Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1186 Our future young mistress might change again.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1186 Our future young mistress might change again.

Although she was unwilling, she still followed the housekeeper to the dining room out of etiquette.

After entering the dining area, she spotted Ji Ziming sitting at the table and preparing to have his breakfast. Dressed in a full suit, his movements were very graceful. She silently rolled her eyes at this.

"Mr. Ji, I have matters to attend to, so I'm thinking of leaving now."

"Leave? Your breakfast has already been prepared. Have it first before leaving."

He casually put down the cup in his hand and turned to look at her.

"I'm good; I'm still not hungry—"

The man cut her off mid-speech.

"Alright. Just sit down. Coincidentally, I have work matters to talk with you about."

"Work matters?"

Pei Ge was confused.

She did not remember their company having any collaboration with the Ji Group.

"Yes. Sit down first. We can talk while eating."

He stood up from his seat and pulled the chair for her.

"Please have a seat."

At this point, she could do nothing but nod and sit down beside him.

"I wonder—" What work-related matter you wanted to discuss with me?

Before she could say that, the man already placed a bowl of sweet potato porridge before her.

"Have a bowl of porridge."

She paused for a moment at the sight of the sweet potato porridge. She did not expect to see such a simple porridge on this dining table.

Still, although she had no appetite at first, the sight of this porridge roused her appetite.

She used to love her mother's sweet potato porridge, but ever since… her mother's accident, she had never not tasted her cooking until now…

"Thank you."

After thanking him, she picked up the spoon and scooped up a spoonful of porridge.

What she did not know was that, while she was eating, the man beside her did not resume eating but stared at her unblinkingly, instead. His expression was filled with much anticipation.

The moment the porridge entered her mouth, she immediately froze.

This porridge?!

"What's wrong? Does it not suit your taste?"

He quickly asked nervously the moment he saw her freeze.


However, she was so immersed in her memories that she failed to answer his question.

This bowl of sweet potato porridge!

She lowered her head to look at the bowl of plain porridge before her.

Mom… she mumbled inwardly, her eyes slowly moistening.

This bowl of porridge had her mother's taste…

The taste was exactly the same as her mother's.

"Miss Regina, are you okay?"

Seeing that she had lowered her head and had fallen silent for some time, his eyes flashed with puzzlement.

Although she did not understand why this porridge tasted exactly the same as her mother's cooking, she remained very wary and cautious due to his repeated attempts at testing her.

Hence, although she did not know if he had prepared this porridge for her with some intention, she still put up her guard when she heard his question.

"Yes. I just didn't expect to see plain porridge on the Ji family's dining table."

She put down her spoon. Although she wanted to take a few more mouthfuls, she still stopped herself.


The man frowned when she put down her spoon and showed no intention of continuing to eat.

"Do you not like it? Aren't you going to eat some more?"

"Oh. Not that it doesn't suit my taste; it's just that I don't really like sweet potato."

She smiled at him and answered as naturally as she could, not letting anyone notice that she in fact loved it, especially the one made by her mother.

"Alright, Mr. Ji. Let's stop talking about food. Didn't you mention something about work? What is it?"

She wiped her mouth and questioned softly.

"Our Ji Group has a big project that we want to collaborate with Minghao Group on…"

In the kitchen of the Ji family's villa.

Since early morning, the kitchen had been packed.

Many of the cooks and the housekeepers were already sitting in front of the dining table and were having breakfast.

"The sun must've risen from the west today!"

"What's wrong? When did the sun rise from the west?"

A large group of people crowded before the table as they had breakfast and gossiped.

The table was always this relaxed and carefree in the morning.

"You woke up late so you don't know. Earlier this morning, a person who shouldn't appear in the kitchen did!"

"Big sister, what are you saying? What person who shouldn't appear in the kitchen? Can you just speak plainly? Why keep me hanging like this?"

"Heh! I'll stop if you don't wanna listen!"

"Fine, fine, fine! It's my fault. Please continue."

"This morning, our young master came into the kitchen!"

"Huh?! Young master came to the kitchen?!

"How's that possible?"

"Indeed! How's that possible?"

"Tsk! Why would I lie to you guys? Let me tell you! Not only did he come into the kitchen, he even cooked a pot of porridge himself!"

"Huh? Porridge? What porridge?"

"Wait a moment! Our young master can cook?"

"He cooked a whole pot of sweet potato porridge! Gosh! I was so surprised!"

The whole group was totally stunned upon hearing the old female chef's words.

All of them could not believe that their young master had actually come to cook in the kitchen! Moreover, he even cooked such a plain porridge.

"You must be pulling our legs! How could our young master know to cook that? I think it's more believable for him not to have eaten such stuff before."


"Heh! Don't rush to shoot me down! I spoke the truth. After our young master cooked that porridge, he quickly asked us to serve it to the dining area."

"I still don't understand; why did he cook porridge? What is it for?"

"He he! Of course, he cooked it for that beautiful miss who came over yesterday!"


"Wait for it! Our future young mistress might change again!"


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