holding the corner of her pajamas tightly.

Seeing the tender hand clutching onto her pajamas tightly, she sighed softly.

"Daddy, don't abandon Baby… Mommy, don't go…"

Perhaps her movement had caused the child, who was in deep sleep, to have a sense of crisis as he furrowed his brows sadly.

When she saw the child looking downcast, she sat back immediately and covered herself with the blankets again. She then reached out to smoothen his frown.

"Alright. Mommy isn't leaving; mommy won't leave," said Pei Ge as she kissed the child on his forehead again.

The child regained his smile as his lips upturned at the corner and his frown eased.

Taking in the child's smile and asleep face, she shook her head in amusement.

"Sleep, precious one…" As she said this, she started humming a lullaby she often sang to her two children when they slept.

Her gentle voice echoed in the huge bedroom. The woman's face was filled with gentleness, while the child in her arms slept soundly.

She fell asleep without realizing it in the middle of lulling the child to sleep.


When Ji Ziming opened the door to take a look at his son, he saw the beautiful image of 'a mother-son pair fast asleep'.

Looking at that stranger who was gently hugging his son and having such a gentle and doting look on her face, he instinctively smiled.

For some reason, he derived satisfaction and tenderness from this scene.

He walked carefully to the bed.

Lowering his head and looking at the 'mother and son' sleeping so soundly, Ji Ziming bent over and looked down on the woman's face.


This woman was really odd.

Even though… he did not know her, he had this sense of familiarity when he was with her.

"Who are you exactly…"

Lowering his well-defined hand, he gently caressed her impeccable face.

When his fingertips touched the woman's cheek, it was as though electric current had coursed through him. This familiar feeling traveled from his fingertip all the way to his heart.

Pound, pound!

His heart started beating wildly.


Perhaps his touch had bothered the sleeping woman as she mumbled softly before turning around with her back on him.

Precisely because she had turned around, her thin layer of white pajamas revealed the tempting hidden parts of her body.

Just like this, her snowy white legs were exposed from beneath the blanket.

Those well-defined legs of hers were bare and captured by his eyes.


His heart pounded faster and stronger.

Ji Ziming, who had always ignored women's beauty, acted like an inexperienced boy when he saw her legs. His heart thumped wildly.


Seeing that the woman was sleeping without a care for her image, he furrowed his brows and his lips twitched slightly. He then stood up to cover her properly with the blankets.

However, before he could do so, she put out her hand from under the blankets.


This time around, the woman exposed her bare shoulder with her back still facing him.

Her tender shoulder, like that of jade, was exposed, appearing really tempting.


He instinctively gulped.

This was the first time he realized that he would do something like this for a woman.

It seemed that, a long time ago, there was another woman who had affected him this way.

The moment he thought of this, his eyes darkened and his face became frosty.

After covering her with the blankets, he took another look at her and left with a heavy heart.

What was unexpected was that, the moment he left the child's room, he met his childhood friend outside.

"Ziming, have you seen where Regina went? I went to the room auntie had arranged for her earlier but saw that she's not there!" The guy was frowning when he said this.

Shooting him a glance, the man did not say anything but headed back to his room.

"Hey, I'm talking to you! Ziming!"

Mu Heng immediately chased after the man when the latter just ignored him.

"Have you really not seen her—"

Before he could finish speaking, the man interrupted him.

"She's in Ji Chi's room," replied the man coldly.

"…" Hearing that, he remained silent for a moment before widening his eyes.

"Ah?! She's in your son's room?! Didn't you just leave his room?!"

At this point, his eyes widened further.

"You! Did you do something to my goddess while you were in that room?!"


What could he have done? At most, he saw some stuff that he should not have…

The moment he thought of this, Ji Ziming had an unnatural look on his face and his chilly eyes seemed to become fleeting.

"…Wait a minute! What are you thinking about?!"

Mu Heng, whose eyes were on his friend, got a bad feeling when he saw the latter's expression.

"Wait a minute! Don't tell me that you've really done something to my goddess?!"


"You definitely did! If not, you wouldn't have such a weird expression on your face! Shoot quickly! What have you done to my goddess?!"

"So noisy; I'm going to sleep," said Ji Ziming as he opened his bedroom door and headed in.

The other man was about to follow but the door was shut in his face.


With his best friend locking him out, he raged!

He began shouting outside of the man's room.

"The one surnamed Ji, open the door! If you don't explain it clearly today, don't think about—"

The man opened the door again before he could finish his words.

"Come in."



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