Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1201 He stuffed a woman in our company.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1201 He stuffed a woman in our company.

Time quickly passed by unknowingly.

It had been a week since she departed from China.

Pei Ge herself did not expect to stay overseas for this long.

"Mom, I'll go back to China now. I still have an unfinished business there."

She came to bid her mother goodbye after packing her luggage.

Zhang Manhua felt proud and worried as she regarded her daughter, who was now the opposite of her unconfident and plump self in the past.

"I know that you want to avenge your father and me, but I don't wish for you to live in hatred… After all, everything happened long ago, and I even woke up in the end…"

She gently tugged at her daughter's hands. Her palms, which were skin and bones before, finally had some meat after Charles's efforts in preparing delicious and nutritious food for her these past few days.

"No, mom. That's different. Without uncle's family, dad wouldn't be dead and you wouldn't be confined in bed for five years."

She pressed her lips tightly together as her gaze was dyed with hatred.

Even though her mother had woken up, she was unable to curb her hatred for Pei Zhenghui's family.

Liu Yan caused her mother to be in a coma; her uncle caused her father's death; Pei Shishi was an accomplice to his father's death…

Moreover, there were some suspicious points regarding her father's death.

"I'm just worried about your safety…"

Zhang Manhua voiced her worry. She also deeply loathed her brother-in-law's family. She hated them for being cruel. They treated that family so well, so why did they treat them like this?


If taking revenge could bring harm to her daughter, she would rather forget this heavy hatred.

"Mom, relax; I am no longer the same as my past self!"

Pei Ge smugly patted her mother's hands with a bright smile.

"Now, uncle's whole family is dancing in the palm of my hands. They'll definitely be unable to harm us again…"

I'll let them have a taste of all the suffering we've experienced in the past!


"Alright, mom; you should just stay here and properly recuperate! I'll return quickly, and then, our family of four can live blissfully—oh, by the way!"

Stopping mid-speech, she blinked at her mother slyly.

"When the time comes, we may even have Mr. Charles!"

"Pei Ge!"

"Ha ha ha! I am right! When the time comes, we will indeed have an additional person in our life."

Since god knew when, Charles had been standing near them with a wide grin.

"Hey, you've been eavesdropping again!"

After spending time together these past few days, Zhang Manhua no longer felt stiff around the man. Instead, her attitude toward him was so natural and relaxed that it seemed intimate even.

"No, I didn't. I was coincidentally passing by."

He looked at her innocently. He spoke in Chinese more fluently now.

"Hua, rest assured; with me around, I won't let you two be exposed to any threat or come to any harm."

Although he was smiling when he said this, his azure eyes actually flashed with a cold and fierce glint.

If not because he understood that Pei Ge wanted to handle and settle that family alone, he would take matters into his hands and make that family, who had harmed the woman he loved, live in a life worse than hell.

Zhang Manhua did not detect the ruthlessness and bloodthirst in his voice, but her daughter did. How could she, who was now an experienced businesswoman, not see the danger hidden under this man's gentle features?

However, the more dangerous this man was, the more satisfied she felt.

It was precisely because of this that she could wholly entrust her mother to him!

"Mister, I leave my mother to you."

She retracted her hand from her mother's grasp and respectfully bowed to the man.

However, before her back could bend, she was stopped by him.

"Don't be this courteous to me. I think of your mother, you, and your children as my family now. Protecting you guys is my duty."

He smiled affectionately at her.

For some reason, the affection he revealed reminded her of her late father…

"What nonsense are you spouting to my daughter?"

Still feeling touched by his words, she suddenly felt like laughing when she heard her mother's comment.

Looks like it will take some time for this old man to win my mother's yes!

"To our beloved passengers, the plane has landed at… For your safety, please remain seated until the…"

Staring at the familiar scenery outside the window, Pei Ge carefully rid herself of any wayward and sentimental emotions.

By the time she got off the plane, she was back to being the queen who was cold and regal.

"CFO, the car is already waiting outside for you."

Her assistant quickly greeted her the moment she passed through the security checkpoint and received her luggage.

"Were there any problems in the company while I was gone?"

"No. There's none."

"What about the Pei Family Real Estate?"

"The company is already under your control. As per your plan, Pei Shishi has been very active recently. She has gotten hold of a large capital and is likely planning something big…"

She raised an eyebrow at his report. Her lips then curled into a cold smirk.

Looks like the fish has taken the bait!

"Boss, there's another matter I must report."

The assistant regarded her uneasily when he noticed her smile.

"Hm? What's the matter?"

"That is… after you left, the Ji Group's CEO stuffed a person in our company…"

Pei Ge was stunned at this.

"…Hm? A person?"

"Yes. He placed a woman in our company, and CEO Yu approved it…"

"Who is it?"

She suddenly had this nagging feeling.


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