Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1202 Who is this woman who looks exactly like her?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1202 Who is this woman who looks exactly like her?


Wu Wei hunched his back a little, seemingly frightened by her cold glare.

"I don't know her, either. She hasn't come to work yet. Also, aside from the boss who approved her employment… none of us has seen that person. We only know that she is a woman and is here to be your assistant."


Pei Ge fell silent at this. With a deep frown, multiple guesses fleeted through her mind.

What is that man up to?

Why did he plant an assistant to my side? Does he want to monitor me, or is he testing me?

Her head was in a jumbled mess because of this. Her mind, which was initially busy conceptualizing how she should exact her revenge on her uncle's family, was now filled with matters related to Ji Ziming.

"Boss, would you like to go home first or straight to the company?"

The secretary carefully asked his superior, who was sitting in the back seat while frowning.

"To the company!" she directly ordered, her face grim.

"Yes, ma'am."

As her expression remained ugly, he did not speak much to her along the way but only concentrated on driving.

Naturally, she was in no mood to chat. She had her head lowered as she calmly pondered on that new female assistant's identity and what that man was planning.

Hence, the trip to Minghao Group's head office was completed in silence.

"Boss, we are here."


She opened the door and headed to her office straightaway without minding her assistant.

Along the way, many employees also greeted her.

Reaching her office quickly, she whipped out her phone to call Yu Youli.

"What the hell is going on? Why did you let an outsider stuff a person in the com—"

She was cut off by a series of knocking at her door.

"…Come in."

She repressed her fury while permitting the person outside entry.

When the door was opened, she was completely stunned.

She looked at the woman standing before her in disbelief. She was stunned on the spot as though someone had frozen her movements.

"Boss, your coffee."

She was even more flabbergasted when the woman spoke.

"Hey, hey, hey? Regina, are you okay?"

She returned to her senses when she heard the voice coming from the other end of the phone.

However, instead of answering, she directly hung up the call as her eyes bore into the woman who had just entered her office.

"Who are you?"

"Good afternoon, ma'am. I am your new secretary, Pei Ge[1]."

"…What did you say your name was?!"

The woman's introduction baffled her even more and she stared at her in shock.

"I think we have the same surname, but the 'Ge' in my name is the character for 'song'!"

The woman's round and almond-shaped eyes stared back at her. Her slightly round face gave one a comfortable feeling.

However, this was not the case for the real Pei Ge. All she felt was shock and horror.

That was because this woman was… identical in looks to her past self!

Why?! Why does she look like me in the past?!

"Pei Ge… assistant…" she softly murmured.

"Yes. I am your new assistant."

The woman smiled at her.

This immediately cleared her mind.

This one was shoved here by that man!

"What is your relationship with Ji Ziming?"

She shot the woman a fierce glare as she questioned her in a tone filled with fury.

"I am his girlfriend."

The woman was so frightened by her fierceness her body trembled. She then blinked and gave that answer.

"You are his girlfriend?"

This reply stunned her again.

This woman is actually Ji Ziming's girlfriend?!

No! Why does she look exactly like me? Why would he plant this woman, whose looks are the same as mine, in my company, and even make her his girlfriend?

All of this was too queer that she felt an unspeakable fury inside her!

"Yes, boss. Is there a problem with me being his girlfriend?"

The woman blinked her eyes in confusion.

"You. Get out."

She balled up her fists and tried to calm herself down.

"Yes. I'll take my leave now and wait outside for your orders."

The woman placed the coffee down and then walked out the door.

Pei Ge found this to be very ridiculous as she watched the woman leave.

She did not believe in the cliché TV plot of her parents giving birth to twins and losing one outside.

Hence, this woman with identical looks as her was certainly no relative and was even more impossible to be her sister.

Why would two people who had no blood ties look exactly the same, though?

As she thought about this, she picked up her phone and redialed the number of a certain person she had hung up on earlier.

"Yu Youli, what in the world is happening here? Why did Ji Ziming place someone in our office and even to my side?!"

She still found it to be utterly ridiculous.

She had totally not expected to be given such a big surprise and shock on the first day of her return!

"Huh? Is there something wrong?"

"You actually think that this isn't a big issue?! Why did you let that man plant a person on my side?!"

She felt so stifled at the nonchalance of the person on the other end.

"Huh? It isn't a big issue, though. Mr. Ji even did us a big favor in return, so…"

Perceiving the satisfaction of the man on the other end, she could not help but flare up. "Don't you know about the saying: 'The weasel who pays the chicken a New Year's visit is up to no good'?!"

[1] The 'Ge' here is a different word with a different intonation (Gē) than the original (Gé)


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