Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
741 Pei Ge“s good news with Mr. Ji is coming.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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741 Pei Ge“s good news with Mr. Ji is coming.

Zhang Manhua paused a little. Since this woman steadfastly mentioned wanting to see Lily, she reckoned that this woman truly knew the man.

Hence, she only hesitated awhile before leading her to the studio the stylist and her daughter were in.

Along the way, she felt that this lady seemed to hold inexplicable disdain for her, so despite her affectionate and friendly nature, she did not talk to this lady.

However, despite her not speaking, the lady made the first move to talk to her.

"Are you the cleaner auntie here?"

"Er, no. My daughter is friends with the boss. She came here for a makeover," she slowly replied.

"Is that so…" The lady lowered her eyelids as an almost imperceptible cold glint flashed past her eyes.

Although she did not spot it, she still felt uncomfortable.

Tak, tak, tak!

The loud clacking of high heels against the floor announced their presence to two people in the studio.

Lily turned to look at the door upon hearing this.

"Weird. Your mom isn't wearing heels, so where is this sound coming from?"

"Is it your client?" Pei Ge made a guess.

"That's not possible. I already informed all of our VIPs that we are on holiday until the seventh day of the year," the stylist quickly replied while doing her makeup.

While the two were still guessing, this sound got closer.

Soon, the two saw Zhang Manhua leading a woman in branded clothes appear outside the studio.

It was worth mentioning that the appearance of this lady made the two's eyes light up.

This was because the lady was not only pretty but dressed well.

As Europe was a big continent, right now, European-American fashion was the trend.

This woman's appearance, be it her makeup or her clothes, just happened to incorporate the European-American style to a T.

The stylist glanced at this lady and silently praised her fashion sense.

Tsk. She's a professional!

"Mama Pei, this is…"

He paused his movements and looked at the pretty woman in confusion.

"She said she's looking for you," Zhang Manhua softly replied while shaking her head.

"Looking for me?" The stylist frowned slightly. I don't know this lady!

"Hello, are you the boss of this fashion salon, Lily?" The woman smiled at him and elegantly strode toward him.

Still seated in the chair, Pei Ge could see the lady nearing her. Her eyes shone with confusion.

This is so strange… Why does this lady look a little familiar?

I've clearly never met her before.

"Yes. Pardon, and you are…"

He watched this fabulously dressed lady stride toward him. As her aura did not seem to be ordinary, he went a little on guard.

"I am Qiao Jingyun. I heard from my friend that this is the best fashion salon. I was passing by and decided to come in to take a look."

This lady gave a prim and proper smile, but her eyes flitted across Pei Ge.

"Oh, I see. My apologies, then. We are not open today. If you are looking for me for a makeover, please come again after the seventh day of the year." He smiled politely at her.

"After the seventh day of the year, huh…" She swept her gaze across Pei Ge once more as her smile dimmed.

"I truly apologize, Miss Qiao. You see I am a little busy here—"

She cut him off before he finished speaking.

"Why? You have time now to do this lady's makeup, but you have none for me?" Her smile disappeared altogether as she shot him a cutting glare.

This did not make him panic, though, and he just grew even more polite and gentle.

"Miss Qiao, I really apologize for this. This lady is my good friend, so this does not belong to work."

She cocked a brow as she turned to look at Pei Ge.

Noting that her makeup was mostly done, she felt aggrieved and hateful.

A mere woman who is inferior to me in every way is actually trying to steal my Ji Ziming!

I've totally lost all my face now!

Every socialite in the capital knows that the Ji Group's heir is my man! No matter who the person is, no one can take him from me!

Yet the man I've always held in the palm of my hand is actually being taken by this wannabe Cinderella from who knows where!

She has turned me into a laughingstock among this capital's socialites!

"Miss Qiao?"

Seeing her staring darkly at Pei Ge, Lily could not help but feel his heart jump. He silently made a conjecture, Is this lady Mr. Ji's admirer?

As he thought of this, his dislike for the woman grew.

Tsk! This lady doesn't seem that pretty!

Her beauty is heavily reliant on her getup!

"Miss Qiao, we only open after the seventh day of the year. Please come after that."

He repeated. This time, his tone was filled with the intent of chasing her out.

Tsk! Even if you come next time, I won't do your makeup without slicing a piece of meat off you!

"He he, I get it." She kept the anger and hate in check, smiling and nodding at him as she pretended to be fine.

Just as she stepped out of the studio, she heard something that nearly made her go crazy.

"Aiya! Right, Ge Ge, you are going to meet Mr. Ji's parents today, right? It seems that his parents have finally acknowledged you! You must be discussing your engagement with him! Tsk, tsk, tsk! I really envy you a lot!"


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