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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1203 I am his girlfriend.

"Don't you know about the saying: 'The weasel who pays the chicken a New Year's visit is up to no good'?! Something is definitely not right here!"

"Mr. Ji isn't a weasel, though. If he wanted to scheme against us, he didn't need to resort to such a method. From what I see, Miss Pei is his lover, and that's why he treats our office as a love nest by keeping his mistress here."

Hearing Yu Youli's senseless words, Pei Ge no longer wanted to listen further and angrily hung up the call.

"Ji Ziming, what do you want…"

She narrowed her eyes in contemplation, not understanding why that man would do this.

Her expression darkened and she gave it a thought before calling Wu Wei.

"Bring me all the information related to Pei Ge."

Someone with the same looks and similar-sounding name… That woman is definitely suspicious!

"Ah? Boss, her character portfolio isn't in the HR Department…"


She fell silent at that.

For a moment, she really did not know what to say.

This was clearly a company under her management, yet an outsider easily planted a secretary here…


She again hung up in fury as gloom descended on her.

Sitting there in silence, she finally calmly took out her phone again. This time around, she called someone whom she absolutely did not want to call.

The phone rang for a while before it was picked up by the person on the other end.


As a clear, deep voice transmitted into her ears, she felt her fury burn fiercer.

"Mr. Ji, how are you? This is Regina."


Who knew that the man would sound indifferent and unbothered?

"…" Her heart hurt a little over his tepid response, but because it was so slight, she did not sense it. "I don't understand why you would put a person in my company and even arrange that woman, from god knows where, to work as my assistant."

She demanded with a raised brow.

"Oh. Did you call just to ask about that?"

He appeared unfazed by her questioning.

"…Of course! If not for this matter, what else could I be asking about?"

Unable to rein in her emotions, she swore and her voice got even louder.

"If this is the question that you're asking, I'll answer you properly."

His tone did not change because of her rude attitude and only sounded as cold as before.

"Alright, then. Answer me right now."

Taking in a deep breath, she tried to calm down. She could not understand why she would be this infuriated when she saw that woman, who had identical looks to her past self, appear before her and claim herself to be that man's girlfriend…

She had clearly… let go of him, had she not?

"I have something on now. Let's discuss this once I pick her up later."

After saying that, the man hung up the call without waiting for her response.

"Hello? Ji Ziming, hello?!"

She was almost driven mad by the dial tone coming from her phone!


She slammed her phone on the table, her face filled with disappointment and anger that she was not aware of.

Could it be that, when he saw that woman who looked like her, his suspicion that she was Pei Ge disappeared?

Therefore, he was now treating her coldly because she was not 'Pei Ge'?

She pursed her lips tightly, and the more she thought of it, the angrier she became.

Right now, she had completely forgotten that she was supposed to stay clear of him. Instead, she was deeply affected by this matter between that man and her imposter.

For the whole afternoon, she was unable to do any work as her mind was only filled with thoughts of the man.

When she saw that it was quitting time, she stood up immediately, took her bag, and left her office.

"Boss, are you leaving work now?"

Her male assistant was mildly surprised that she left the office on the dot.

He was even more surprised when he saw her call the new colleague opposite him to get off work as well.

"You, follow me."

Pei Ge looked coldly at the woman who looked exactly like her previous self.

"Alright, boss. Ziming told me earlier that we'll be having dinner tonight."

The woman was not affected by her cold treatment; instead, she smiled at her slightly and picked up her bag before following her.


Her mood worsened when she heard the woman's reply.

Why is she so annoying…

The two left Minghao Group together and saw the man's car parked right at the entrance.

The car door was opened from the inside when the two of them appeared.


Once the car door was opened, the imposter happily hopped in the back seat next to the man.

The corners of Pei Ge's lips twitched slightly when she saw this intimate display. She then calmly sat next to the driver.

The man raised his brow slightly when he saw her do that.

Once all of them were seated properly, the driver sped away.

"Mr. Ji, you actually dared to arrange your girlfriend to work for my company. What I don't understand is why you didn't put her in one of your numerous companies and in this small company under me, instead."

She felt uncomfortable when she spotted them leaning against each other from the rearview mirror.

Hence, she directly mocked the man.

The man, though, remained indifferent to her mocking.

"The Ji Group does have many companies, but Pei Ge only wants to learn from you."


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