Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1181 She might be the woman he has been looking for...
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1181 She might be the woman he has been looking for...

"Really, daddy? Can I really have her as my mommy?"

Upon receiving such a reply, the little fella was so happy he climbed out of his bed at once. His dark and round eyes were trained on his father with elation. Beads of tears were still clinging onto his eyelashes.

"Ziming, that's!"

Madam Ji looked at the pair of father and son in shock, not knowing how to react to any of this.

"Daddy, what you said is for real, right?! You're not lying, are you?"

The little fella did not even wipe off his tear streaks as he stood up and stumbled toward his father.

Alas, his happiness was short-lived as his father's next words dealt him a fatal blow, making him not want to speak anymore.

"What I mean is that it's okay for me not to marry Qu Jingwan."

He looked at his dumb son's happy look and lightly informed with a raised brow.

Madam Ji: "…"

Mister Ji: "…"

The little fella: "…"

The Ji family's employee: The hell! Since when did our young master become this scheming?!

In the next instant, the little fella opened his mouth and started wailing.


He fell on the bed on his buttocks as beads of crystal-clear tears rolled down from his grape-like, doe eyes.

At the same time, he also glared at his father in seeming grievance.

"Aye, my grandson, don't cry anymore! Don't cry…"

When their grandson cried even louder than before, the old couple shot their son a glare.

They, too, seemed to be complaining with their eyes that he had gone too far.

The man did not give two hoots about it, unfortunately.

Observing how his son was crying, he felt very perplexed.

Why is he so fond of that woman when they've just met recently?

He's so fond of her he even resorted to this to threaten us into making her his mother…

This doesn't make sense.

Although my son is a crybaby, he… is actually a very smart boy. In fact, he is a little sly…

Why is he throwing a tantrum this time—crying and being petulant—just to make us give in?

"Waahh! I don't care! I only want her to be my mommy! I only want mommy!"

"Baby! Don't cry anymore. Your voice is already hoarse!"

"I want her to be my mom—hic! Mommy!"

Probably due to him crying too loudly and for too long, he started hiccupping at this point.

His grandparents felt their hearts ache as they watched him cry and hiccup to the point that his whole face had turned red.

"Ji Chi, are you not gonna stop?!"

Slightly annoyed at how his son's crying was reverberating in his ears, Ji Ziming frowned in displeasure.

However, this time, his censure did not work at all!

"I'm gonna cry! I'm just gonna cry!"

It was the first time the child was this stubborn.

Moreover, it was also the first time he had the courage to oppose him.


His frown deepened at this.

He did not care about what his parents thought and walked toward his son.

Following this, ignoring his parent's effort to stop him, he picked up the child from his bed.


The little fella, who was now dangling in the air, exclaimed in shock when his father smacked his butt.

Pak! The sound was loud despite his father already curbing his strength.

The Ji couple felt their hearts break when their son hit the child.

These two, who doted on their grandson a lot, quickly snatched him from his father's hands.

"Baby, was it painful?"

"Ziming, the kid is still small; we must be patient when disciplining him."

The corner of the man's lips twitched over the different treatment of his parents toward his son and him.

"Forget it! Do what you want."

He then left the child's bedroom without a backward glance, looking as though he could not be bothered with his son anymore.

The moment he left, the little fella's wailing worsened.

"Alright, grandson. Don't cry anymore. Your father won't come back even if you cry until your voice is gone."

Madam Ji truly felt her heart break upon seeing her grandson cry so pitifully.

"Your grandma is right. You are a boy and shouldn't cry like this…"

"I want mommy! I want mommy! I want mommy…"

However, no matter what they said, the child only repeated these words.

No matter what they did, they were unable to pacify him. Instead, he wailed even louder, such that his whole neck turned red, making the two even more worried.

In the end, the two sent someone to invite Pei Ge back to their house just for their grandson to stop his incessant wailing.

It was already late at night, and she had just left this morning, so they deemed it not appropriate to do this to a stranger, but the two elders loved their grandson so much; thus, they decided to be thick-skinned and had their people get Miss Regina, whom their grandson 'missed even while sleeping'.

All that happened without Ji Ziming's knowledge, however.

"How is it? What's the status of the investigation there in New York?"

After he entered his study, the man took out his phone and dialed a number. Although his voice was cold, it was tinged with slight nervousness and panic.

"Sir, our people said that there's very little information about Miss Regina. It appears that someone is blocking others from finding out anything about her. All that we could find out is fabricated information."

He frowned slightly at this.


"Just report what you guys managed to find so far."

"Yes, sir. Miss Regina got her degree at Harvard Business School three years back. One and a half years ago, she suddenly appeared in New York and started working as a small assistant on Wall Street. She then slowly…"

The furrow between his forehead became even deeper as he heard the report.

For some reason, when he heard this, he got this feeling that the woman he had always been looking for… was that Regina.

"I heard that she has two children."

He stated when the other was done reporting.

"That… We were unable to find out anything regarding her private life."

"Continue investigating, then. No matter how hard it is, you must find out everything about her."

After he was done speaking, he hung up and looked at the image of the woman beaming on his computer screen with a solemn look.

In it, the woman's smile was so radiant and she looked so blissful…

"Pei Ge…" he mumbled, his eyes filled with endless longing.

He raised his hand and lightly caressed the image on the screen.

"Rest assured that I will find you…"

I will definitely find you, and then… no matter what your wishes are… I'll lock you in my embrace!


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