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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1176 I heard that you are married.


After being shouted at by his father, the boy's small body shivered as he looked at her forlornly.

Although she could not bear to see this, she did not say anything.

She merely smiled at him gently and left after bidding goodbye.

"I'll send her off." Seeing Pei Ge walk away, the man told his mother this and followed the woman out. He did not care to look at his supposed fiancée throughout and seemed to take her presence as non-existent.

"Don't take it to heart. My son is just like that. Rest assured that only you are my Ji family's future daughter-in-law."

Madam Ji quickly consoled upon seeing the young lady's gloomy face.

"Auntie, don't worry. I—"

Qu Jingwan forced a smile but was quickly interrupted by the child from speaking further.

"Hmph! She won't ever be my mother! The one my father likes is my mom!" The child huffed.

He lifted his head and stared at her wide-eyed in apparent dislike.

Hearing his remark, his grandmother could not help but feel her head hurt.

Who knew that her precious grandson really disliked this young lady?

Still, Qu Jingwan had always treated him really well…

It must be Qiao Jingyun's doing! That woman was really vile! She would not let that woman interact with her grandson again!

"Mr. Ji, I had my chauffeur come over. He'll be here soon, so you need not see me off."

Pei Ge raised her brow coldly when she saw Ji Ziming come after her.

"That'll take time."

The man ignored her rejection.

"It's fine."

His words made her more confused inside.

She did not get why he was so attentive to her; furthermore, his attitude toward her was a little odd…

Isn't he aloof to everyone, especially women?

Is it because of my face?

That… doesn't make sense, though. He's not the type to judge others by their looks…

"Get in the car."

Just as she was wondering about this, the man reached out and pulled her into his car.


By the time she came back to herself, the man next to her in the backseat was already closing the door.

"…Mr. Ji, are you overstepping your bounds?"

She stared at him unhappily. How long had it been? It had been a long time since someone treated her like this…

"Overstepping? Aren't you my guest?"

The man curled his lips to soften his serious reply.

Her heart skipped a beat upon seeing the smile on his face. It was rare for this man to act like this.


For some reason, she had a nagging feeling upon his preferential treatment of her.


Keeping this nagging feeling to herself, she simply ignored his remark and merely sent her assistant a message before focusing on the scenery outside the window instead of the man.

She thought that, given her attitude, this taciturn man would stop talking.

However, strangely enough, even though she stopped talking, the man still kept speaking to her.

"I heard that you're married."

When the woman beside him turned quiet, his suspicion became more pronounced.

She must be…


Pei Ge did not expect him to ask that question, so she was stunned momentarily.

To prevent any ambiguity, she turned and lied through her teeth.

"That's right. I've been married for several years now, and my two children are already attending school."

She grinned at him, appearing to be very blissful when she spoke of her husband and children.

"When I came here this time, my two children and my… husband were unwilling, but since I owe someone a favor, I must repay it, so I could only leave them at home as I settle matters here."

Seeing her smile full of bliss and hearing the words of her, Ji Ziming felt his mood plummeting.


His face darkened as he stared at her for a while before scoffing as though he did not want to speak further.

Her mood improved at the man's constipated look despite not knowing why his expression changed the moment he learned about her family.

"Big brother… I may be unable to marry into Ji family."

Albeit lavish and grand in its furnishing, this room felt quaint.

It was just like that man in white polo shirt sitting on the antique sofa. Although aggressively dashing, he appeared stern in his bearing and getup.


The lady sitting opposite him was none other than Qu Jingwan, who had just left the Ji family's villa.

"…There's a woman Ji Ziming treats differently."

She did not wish to admit this, but that man did treat Pei Ge differently. Her intuition was telling her that that woman was her biggest obstacle in marrying into the man's family.

"Oh? Who's that?"

Her brother frowned.

"You know her, too. She has just returned from overseas… Regina."

He showed confusion over her reply.

"That New York's Wall Street bigshot who was recently hired by Minghao to be their CFO?"

"That's right."

He nodded and recalled that woman's looks and schemes before sighing.

"It's her, huh. She does have the ability to be your greatest obstacle, but…"


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