Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1187 He might have found out that I am Pei Ge.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1187 He might have found out that I am Pei Ge.

"Alright, Mr. Ji. I'll give your project proposal serious consideration."

Even though Pei Ge did not want to continue having dealings with this man, the project he had suggested had a lot of benefits to be reaped.

It would rouse more suspicion if she rejected it right away.

Hence, even though she was unwilling, she could only force herself to agree to it.

"Great, then. I'll wish us a pleasant collaboration in advance."

Ji Ziming nodded at her with a straight face.

"Pleased to work with you…"

She smiled back with a stifled feeling. Seeing him continue eating his sweet potato porridge, she continued with a smile, "Then, since we are done speaking, I will take my leave first."

Done saying that, she moved to stand up. However, immediately after she did, the man stood up, too.

"Let's go, then. I'm also done eating, so we can go together."


What nonsense! You were clearly still eating that porridge! Done eating, my foot!

"Hur hur… No need, Mr. Ji. My driver should be here soon."

"'Soon' means that he's not here yet."


For a moment, she did not know what to reply to him.

Hence, in the end, she could only get in the same car as him.

In the enclosed space of the car, she sat next to him and started recalling everything that had happened between them from yesterday to today.

The more she thought about it, the queerer she felt.

His actions have all been a little… different from his personality. All his actions were completely unlike what a man with his personality would do.

Strange… It's truly too strange.

"Pei Ge…"

While dazed, she suddenly heard a low voice calling her name.


With her quick reaction, she did not immediately answer. Instead, she merely raised her head to look at him in puzzlement.

"Hm? Why do you keep mentioning that woman? Do I look like her?"

"…" The man was silent for some time as he took in her puzzled expression.

"Yes. Very. Very alike."

His dark and cool eyes stared at her, making goosebumps rise on her skin.

No! I can't continue like this anymore! I suddenly have this feeling that he… has guessed my identity!

Otherwise, he wouldn't keep acting like this!

Also, he's been testing me several times now…

The car quickly reached Minghao Group's head office amid this queer atmosphere.

"Mr. Ji, I'll get off here. Let's meet if there's another chance."

She got out of the car with a smile before walking away without a backward glance.

Watching her retreating back, a complicated gaze flashed past his eyes.

"Pei Ge… we still have years ahead of us…"



Striding past numerous employees, she quickly entered her office.

After entering the room and locking the door, she took a seat at her desk with a solemn expression.

"What… has he found out?"

She recalled and analyzed everything that had happened between them from the beginning.

Who knew, though, that her phone would ring at this moment?

With her train of thoughts cut off, she frowned slightly and retrieved her phone. The moment she saw the number displayed, the crunch on her forehead instantly loosened.

"Hello, Egger…"

"Ge Ge, how is work on your side?"

The man's low and magnetic voice traveled through the phone.

"It's been smooth-sailing so far. Everything is going as planned."

She nodded with a smile. She was deeply grateful toward this friend who had given her a lot of help.

"How is my mother now?"

"Auntie is looking much better now compared to when I visited her last time. The doctor in charge said that she might wake up soon."

She instantly stood up from her seat in agitation when she heard that.

"Is that true?! My mom, th-there's a chance of her waking up?!"

It had been five years. She was hopeful at first, but at this point, her hope had dimmed considerably with regard to her mother regaining consciousness.

However, now, she was actually hearing from the man that her mother might wake up!

"That's right, or else, why would I be calling you?"

Although his voice was tinged with a smile, the sincerity in his tone made it clear that he was speaking the truth.

"T-That's so great to hear!"

She was so excited at this news that she could barely form her words.

"I-I'll go—" Back now.

However, halfway through speaking, she recalled that her plan of revenge was still underway…

"It's fine. You don't need to rush home; I'll let you know right away once auntie wakes up."

The man on the other end assured her, probably knowing what she was feeling conflicted about.

However, her thoughts were on her mother. She could not calm her emotions and her heart beat hard the moment she thought of how her mother might wake up soon.

She felt as though her mother would wake up in the next second.

"I… should still go back first. I've already laid down the net, and I just need to wait to catch the fish."


The man did not continue stopping her upon seeing that she was adamant on returning. With a light hum, he asked another question. "Oh, right. Did you offend someone back there recently? On my end, I heard news of someone investigating you."

She froze at this.

"…" The person investigating me must be Ji Ziming!

"Ge Ge, what is it?"

"Egger, listen to me: Ji Ziming… he might've found out that I am Pei Ge."


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