Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1190 Huh?! What?! You“re pregnant?!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1190 Huh?! What?! You“re pregnant?!

Minghao Group.

"Apologies, sir, but our CFO has taken leave from work starting yesterday."

Ji Ziming frowned slightly at the receptionist.

"Is that so…"

Something felt awry to him.

Why is she suddenly on leave…

However, no matter how much he thought about it, the man still could not understand the reason for her sudden departure.

Did she run away because I alerted her?

No, no. That's unlikely…

There must be a purpose to her return this time…

"Do you know when she'll be back?"

"No idea."

"Where did she go?"

"My apologies…"

Seeing that the front-desk clerk was truly clueless on this, the uneasiness he felt became stronger.

Could she have… returned to New York?

"To our beloved passengers, the plane has landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The temperature on the ground is twenty-five degree Celsius. For your safety, please remain seated until the plane comes to a…"

With the gentle voice of the flight steward reverberating in her ears, Pei Ge turned to look at the scenery outside the window.

Everything was so familiar…

After getting off the plane, she, who was already spirited from feeling the sunlight on her, felt even livelier.

She could hardly wait to meet her children again.

"Ge Ge!" "Mommy!"

She had just gone past the security checkpoint when she heard the voices of those people she missed dearly.

"An An, Ran Ran!"

She spotted her pair of adorable children the moment she looked up, and yes, her best friend was standing by her precious children's side.



The two little rascals sprinted to her the moment she exited the airport with her luggage in tow.

Seeing this, she discarded her luggage to meet her children halfway.

"My two babies!"

She squatted with her arms wide open toward her children.

"Mommy, we miss you so much!"

"Mommy, are you eating properly outside? You've become much thinner."

Once the two were in her arms, one child kept acting cutesy to her, while the other acted like a little adult, patting her head with a serious look as he reprimanded her.

Hearing her older brother's words, the girl also pretentiously patted her mother's head with a solemn look while nodding her head in agreement to his observation.

"Yes! Brother is right. Mommy hasn't been eating properly, so you've gotten thinner! You can't abandon me and brother anymore! With us looking after you, you won't be picky with your food and will eat properly! Brother, is Ran Ran right?"

"Yes, good girl. You're very right."

Seeing how cute his sister was, the little rascal's solemn face split into a smile as he patted her gently on the head.

"He he!"

The girl rubbed her head against her brother's palm cutely upon feeling his touch.

Pei Ge burst out laughing at how adorable her two children were being and regarded them with a large smile.

"Fine, fine, fine! My babies are both right. Mommy will stop being picky with her food from here on and will surely eat until I turn into a ball!"

"Yes! That's my obedient mommy!"

"I'll also look after mommy next time!"

Tang Xiaoyu rolled her eyes as she watched the family of three happily stick to one another as though they were alone.

"Okay, okay. Can this family of three stop spilling honey all over? So many pairs of eyes in this airport are getting attracted by your exaggerated display here! Be more mindful."

Hearing her voice, Pei Ge finally bothered to give her best friend some attention for the first time after returning to New York.

"He he! My two babies are just too cute, so many people are looking at us."

However, right after she said this, the two shook their heads fervently. Their round and grape-like dark eyes twinkled while they looked up at her unblinkingly.

"Wrong! It must be because mommy is too pretty!"

Tang Xiaoyu did another eye-roll upon hearing that.

She realized that, as long as this family of three was together, they would all turn… into silly, pure, and innocent beings!

What iron queen, what deep prince, what obedient little lady—their image would crumble when the three were together!

"…Alright, alright. Can your family of three stop praising one another? Let's just leave here fast. My man has already booked a hotel. Right now, he and Egger are waiting there for us!"

"Mhm-kay. Let's go, then."

Pei Ge nodded at her. Holding a child in each hand, she followed her into a car.

In the car, she listened to her kids and best friend recount everything that had happened while she was away.

Among them, the most significant event was—

"Huh?! What?! You're pregnant?!"

She looked at her best friend in disbelief, unable to register this surprising news at once.

"Yes! Auntie is about to have a baby! Ran Ran will have a little brother soon!"

Sitting next to her mother, the girl happily grabbed her arm and shook it with a grin.

Amused, Tang Xiaoyu pinched the girl's nose and joked, "You little lass, how do you know that I am pregnant with a little brother? Did you dream of a little brother again?"

"He he! I haven't dreamed of a little brother recently, but I just want one! Auntie, auntie, give birth to a little brother for me, okay?"

"You little lass, how can auntie decide on whether to give birth to a little brother or a little sister?"

Unable to do anything about this little one's pestering, she knocked her head amusedly again.

"Pain, pain!"

The little girl's cute complaining called Pei Ge back to her senses.

"…Wait! Why so suddenly? I remember you telling me that…"


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